A postcard from Mont-Saint-Michel

Admire the wildness of an unspoiled nature

Dive into the wild in Mont Saint Michel

! If you’re exploring France for the summer, don’t forget to visit the famous bay of the Mont Saint Michel! Visitors from all over the world gather around this natural treasure, listed as UNESCO world heritage. You’re seeking a genuine adventure in a preserved environment? Discover the magic of the Mont-Saint-Michel and capture the moment with a beautiful personalised postcard !

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A postcard from Mont-Saint-Michel

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Carte personnalisée mont-saint-michel

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Our postcards from Mont-Saint-Michel and Normandy

Oh sweet Mont-Saint-Michel and its marvelous bay, historical monuments and breathtaking views ! You’re willing to create memories that will highlight all the splendour of the region? Discover our original postcards from Marseille and the French Riviera, created by our graphic designers 🖼

The greatest places to visit in Mont-Saint-Michel

the mont saint michel abbey

The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

This historical treasure perched at an elevation of 80 meters is listed as UNESCO world heritage, and we can understand why ! This abbey built by the benedictines in the Xème century is an architectural masterpiece.  

logis tiphaine museum

Logis Tiphaine Museum

Let’s go back in time and admire the Logis Tiphaine Museum, a historical residence built by the honourable knight Bertrand Du Guesclin. Send to your friends and family a picture from a very special place with a personalised postcard

a postcard from mont saint michel

Mont Saint Michel walls

The walls surrounding the Mont Saint Michel depict perfectly the military-style architecture of the medieval age. Built in a very special time of war (the walls were supposed to protect the village from possible invasions during the One Hundred Years War), these fortifications embodies today the French Resistance.  

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postcard from Mont Saint Michel

What should you do in Mont-Saint-Michel?

Cross the quicksands with a guide

The Mont Saint Michel bay has a lot to offer. You’re looking for an atypical adventure and seeking excursions and hikes ? Follow the Tombelaine rock and sink into the quicksands ! Please explore the bay while being supported by a guide. You should never explore it on your own. 

Take a break at La Mère Poulard

Since 1888, the hostel and restaurant of La Mère Poulard is the place in Mont Saint Michel that cannot be missed! This iconic restaurant embodies today the quality and tradition of the French cooking. Once there, you should definitely order the world-famous omelette. 

Fly over Mont Saint Michel in ULM

You’re seeking strong sensations ? Enjoy some fresh air and take off on an ULM above the bay of Mont Saint Michel. Look over marvelous landscapes and capture this volatile moment with a beautiful picture. We assure you, it will be Instagram friendly. 

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Nous avons tous notre regard photographique bien à nous. Cet été, partagez des cartes postales uniques mettant en valeur vos plus belles photos avec Fizzer. Il vous suffit de choisir le modèle de carte postale que vous préférez parmi notre catalogue. Glissez-y ensuite vos meilleures photos du Mont-Saint-Michel et de sa baie. Agrémentez votre carte d’un joli message, créez votre timbre puis signez. Ajoutez la liste des destinataires, et voilà.  

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What’s the point in living extraordinary holidays if your memories are ordinary? Create a postcard that will truly highlight all the splendour of your summer. Share pictures that will mean something to your close relatives and friends. With Fizzer, you can also create beautiful postcards for yourself! Forget all about your instagram feed and showcase your most beautiful pictures in your home sweet home. 

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After being completed by our clients, all of our postcards get printed, stamped and shipped, beneath enveloppes.This way, they’re protected from intrusive eyes and bad weather. 

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