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birthday card for friends

Birthday card

Wish a happy birthday to those you love with a 100% personalized card :

  • Postcard format (10x15 cm - horizontal), premium card (15x10 cm - vertical) or greeting card (14x14 cm);
  • Customizable to suit your preferences ;
  • Envelope included
  • Printed in France.

From 1,70 €.

Mark the occasion for the birthday of your loved ones. Send them a unique and original card ! A birthday is our birth day. There’s no way we’re gonna miss this day. With your pretty birthday card, show your affection for the person who blows his/her candles. Our cards express your emotions. There’s something for everyone ! We help you create a unique gift :

  • a wide range of designs to choose from ;
  • format of your choice ;
  • adding one or more personal photos ;
  • adding custom text ;
  • customizable creation ;
  • excellent paper and print quality ;
  • creation in a few clicks. It’s simple and fast !

Make a good impression : wish a happy birthday to those you love with an original Fizzer card !

Thanks to Fizzer

Fizzer Aigues-Mortes postcard with a photo

Personalize your birthday card with photos.

carte joyeux anniversaire pour homme avec rebus

Send it from France or abroad.

postcard 3 photos delivered in an envelope

Share your best memories with your loved ones

How to create a birthday card with Fizzer?

You can’t miss a birthday ! We are getting older, but celebrating another year in his life is always an important step, and especially an opportunity to gather his loved ones around a memorable birthday party. In order to send your birthday wishes, create a invitation card ou remercier votre entourage pour leur présence le jour J, Fizzer vous propose un large choix de cartes différentes autour du thème de l’anniversaire. Voici toutes les clés pour en faire un moment inoubliable.

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Select the birthday card of your choice

You want to wish a birthday with an original card ? Choose your birthday invitation template that you like the most from 6 themes. You can choose from designs ranging from invitations to small humorous cards, to dozens. Our birthday cards are happy, and suitable for everyone !

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Gather your most beautiful photos for its new candles

Decorate your birthday card with your fondest memories. Add 1 to 6 photos for classic postcards, and even more for event cards. Remind the one who is blowing out his candles of all the good times spent together. That's a gift that will please!

personalized text with stickers

Write and personalize your birthday message

Let your imagination run wild for this celebration of one more year. Wish your loved ones a happy birthday with a personalized message. With Fizzer, you can shape your message with the color and font of your choice. Add some emojis and you're done!

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Send your birthday card to one or more recipients

Your birthday is fast approaching? Kill two birds with one stone: invite your guests to your party with the same postcard. Just click on “Reuse this card” when you have sent the first one. The birthday invitation card is sent in an envelope worldwide, within 24 working hours.

Ready to send your first birthday card?

Choose a template from our 6 themes

For each person who celebrates one more year, the choice of the card will be different. Sometimes there will be a need to adapt to the gender of the person, choosing a birthday card for man, or for woman. When it comes to a child, a card with childish designs will suit perfectly ! For a cheerful luron, a card full of humor will be perfect. It is also possible to choose a card with the age of the person. At Fizzer, there are special designs for every ten !

If there are recurring events to remember, it’s birthdays ! Celebrating the 10 years of our children or the 30 years of our best friend, this is an occasion to celebrate. These are moments expected of all the members of a family, moments that we wish to live with our loved ones for one purpose : to create happy memories in common. It is also an opportunity to send a small birthday card so that our wishes take shape. At Fizzer, we can accompany you whatever the age of your child : for a 2-years old birthday, an 11-years old birthday… You will surely find what suits you !

Surprise your loved ones by sending your first card

Mark the occasion with a pretty creation

birtday card

Sometimes it only takes a few clicks to engrave our most beautiful moments on a postcard and wish a happy birthday. Our reunion, the moment when we blow our candles, when we rekindle the candles, the opening of gifts, this moment when we marvel at the little touches that our loved ones bring us. Now it’s your turn to please for the big day !

What if pretty birthday cards are enough to revive hearts ? Wish a happy birthday to your loved ones by postcard or simply invite them to celebrate yours by your side. If you want to send a card to your loved one (e), wish him a happy birthday with a heart to show him that you love him ! Need a helping hand to write the right words ? Discover our texts. Take them as models! With these examples, you will never run out of inspiration.

With Fizzer, it is easy to make an online birthday card in your image. We print it and send it by post to your loved ones, worldwide, in 24 hours !

Create a card that matches the person who blows candles

We have everything planned to allow you to wish a happy birthday to your loved ones. Whether you are celebrating the big day of a child, a teenager or your grandparents, our graphic designers have worked on illustrations around this theme. Today, our app offers several birthday cards, all formats combined, in various tones to meet all your desires. So you are sure to send a suitable birthday card in any circumstance. Here are the themes available:

- Adults: bring a touch of originality to your birthday greetings with Fizzer cards. Show that you are thinking of your loved one! Whether it's a woman's birthday card or a man's birthday card, you will find what you are looking for among our wide choice of themes and formats.

- Children: this is a very special day for your children, so show them all your love with this little attention. If your child is celebrating anniversaire de 5 ans for example, princesses, knights, robots, confetti, superheroes, etc. Find the small elements that make the difference and add them in a few clicks. On our app, you will find girl birthday cards, boy birthday cards, in short: there is for everyone, and of course there are also some that are mixed and neutral.

- Humor: make your recipient laugh with a good dose of humor by choosing our funny cards! His birthday will only be happier. Blowing out the candles while laughing is difficult but we keep a memorable memory. Choose the cake carefully, above all.

