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For 9 months, you prepared for the idea of becoming a parent. You have nicely decorated the baby's room, bought their first clothes and baby bottles. Today, the big day has finally arrived. This long-awaited newborn has finally arrived in your lives. Congratulations ! If life as a parent isn't easy, take some time to break the news to your loved ones. And to relieve you of a task, Fizzer helps you find the right birth announcement text. Texts for girls, boys, twins, or announcements told by brothers and sisters, find the model that suits you here.

Text for a girl birth announcement 👧

set of floral birth announcements

It's a girl, congratulations! What name did you choose for this adorable little piece of cabbage? Your loved ones are eager to find out. Share this news with your loved ones with a girl or mixed birth announcement. It's up to you to choose the tone that suits you: classic or humorous.

Cute birth announcement text

We are pleased to announce that Lola joined our little family on [Date]. We are already totally crazy about her little face and can't wait to introduce her to you! See you soon, the Dupont family.

Birth announcement text for a little sister

50cm of happiness, 3kgs of love, and a sprout of black hair: welcome to our little Louise! She was born on [insert date] in Paris, for our greatest happiness. Come say hello, Julie is can't wait for you to meet her little sister! Kisses from us all.

Birth announcement for a 2nd baby

Finally, Juliette is with us! We're the happiest parents of all, for the second time since [insert date]. Everything is going wonderfully, and Juliette has the sweetest smile that illuminates the house every day. We can't wait to see you, and send you kisses from us 4.

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Text for a boy birth announcement 👦


This little one is a boy? Congratulation ! Announce the birth of this magnificent baby to your loved ones, they will be delighted to discover his first name but also his height and weight. They will only have one: to visit you at home for a first meeting, if this was not done at the maternity ward. 

Text for the birth announcement of a little brother

Paul was born! We're no longer three, but four at home. Every morning we learn how to be a family of four, and we're are thrilled with this new arrival. We're so happy to share the news with you! With all our love, the Lefèvre family.

Family birth announcement text

The parents of little Gabin are immensely proud to announce his birth. He weighs 3 kg and measures 50 cm: a beautiful healthy baby who radiates happiness. A birth party will be organized very soon to present it to you. Sincerely, the Nakache family.

Original birth announcement text

Hello, I was born on [Date] to the delight of my dad and my mom. I weigh 3 kg and am 50 cm tall and I make a lot of smiles and funny little noises. I look forward to meeting you !

Big hugs, Noah.

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Text for a twin birth announcement 👦👦

birth announcement two photos for twins and twins

Good news never comes alone. You will become parents of not one, but two happy toddlers! Yes, the atmosphere will change at home. Children's laughter and family vacations are yours. Before that, celebrate this happy event with your loved ones by writing a birth announcement text adapted to the arrival of twins.

Happy birth announcement text

The whole Durand family is delighted to announce the birth of their little ones, Gabriel and Alice. They have been filling us with joy for two weeks now. Looking forward to seeing you again and introducing them to you, we warmly embrace you.

Funny birth announcement text

The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Baby Theo and baby Martin have joined the family. Everyone is over the moon and is doing great: we're changing plenty of diapers and not sleeping very much. We can't wait for you to meet them! See you soon.

Cute note for a twins birth announcement

It is with great emotion that we announce the birth of Églantine and Rosie. Her brothers and sisters and ourselves are delighted to welcome them into the family. Our dream is coming true and the family is growing! Kind thoughts, the Lemaître family.

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Birth announcement text by brother and sister 👦👧

round photo birth card and stuffed rabbit

The family has already grown a few years ago? Your infant's brothers and sisters will be happy and especially eager to announce the news to the whole family. So, for this girl or boy birth announcement, let your children use their finest pen. 

A little word from the other children

C’est avec une joie immense que nous vous annonçons la naissance de Pauline, notre petite sœur. Elle a rejoint notre famille le June 21, 2024 à [heure] sous les regards émus de nos parents. Tout le monde va bien et vous embrasse chaleureusement en attendant de vous revoir.

Birth announcement text from the brothers and sisters

Mom and Dad say life together is better. I will finally be able to share mine with Charlie, my beloved little brother. He came into the world on June 8 at 9:50 a.m. He weighs 2 kg 50 and measures 53 cm. The whole family can't wait to present it to you.

Birth announcement from two sisters

Justine and Léa are happy to announce the birth of their little sister Maëlle, born July 4 at 10:25 a.m. She weighs 3.2 kg, is 58 cm tall and loves hugs from her sisters. You are welcome at home to meet her. Warm regards, The Legendre family.

