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wedding announcement

Wedding announcement

Announce your union in the most simple way! ♥️ With Fizzer, you can find different announcement designs, on different card formats. You choose!

  • premium card (15x10cm - portrait);
  • openable greeting card (14x14cm).

Fizzer has a few nice extras:

  • the envelope is included (a lovely kraft envelope for the premium card ✨);
  • everything is made and printed in France. 🇫🇷

From 2,70 €.

Thanks to Fizzer

Men's Wedding Invitations

Personalize your wedding announcement with pictures.

personalized announcement to celebrate your union

Send it from France or abroad.

floral wedding invitation with photo

Share your most beautiful wedding messages with your loved ones.

Cute idea: group the most precious pictures from your wedding in a wedding photo album.

How to create a wedding invitation with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Choose a wedding card you like

First of all, choose the format you like the most: greeting card, portrait card? Then, among our many available themes, pick the one that matches your ceremony best. From countryside locations to flowery or chic ceremonies, there's something for everyone!

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your most beautiful photos to your wedding invitations

Add one or more photos of you and your spouse to announce the news. It can be a photo from a photo shoot of future spouses, or simply images captured from the beginning of your relationship so special.

personalized text with stickers

Write a personalized invitation message

Write the same invitation for all your guests or opt for a personalized wedding text depending on the groups of guests: parents, witnesses, bridesmaids, family, friends, colleagues... Write your text directly on the application or opt for the delivery of a set of wedding cards home.

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Discover our cards from the wedding collection

Your wedding announcement is ready. Select one or more recipients, confirm and you're done! Fizzer takes care of the rest: printing, putting in an envelope, postage and sending your wedding invitation cards within 24 business hours worldwide.

Are you more of a Civil partnership kind of couple? Discover all of our cards to congratulate a couple engaging in a Civil partenership or to spread the news about this union!

Discover our wedding announcement formats

To spread the news about your upcoming wedding, send your loved ones an announcement that matches who you are! You can choose between different models and formats. In a few clics, choose the design you love most, crop your pictures, personalize the card and insert your personalized message. Fizzer then takes over to send your announcement to your loved ones!

Openable greeting card 14x14cm

Premium card ✨ 15x10cm

Postcard 10x15cm

Each format has its advantages, it's up to you to choose which one you prefer. Note that each of our announcements can be personalized. For example, you can create a trip-themed wedding announcement. Pretty original, right?

Which card theme should I choose for my wedding invitations?

There are about as many wedding themes as couples who decide to get married. Each will choose colors they love, with a specific dress code. For your own union, feel free to choose a special theme. It's important that your wedding announcement already matched that theme: romantic, countryside, chic... Here are a few themes we offer. Our weddings cards were illustrated by our graphic designers to perfectly match the theme you choose for your special day.

Our selection for a country wedding

If you're dreaming of a bucolic, fresh and green wedding, inspired by nature, adapt your wedding invitations by choosing our country wedding illustrations. They're perfect if you're imagining a party with floral motifs and raw, rustic materials (driftwood, leaves, moss, natural tones, wild flowers, linen or hemp fabrics...). For lovers of autumn and its falling leaves, you can also choose a autumn wedding invitations !

Want to revive memories from your countryside wedding 20 years ago?

🍃 Our countryside-themed cards are also available to celebrate 20 years of marriage!

Create a beautiful wedding announcement!

Our selection for a chic and elegant wedding

Sobriety and elegance is what you imagine for your wedding reception. Your dress will be chic, the frame impeccable, and the dress code of your guests will be just as noble and refined. Our collection of classy wedding invitation would suit this theme perfectly.

One day, you'll celebrate your ruby anniversary! If you know a couple that has already been married for 4 decades, read our page to celebrate 40 years of marriage. 💒

Choose a simple but chic announcement!

Our selection for a bohemian wedding

Surrounded by dreamcatchers,guests and of witnesses in natural, flowing and brightly colored outfits: that's exactly how you imagine your wedding. So, as much make an announcement to this image: free souls, for a bohemian wedding, discover our collection of bohemian announcement !

The bohemian spirit is to live without worry of the following day. As a well-loved french singer Aznavour sang; "it meant we were happy"! Celebrate your 60th wedding anniversary by sending a beautiful card to your loved ones.

Want to design a bohemian and flowery announcement?

Our selection for a vintage wedding

A little bit of nostalgia in you, you can't imagine your ceremony for the most beautiful day of your life without a retro, old-fashioned style, a bit vintage. Because arriving in a Vespa or a classic car at your wedding is stylish! To celebrate your new life together while keeping objects and nods to the past, choose vintage illustration announcement.

In 8 decades, you'll be able to brag about having a solid couple and send an 80th wedding anniversary card to your loved ones. ♥️

How about preparing a vintage announcement?

Our selection for getting married in winter

From June it is too hot for you. You prefer the warm atmosphere of winter to that of summer. You dream of a white furry dress or a very warm suit, of a happy and friendly party around a fire. You're crossing your fingers that it snows on your wedding day. You have understood everything: you need announce your wedding with some share winter themes. Discover a model that you like!

