Kids' birthday texts

10 texts for girls and boys

10 text ideas for a child's birthday

You may not be a first Fizzer postcard, or you may even be a regular customer of our services? If you regularly use our personalised birthday cards when you go on holiday, do you know on the other hand, the other occasions when you can use Fizzer? We celebrate all kinds of everyday events, such as birthdays. You can, for example, invite your guests to a birthday party with an "invitation" card, or wish your family, both adults and children, a happy birthday with our cards. And, as inspiration is sometimes lacking to show originality in its text, Fizzer accompanies you in your writing. Here are ten text ideas to write on your card to wish a happy birthday to a child.

You're growing up so fast.

"My (not if) granddaughter [insert first name], how you've grown! It seems to me that only yesterday you were 50 centimetres tall. And yet you are already so tall today. I'm proud of you when I see how far you've come, and I can't wait to see how far you have to go. In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful birthday, at your level and at the level of your hopes. [signature to be inserted]. ┬╗

Life has so many beautiful things in store for you

"My [insert name] beloved, happy birthday! On this very special day, I wish you happiness and success for the future. You are still young and still have a lot to discover. Life has so many beautiful things in store for you! I can't wait to be there with you for some of them. Have faith in what the future holds for you. Big kisses from [signature insert]! »

Some pictures of you as a child

"Happy birthday, my dear [first name to be inserted]! Today is your big day. What better way to celebrate the amazing boy/girl you've become than with a few little pictures? It seems to me that you don't know those pictures of you when you were so little. They're dear memories to me and I've decided to share them with you today. I look forward to seeing you again soon, [signature to be inserted]. »

Ten, your double-digit first age

"Happy Birthday, Grandma! When you were seven years old, you were the age of reason, today you're in your tenth year. That's your first double-digit age! And that's something. When I was your age, I was very proud to be ten. I hope you'll do the same today. Anyway, you've got a lot to be proud of. I'll send you lots of big kisses and tell you everything soon. [signature to be inserted]. »

Enjoy, you've still got all your life left!

"Happy birthday my dear [first name to be inserted]! [Age to be inserted] years, already! One more number for an ever-growing boy/girl. All these numbers may seem impressive, but they are a sign that you're growing up and making your way. Enjoy all these beautiful moments, and rejoice, you still have your whole life ahead of you! Tender kisses from [signature to be inserted]. »

So, are you ready to wish a Happy Birthday?

I remember you like it was yesterday

"Dear [first name], I wish you a happy birthday! I remember you, as if it were yesterday, making your tree houses and building your sand castles. Who knows, maybe there is a future architect in you? There's only one way to find out, keep moving forward as you do. Love from [Signature]. ┬╗

A little birdie told me

"A little birdie told me that today was the birthday of someone very special... But who could it be? You, of course! That's right my girl, it's your day! You didn't think I'd forget about you, did you? I wish you a wonderful birthday! See you soon in [signature]".

Eighteen years old and still all your teeth

"Eighteen years old and still all your teeth! And it wasn't easy with all the stunts you pulled as a kid. So happy birthday and congratulations on reaching adulthood in one piece! Anyway, keep on living life to the fullest as you do. Big kisses from [signature to be inserted]".

You are now of legal age

"Your long-awaited eighteen years are finally here! Happy birthday my [insert name] darling! You are now of legal age and this is quite a milestone for you. I can't wait to see what you do next. Anyway, the possibilities are endless. Big kisses my major! [signature to be inserted]. »

My eternal birthday card

"Happy birthday, my [name]! You've grown up a lot, but some things don't change. And yes, as tradition dictates, here is my eternal birthday card. I want to congratulate you on the person you've become, and wish you all the best in whatever you have left to do. Affectionately, [signature]. ┬╗

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Already more inspired thanks to our texts fora kid birthday? Already more inspired thanks to our texts for a child's birthday? Use your pens to write the perfect birthday card that's sure to make someone happy. But don't stop there in your creativity! Why not, for example, organize a birthday party for the child to whom you've just sent your card? Find here our tips for a successful birthday party! Success guaranteed.

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