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Humorous birth announcement text 😂

First name birth announcement

Who said a birth announcement had to stay sober? To announce the arrival of a baby in the household, what about a playful text to make the whole family laugh? Here, discover three birth announcement texts for girls and boys that will make your loved ones laugh out loud. Baby will make a remarkable arrival!

Site of your newborn

Coucou, devinez qui voilà ! Indices : je mesure 48 cm, pèse 2,9 kg, j’ai un grand sourire, de bonnes petites joues et pas beaucoup de poils sur caillou. Toujours pas deviné ? C’est moi, Thomas ! Je suis né le June 21, 2024 à [heure] et mes parents sont les plus heureux du monde. Quant à moi, je n’ai qu’un mot à rajouter : « areuh ! ».

Recipe for a perfect baby

Pour la recette du bonheur, prenez 3 kg de joie, 51 cm de mignonnerie, ajoutez deux grands yeux noirs et parsemez d’une petite touffe de cheveux. Sortez du four le June 21, 2024 à [heure] et c’est prêt : un adorable petit Léon est né !

Text from your newborn

In the distance I saw some light, so I came in. This Monday, July 5 at 1:15 p.m., I had the great pleasure of meeting Baptiste and Lola, my beloved parents. Together, we will form an adorable family. I look forward to meeting you all. See you soon, Julian.


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Text for a birth announcements: 3 essentials to know about

You can't create a birth announcements without knowing the basics! Here are 3 things you need to know before creating your card.

1. Choosing the right words

On a birth announcement card, we can often read a sentence that looks like a joke or a quote. In fact, when you're writing your text for this announcement, you must choose your words carefully. What emotion do you want to convey? What tone do you want to give to your announcement (funny, original, classic,...)?

2. Meaning of your announcement

A birth announcement is useful to spread the news that your child was born. But it that it? Not really! It's much more than that. It's a way to send emotions to our loved ones, and these emotions tend to be very strong after your baby is born!

3. Key elements to include in your text

In an announcement, you usually note down essential information: date and time of birth (place is optional), weight and size of the baby at birth, their name, but also a little phrase that can describe the situation, the moment of birth, or to introduce your announcement. You can also send out a birth list for those who would like to send gifts!

Write a creative birth announcement

How can you create an original announcement? By crafting an original text of course! The words you use to describe this huge event will stay forever in your loved ones hearts. So, cherish them and make your birth announcement truly special.

Add your own personal twist

The message you will write on your birth announcement will be yours! It will reflect who you are, what parents you are for your child. So, don't hesitate to let your personality shine through! You can adopt a funny, happy tone, or even invent a little poem for this magical moment.

Use metaphores

A metaphore enables people to see beautiful pictures through your words. You can for example compare the birth of your child to a sunrise! For inspiration and beautiful metaphores, you can read haikus: short Japanese poems filled with soft, poetic and magical images.

Announce your baby's name in an original way

You can also choose to showcase your child's name through a small text, a quote, or a poem. Feel free to be creative! Dare to be yourself, and show your pride concerning the name you chose for your baby love.

Practical tips for a perfect announcement text

In order to create an announcement text that reflect all of the emotions you felt on the day of the birth, here are 3 tips.

  1. Use a simple structure: introduction, information on the birth, name and address
  2. Play with colors, illustrations and images so that the visual will have a strong emotional impact
  3. Let your joy shine through without clichés

Our answers to your questions about our birth announcement cards

What themes are available on the application?

Fizzer is not limited to birth announcements. In the same theme, discover cards for your Save the Date baby shower but also thank you cards for all the gifts offered at birth (thank you the birth list). Yes, after this happy event, don't forget to thank your loved ones for their support and gifts. Fizzer is also postcards for your holidays by the sea or in the mountains and your travels, birthday cards, invitations, wedding invitations, congratulations and many more!

How to create a personalized birth announcement?

Creating a personalized birth announcement has never been so quick! Connect to the Fizzer application on web or mobile, get credits and start creating your invitations. Choose the design you like according to the sex of the child, add a photo of the baby accompanied, or not, by his parents, brothers and sisters, write a birth announcement text, sign with your fingertip and you're done. cheek. All you have to do is select all your recipients at once and Fizzer takes care of the rest. We print your cards within 24 working hours, put them in envelopes, postage them and send them worldwide at no additional cost. Your loved ones will be happy to discover a nice announcement in their mailbox.

How to write an original birth announcement text?

Only one rule, be yourself! Don't like to show off? Opt for a sober and classic message. Do you want to make your loved ones laugh? Write a humorous text. Your extra personal touch? The choice of font and color of your text! Feel free to add emojis and sign manually.


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