We're not scared of the cold! 25 years ago, you celebrated your union, surrounded by all your loved ones, in the depths of winter.
Celebrate these 25 years of love ! 💕

Congratulations on your wedding!

You are about to exchange your consents and to build a life together, for better or for worse. In a few months, you will form a couple united by love, for worse and for better. Your well-defined guest list, you have already blocked the agenda of your guests with a Save The Wedding Date. So much the better ! Now they are just waiting for the official announcement with the event details to celebrate your union by your side. Which stationery to choose? What to put on a wedding invitation ? When to send your invitations ? What text to write on your wedding cards ? Fizzer unveils its complete collection and helps you create your invitations. On your keyboard, let's go!

3 tips for writing your invitation well

When you're preparing for the big day, you can be a little all over the place. You have to organize the ceremony, choose your best men or your bridesmaids, take pictures, choose decorations, find some delicious food, etc. So, how do you make time to right the text that will be on your wedding announcement? To help, here are 3 tips that will save you precious time.

  1. Write the address as precisely as possible
  2. Share important information: place, date and time.
  3. Ask for an answer before a set date.


These are only the most important tips. Of course, you announcement message will be a little longer than this!

👉 To find more complete models based on these precious few tips, you can find our wedding announcement text examples.

Carte premium pour mariage celebrer union

Delivery information

When you create a card, your order is processed within 24 working hours. Then, it is the delays of La Poste that apply:

  • France and Europe: 2 to 6 working days
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 4 to 12 working days
  • Other destinations: 1 to 3 weeks.

Product Information

  • Postcard format (10x15 cm - horizontal), premium card (15x10 cm - vertical) or greeting card (14x14 cm);
  • Postcard and premium card format : front/back, greeting card : 4 pages
  • paper postcard 330 g / greeting paper 280 g / premium card paper 300g ;
  • Envelope included
  • worldwide shipping included.

Ready to send your wedding invitations?



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Can you find a cheap wedding invitation at Fizzer?

Our invitations cost the same price as a card of the same size and another theme. Thus, if you opt for the postcard format, your announcement will cost the same price as our postcards: from 1 credit. If you opt for an event card, your invitation will cost 2 credits. To find out more about our prices for recharging your credits, go to the purchase page of credits. If you buy the credits in batches, they will cost you less (from 1.87 euro per credit).

Fizzer stationery is designed to remain affordable while maintaining quality paper. Using the application is quick and easy, importing your photos is child's play. Your announcement will remain small budget and easy to access.

At Fizzer, you can also find cards to celebrate your wedding anniversaries, like your 43rd anniversary. You know it's the opal anniversary!

How to create an original wedding invitation?

To create an original wedding invitation, a little touch of madness will be necessary. The traditional criteria for making a wedding announcement are to be discarded to make room for invitations that are out of the ordinary. To do this, don't be afraid to shake up conventions and send wedding cards that are extravagant to say the least. And that doesn't mean giving up the romantic! You can choose between several new creations.

  • Create an announcement without photos, only with your portraits caricatured by a professional.
  • Choose funny photos of your couple and the history of your relationship and create your wedding invitation in a humorous tone.
  • Opt for stickers and an unusual font, particular and special texts.

Deep down, there are many ways to create an original wedding announcement. But stay true to yourself! The best way to express yourself, will be the one that most looks and sounds like you! If you are on this page looking for a way to celebrate your 29th wedding anniversary, know that our cards can also work for such occasions!

How to write your wedding invitation text well?

There are certain criteria to take into account when writing your wedding announcement text. The message you write will be very important. However, keep in mind that it's not the only thing that counts in the way you write your wedding card. First and foremost, think about what the format you've chosen will allow. Have you chosen a square or rectangular card? The rectangular format will probably be able to hold longer phrases, or at least it won't receive the invitation text in the same way as the square. To find out more, take a look at our traditional wedding invitation text page.

To write down the message for your wedding announcement, think about the style you want to write it in. Words have their importance, and beyond the information they share, they can be poetic or full of imagery. Take your time choosing them carefully. They will be the mirror to your love story! In a few years, you might very well be celebrating your 39th wedding anniversary!

Don't forget to write your text in a similar style as the one you chose for your wedding. A bohemian or romantic poem, extracts from your favorite books, quotes from a vintage actor... Enjoy selecting what makes you the happiest and what is closest to the dream ceremony you imagine. For a bohemian wedding, you can choose a poem from French poets Rimbaud or Musset. For a more vintage style, you can pick from any movie with Marilyn Monroe, or quotes by Andy Warhol. These little nods to another time will also be perfect for a sweet card for your 59th wedding anniversary.

For shaping your announcement textpersonalize your font, its color and shape. Don't forget to add some text to different pages, for an openable wedding announcement. For the dreamiest day of your life, enjoy it! (It might be your 48th wedding anniversary, who know?) If you need inspiration, look through our examples that should help you find the perfect wedding invitation text.

And the last but not least : photos ! Choose them carefully, and import them into the predefined location on our wedding cards.

We truly wish you all the happiness in the world for your wedding. We will always give you our very best tips to make these events the very best days of your life.


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