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Not so long ago, you were having the happiest day of your life. In front of all your family and friends, you said to yourself “Yes”. Since then, your love shines like the first day. Immortalize the wonderful moments experienced with your loved ones, with a Photo album ! With Fizzer, you will be able to highlight this very special day with high-end support that is out of the ordinary. Whether you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary or surprise your couple of friends with a nice gift, create a personalized wedding photo album in just a few clicks.

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A personalized wedding book is :

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A 21x21 cm format 📐

A hard or soft cover 💌

26 to 78 customizable pages at 100% ✏️

A wedding book that looks just like you ✨

Quality made in France ❤️

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Capture your best wedding photos

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable moments of your life. Treasure these memories in a beautiful object. Whether you organized an intimate ceremony or a big family celebration, this great moment in your life has been immortalized with beautiful photographs. Highlight the work of your wedding photographer and the most beautiful photos of your loved ones, in an original photo album! Exchange of vows and wedding rings, kiss of the newlyweds, reception, evening... Gather all the highlights of this very special day in a customizable scrapbook top of the line.

To be rediscovered each year

Some great moments have a taste of eternity. By creating a photo book, you can relive that big day forever, and keep your memories intact. Do you lack creativity to create your beautiful album? Our collection of photo books with elegant and refined designs will inspire you. With Fizzer, you can create the wedding photo book of your dreams in just a few clicks. 

What if you fell for photo books?

Create a wedding photo album with Fizzer

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Choose your wedding photo album

Create a photo album online, thanks to our creation software. You will have the choice between a soft or hard cover, and a varnished or matte photo paper. Whatever your option, we assure you of high quality paper. For a timeless look, you can also count on our classic and elegant designs. 

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Add the most beautiful photos of this day

Highlight the magical moments of your wedding, by adding the most memorable photos. A photo album must capture the essence of the wedding: favor quality photos! 

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Pay attention to your layout

You can add up to 8 photos per page. By a system ofdrag and drop”, swipe your favorite photos in one swipe. For even more customization, feel free to add captions under the photos. 

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Send your wedding book

Once your wedding photo album is complete, all you have to do is add your postal address to receive it! If you want to share all these precious memories with your loved ones, add their contact details when defining the recipients! 

3 tips for successful wedding photos 📸

  1. Do not take the choice of photographer lightly! After the ceremony, the wedding photos are the only concrete thing that will remain. It is important to capture your memories properly. Feel free to browse the wedding photographer's portfolio and his Instagram feed to assess his work and his paste.

  2. Trust him! If he is talented, he will be able to immortalize the most important moments while being discreet. The most beautiful wedding photos are the most spontaneous.

  3. Do not hesitate to meet the wedding photographer before making your decision. A good photographer knows how to put guests at ease, an essential condition for obtaining beautiful natural photos.

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On special occasions, beautiful albums! A wedding is the event of a lifetime, marking the beginning of a great adventure. After experiencing a fabulous honeymoon and starting a new life together, it's time to immortalize your wedding ceremony. Opt for a photo album that is both original and timeless. 

What should I put in my wedding photo album?

A photo album is designed to celebrate all your most beautiful moments. Family portraits, group photos, photo of your couple, key moments of the ceremony... Highlight the highlights of your ceremony! Do not hesitate, also, to add some legends under the photos. More than just a photo album, this is a beautiful book of marriage. Don't forget to include the date of the event! 

How much does a wedding album cost? 

To create a memorable photo book, don't hesitate to pay the price! It is a beautiful object, which is preciously preserved, and will cross the generations.

A standard 24-page photo album is worth 10 credits. Depending on your options, this price may increase. It takes +5 credits for a hard cover (and not flexible), +2 credits for a matte finish (and not glossy), and +5 credits for a glossy paper (instead of a classic high quality paper).

With Fizzer, you are guaranteed to receive a quality wedding book! 


Made in France


Imprim'vert certified paper


Customizable at will


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