- Tens: we don't always laugh at the jokes about the new tens... And it's sometimes about candles that are rather difficult to blow out. But going from one to the other is a milestone, so take the opportunity to show your attachment to your friend or family member who has to go!

- Invitation: birthdays are an opportunity to bring friends and family together. Whether it’s an adult or a child, Fizzer has the right formula to help you please your loved ones. Send birthday invitation cards to the people they love the most so you can share this beautiful moment together.

Do not hesitate to discover our entire birthday collection to make the choice that best suits your desires and the personality of the recipient. Success guaranteed for this wonderful day when he or she will blow out his candles!

children's birthday card with sweets and Fizzer envelope

Delivery information

When you create a postcard, your order is processed within 24 business hours. Then, it is the delays of La Poste that apply:

  • France and Europe: 2 to 6 days;
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 4-12 days;
  • other destinations: 1 to 3 weeks.

Product Information

  • Postcard format (10x15 cm - horizontal), premium card (15x10 cm - vertical) or greeting card (14x14 cm);
  • Postcard and premium card format : front/back, greeting card : 4 pages
  • Paper postcard 330g - Paper greeting card 280g - Paper premium card 300g ;
  • Envelope included
  • worldwide shipping included;
  • all our cards are made in France.

Want to personalize your birthday card?


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Créez une carte d'anniversaire facilement et rapidement

Fizzer propose plusieurs formats de cartes pour souhaiter un joyeux anniversaire à votre entourage. Comment créer une carte d'anniversaire facile et rapide ? Sur notre application web et mobile, nous vous donnons la possibilité de créer une carte d’anniversaire et de la personnaliser à votre guise. Utilisez des photos personnelles, des filtres de couleur, ajoutez des éléments comme des stickers festifs… Notre outil est très facile à prendre en main. Il vous permettra d’aboutir à un résultat conforme à vos attentes, et surtout, unique ! Et si vous voulez un joli cœur sur votre carte, vous trouverez aussi votre plaisir.

Pour une carte d’anniversaire, vous pouvez insérer un message personnalisé sur le recto de votre carte, près de vos photos. Insérez sous forme de stickers des bougies à souffler, un gâteau d’anniversaire, des cadeaux, des banderoles de fête… Pour une petite touche encore plus personnelle, composez un texte d’anniversaire qui fera rire celui qui fête une année de plus. Au fond, notre application vous permet d’envoyer vos souhaits à celui qui prend de l’âge, tout en douceur et sur mesure !

Envie de donner un coup de neuf à la traditionnelle carte musicale signée par famille et amis ? Fizzer vous permet d’envoyer des cartes d’anniversaire personnalisées aux quatre coins du monde. Souffler ses bougies va devenir un plaisir ! Vos créations créeront de belles surprises à ceux qui ouvriront leur boîte aux lettres le jour de leur anniversaire en y découvrant votre jolie carte ! Pour aller plus loin, vous pouvez même personnaliser entièrement votre propre Photo album d'anniversaire et ainsi vous remémorer à l'infini les souvenirs de cette magnifique journée d'anniversaire.

Envoyez votre création au bon moment

Toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour envoyer votre première carte d’anniversaire. Bon… il faut quand même qu’il y ait quelque chose à célébrer. Fizzer a pensé à vous en créant 6 thématiques : invitations adultes, invitations enfants, anniversaires adultes ou enfants, cartes humoristiques et dizaines (18, 20, 30, 40…). Avec ça, vous pouvez être sûr d’envoyer une carte d’anniversaire unique à vos proches. Il est aussi possible de créer une carte d’invitation à un anniversaire ! Pour l'anniversaire de 6 ans de votre enfant par exemple : il voudra sûrement inviter des copains chez lui pour fêter ce grand jour !

Personnalisez votre joyeux anniversaire avec vos propres photos

Votre enfant va fêter son 11e anniversaire ? C’est très simple ! Téléchargez l’application Fizzer sur votre smartphone ou connectez-vous depuis le web. Tout d’abord, munissez-vous de crédits. Choisissez votre carte d’anniversaire parmi plus de 100 modèles, ajoutez-y vos plus belles photos et personnalisez le recto avec texte et stickers. Ensuite, place au texte d’anniversaire ! Laissez votre plume vous guider et personnalisez votre texte avec la couleur, la police de votre choix et quelques émojis. Créez un timbre à votre image, choisissez un ou plusieurs destinataires et le tour est joué ! Votre surprise de joyeux anniversaire est envoyée sous enveloppe.

Envoyez votre carte Ă  temps pour le jour de l'anniversaire

Here are our delivery times. When you create your birthday card, it is processed within 24 business hours. It is printed, stamped and put in an envelope and then sent every working day. Then, it is the delays of La Poste that apply. It is necessary to count :

  • 2 Ă  5 jours pour la France et l'Europe ;
  • 4 Ă  12 jours pour les USA, Canada et Australie ;
  • 1 to 3 weeks for the rest of the world.

Il ne vous reste plus qu’à créer vos cartes d’anniversaire à l’avance pour tous vos proches ! Surtout si votre enfant fête son 8e anniversaire. Ils seront ravis de découvrir votre carte d’anniversaire personnalisée dans leur boîte aux lettres.

What type of card are you looking for?


Made in France


Imprim'vert certified paper


Customizable at will


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