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Send a love card to your valentine for Valentine's Day!

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Valentine card

Magnetic card

Une carte personnalisĂ©e est une belle preuve d'amour. ♄

Il y en a forcĂ©ment une qui va vous taper dans l'Ɠil :

  • la carte postale (10x15 cm - horizontal) ;
  • premium card (15x10cm - portrait);
  • la carte Ă©vĂ©nement ouvrable (14x14 cm) ;

Bon Ă  savoir ! Toutes nos cartes sont :

  • personnalisables Ă  souhait ;
  • avec une enveloppe incluse ;
  • imprimĂ©es en France.

From 1,70 €.

How to send a Valentine's Day card with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Create and personalize your love card

Among many models designed by our illustrators, choose the card that will melt your darling. Add the most beautiful photos of you and your significant other. Personalize it with texts of sweet words and stickers: hearts, loving messages, roses...

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Write a personalized message to your lover

Write an original message on your valentine card. Personalize it with many fonts and colors. Tell your darling how much you care about him/her in writing words filled with love.

personalized text with stickers

Send your Valentine's Day card in just a few clicks

Create a unique map for your say your love for your half. Select his sweet name in your address book and voila! Your quality card will arrive on time on D-Day.

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Validate your card and surprise your soul mate on February 14

your precious love letter is shipped in an envelope anywhere in the world, in a short time. The day of the lovers party, you go there touch the heart!

Our different styles and formats

Carte postale (paysage) 10x15cm

Carte événement (ouvrable) 14x14 cm

carte postale premium mariage

Carte premium ✹ (portrait) 15x10 cm

Envie d'accompagner votre chĂ©ri(e) vers de doux rĂȘves ? Envoyez-lui un beau message d'amour et de bonne nuit.

Card designs available for Valentine's Day

Fizzer offers several formats of cards to send to your darling on February 14. But that's not all, we also offer beautiful illustrations specially designed by our graphic designers. Chic, classic, funny, sweet, original or timeless: the themes of valentine designs all reflect love d’une maniĂšre diffĂ©rente. Puis, grĂące Ă  la technologie de notre outil de crĂ©ation, vous pouvez personnaliser votre carte en ligne directement. À vous de trouver ce qui correspondra Ă  votre moitiĂ© pour cette belle journĂ©e.

A little romantic attention to wish

To this person who makes you capsize: your husband, your wife, your boyfriend, your PACS or even the someone who makes your heart beat secretly, tell her you love her with a personalized card! There's nothing more fun than recevoir un message d’amour from his soulmate or even a secret admirer. And if there's a day to do it, it's Valentine's Day! For the feast of lovers, (re)declare your love to him with pictures and words. Send him a quality card in time

Want to please your soul mate?

Text ideas for your Valentine's Day card

L’inspiration n’est pas toujours au rendez-vous. C’est pourquoi Fizzer vous propose des idĂ©es de textes pour la Saint-Valentin Ă  rĂ©diger pour votre amoureux. Avec nos exemples de textes, vous avez le choix pour faire chavirer son cƓur avec un texte original et enflammĂ© ! Pour un texte plus personnalisĂ©, choisissez parmi nos beaux messages d'amour pour elle.

personalized announcement to celebrate your union

Delivery information

When you create a postcard, your order is processed within 24 business hours. Then, the Post Office takes over for delivery:

  • France and Europe: 2 to 6 working days;
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 4-12 working days;
  • Other destinations: 1 to 3 weeks.

Product Information

  • Postcard format (10x15 cm - horizontal), premium card (15x10 cm - vertical) or greeting card (14x14 cm);
  • Postcard and premium card format : front/back, greeting card : 4 pages
  • paper postcard 330 g / greeting paper 280 g / premium card paper 300g ;
  • Envelope included
  • worldwide shipping included;
  • all our cards are made in France.

Ready to create your personalized Valentine's Day card?

3 tips to capsize your heart

This day of February 14 is an opportunity to honor your couple by sending a beautiful card to your lover or lover. Here are the essentials for this crunchy creation:

  1. Trouvez une belle photo de votre couple.
  2. Écrivez un texte personnalisé pour lui dire Ă  quel point vous l’aimez.
  3. Accompagnez votre carte d’un petit gift ou d’une proposition de sortie en amoureux.


With that, it's sure, your darling will melt in love!

Psst... On a une petite idée de cadeau pour faire plaisir à votre amoureux(se) pour la Saint-Valentin : un personalized photo album de votre amour.

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The origins of Valentine's Day

This is part of the tradition of many countries: on February 14 of each year, we celebrate lovers ! Where does this habit come from? This comes from Great Britain, more exactly from the 14th century, when this then Catholic country celebrated lovers on this day. The reason for this party? We thought it was the day that the birds chose to unite. Isn't it romantic and original? Since then, this celebration spread to other countries and is widely spread today across the world.

Another origin of this festival goes back to 1496, where Valentin de Terni is called " patron saint of lovers by Pope Alexander VI. Since then, it has been celebrated every February 14.

Recently, this iconic lovers day has become a more commercial party. On this day, we give gifts to the one with whom we share our heart. If you see in this party a pretty opportunity to celebrate love, then a small card will always please your darling for this valentine's day. What a sweet present!

How to wish a beautiful Valentine's Day?

You would like to celebrate this day as it should be by surprising your partner. To do this, first find a gift for valentine's day. A bouquet of roses, A one-on-one dinner, a romantic outing
 There are multiple ways to declare your love to him : you have the choice ! Combine this gift with a credit card card who pleases him. Fizzer offers a collection of cards with various designs: hearts, couple, red, pink, flowers, words of love, characters in love... You will find something to melt him or her when opening the envelope found on D-Day in its Letter box. Express your feelings with sincerity, that is above all the most important. If you have a child with your darling, jump on a gift of choice: a card with a photo of you 3.

How to make a Valentine's Day card with Fizzer?

The number 1 ingredient of a valentine card successful, it's your love! Close your eyes, think back to all those amazing times we spent together, and feel overflowing affection what you experience! feed on this feelings of love for make a love card in your image, which perfectly reflects your emotions. Then, go to the Fizzer app and top up your credits. Select the format you like, search for the Valentine's Day theme, and choose the card that will melt your better half among the wide choice offered! Import your most beautiful photos of both, personalize them with text and stickers, write your love message on the back... And it's almost over! All you have to do is enter his address in your contact list and validate your order. That's it ! Make a cute Valentine's Day card, write sweet words with Fizzer, it's simple, fast and affordable.

Et d'ailleurs, saviez-vous que Fizzer propose aussi des wedding announcement, pour tous les amoureux qui veulent annoncer leur union ?

What message to send to your darling for Valentine's Day?

When the time comes to write a valentine text on the back of your personalized card, you can sometimes lack inspiration. It is not always easy to write a text by hand! And yet there would be so many things to say about the beautiful love relationship that unites you. First, think about the best times you two have had. Your meeting, your first kiss, your travels, your outings, your laughter: isn't there a lot of memories to remember ? This will rekindle your flame for this beautiful February 14 day. Through your words, put sincerity, and do not hesitate to use a strong vocabulary in emotions. You can also try to write a short love poem for your partner, if you feel up to it. It's a very original idea! If, however, inspiration does not come, you can take inspiration from our proposals for valentine text.


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