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  • Dimensions : 10x15 cm ; 📐
  • Customizable to suit your preferences ; ✏️
  • enveloppe incluse : 💌
  • Printed in France. 🇬🇧

From 1,70 €.

On a tous besoin de célébrer les moments de la vie. La carte postale Fizzer permet de graver vos meilleurs instants sur un rectangle fun et 100% personnalisé. Découvrez, imaginez, créez, et osez partager vos impressions grâce à vos photos. Saisissez l'instant, clic, c'est dans la boîte ! La carte postale photo à personnaliser est aussi vraie que nature. Elle ose l'authentique, l'intime et le partage. Faites le focus, tapez la pose : donnez-vous en à cœur joie. Partagez tout ce que vous vivez à ceux que vous aimez.

Thanks to Fizzer

Fizzer Aigues-Mortes postcard with a photo

Personalize a photo postcard

Verso d'une carte premium Fizzer avec texte personnalise

Send it from France or abroad

postcard 3 photos delivered in an envelope

Share your best memories with your loved ones

Surprise your loved ones with your first postcard

On Fizzer, add 1 to 6 photos on the same card!

Vous voulez faire bonne impression ? Justement : nos impressions de qualité marqueront tous les esprits. Car avec Fizzer, ce n'est pas 1 photo que vous pouvez partager : ce sont jusqu'à 6 photos que vous pouvez ajouter sur une même carte postale. Créer du lien est un jeu d'enfant avec ce moyen de leur donner des nouvelles 100% personnalisé. En plus, vous pouvez choisir le design qui vous plaît, la couleur de votre texte... Bref : votre création sera unique et à votre image. Vos cartes postales vont faire des heureux !

Prêt à envoyer vos photos par carte postale ?

How to send your photos by postcard with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Choose your best photos

Capture beautiful moments with your kids, choose a template and personalize your postcard with your own photos, or with photos of the newborn baby!


adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your message to your card

Once your photos are added, color your text and select the font of your choice. Personalize your stamp with a photo and sign with your fingertip!

personalized text with stickers

Select one or more recipients

Sending a card with Fizzer means having the opportunity to please the whole family! Add your contacts to your address book and select one or more recipients for the same card.


send fizzer postcard with envelope

Make people happy with a card in your image

Your card is stamped and sent in an envelope to protect your words and photos. Thus, your loved ones discover a real postcard in their mailbox, worthy of being displayed on the fridge!


texte anniversaire de mariage

Delivery information

When you create a postcard, your order is processed within 24 business hours. Then, the Post Office takes over for delivery:

  • France and Europe: 2 to 6 working days
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 4 to 12 working days
  • Other destinations: 1 to 3 weeks

Product Information

  • Size: 10×15cm
  • Format: postcard, front/back
  • 330g paper
  • Envelope: included
  • Shipping costs : included worldwide
  • All products made in France 🇬🇧

Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

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produits fizzer personnalisés
Want to share your vacation or everyday photos with your loved ones? Fizzer lets you create an online postcard with your own photos in minutes. To do this, all you need is a phone, tablet or computer. Incidentally, you will need to bring a reflex or digital camera or simply the camera of your smartphone.

How do I add my photos to the postcard?

Creating a photo postcard is very simple! Go to the Fizzer application, choose the postcard of your choice from more than 1000 models designed by our illustrators and click on the inserts dedicated to your photos. Your computer or phone gallery will then open and this is where you choose the photos you want to appear on your card. Your front can be adorned with one to six photos, enough to delight your loved ones. When your images are added, click on validate to go to the stage of writing your text. Here again, customize your stamp with the photo of your choice. When your card is complete, choose your recipient and voila.

Why create a photo postcard?

No more pre-made postcards common to all! Fizzer allows you to personalize your postcards with your own photos. The postcard that sometimes ended up at the bottom of the drawer can adorn the walls of your loved ones. You can also send your own travel or family photos to create beautiful memories. In short, you will have understood it, the photo postcard can be used for you or for your loved ones and this, for all occasions: holidays, travel, birthdays, announcements, thanks, invitations, moving and many other moments. .

Are my photos protected when sending?

When you validate your postcard, it is printed, stamped and sent in an envelope. Thus, your words and photos are protected from view during their journey.

Made in France


Imprim'vert certified paper


Customizable at will


Quick delivery