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10 texts for your postcards

Soon or already on vacation? Do you want to send a few words to your relatives and friends? But you still lack inspiration to tell so many things in so few lines… Writing the postcard then becomes a daunting task. What a pity for an activity that can be so pleasant! Especially since, sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge and the inspiration returns. After sharing with you the 10 basics to know to write a postcard in the rules of the art, Fizzer gives you 10 text ideas to write on your postcard. It's up to you to adapt them according to your holidays, your feelings and your discoveries!

For everyday

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Show your loved ones that you are thinking of them with a pretty card full of good feelings. Ask how they are, tell your latest adventures with one and only goal: to make them smile.

"I think a lot about you"

Hello to the whole family ! I am sending you this lovely card just to remind you that I am thinking of you very much. Everything is going well on my side. I hope it is the same for you. It's been a long time since we've seen each other so don't hesitate to stop by the house as soon as the opportunity arises. I give you big kisses.

"News from home"

Hello friends! We send you some news from home. Everything is going well here: school, work, health. We hope you are doing well and that we miss you a lot! Don't hesitate to drop by our place when the weather permits. Until then, take great care of yourself and see you soon.

“A letter that makes you smile”

My dear Grandpa and Grandma, I am sending you a little letter that will make you smile. Here are some photos of my latest adventures. On the program: walks, rest, good meals and above all, big thoughts for you. I miss you !

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Beach vacation

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Are you getting ready to leave your dress shoes behind and switch to flip flops? You are right ! Holidays by the sea, the sun, we only ask for that. How about sharing a piece of this paradise with your loved ones? Come on, go to writing your card. Fizzer has unearthed THE text for your postcard, to write with your feet in the sand.

"Sorry about the sunscreen stains on your card!"

Hello parents! Ho are you doing ? Here, your son/daughter [first name], currently taking the pill on Bandol beach. Our Airbnb is great, we even have a large terrace and a barbecue. Our schedule varies between idleness, meals together, visits to the villages of the Côte d'Azur and outings. I see you in a month and in the meantime I kiss you hard. PS Sorry for the sunscreen stains on the map! 

“We eat fresh fish and swim every day”

Hi Dad ! How are you ? [name] and I arrived safely in Crete. It's absolutely beautiful! The water is turquoise blue, we eat fresh fish and swim every day. To top it off, the people are absolutely lovely. In short, happiness. I hope you like Portugal just as much. See you soon !

“The children have discovered the kite and can't do without it."

Dear Grandma, hello from the whole little family, live from Les Sables-d'Olonne. How is the weather where you are ? Here, it's mixed but you never lose an opportunity to swim. The children have discovered the kite and can't do without it. As for us, we signed up for a surf lesson and we love it. We send you lots of kisses and we'll see you soon! 

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Snowy holidays

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Everything about the holidays! The car is ready to climb the snowy peaks? The Fizzer app is too. Create your map from the top of the slopes and write a postcard text that will perfectly illustrate your holidays in the mountains: local meals, snowshoe excursions, descents of slopes... Here, you have something to feed your story.

“Tomorrow is an excursion to the Aiguille du Midi!"

Hello Grandpa! How are you ? Here is my traditional map of the mountain. This year, I went to Chamonix with my friends. It's really a nice town, with a great history and the ski area is top notch. Tomorrow is an excursion to the Aiguille du Midi. Since the time you've been telling me about it, I can't wait to see it! I kiss you very hard and tell you very quickly.

“What's planned? Raclette overdose, torchlight descent, snowshoe hike…”

Dear [first name], I hope you are well. We are in the family chalet in Les Menuires like every year. On the program: overdose of raclette, torchlight descent, snowshoeing and always lots of board games by the fire. We will also try to pass our arrow; fingers crossed for us! We look forward to seeing you again soon and we send you big snowy kisses in the meantime. 

“We took the children for their first time skiing”

Hello Grandpa and Grandma! How's your winter vacation going? We took the children for the first time skiing, they are absolutely delighted. [first name] even had his Piou Piou! The resort is great and our apartment is super cozy. On our side, we will go for a dog sled ride. Hurry to tell you! Many kisses from Val Thorens from everyone. 

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Great trips

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Travel bag on your back, hiking shoes on your feet, you are ready for your next expedition. Wherever you are, know that you can send postcards of your trip from anywhere in the world. Your card is printed in France and arrives in a few working days. It will therefore be delivered before your return! Practical, right? If the idea tempts you, you will find below a text for your postcard.

“After an endless epic, here I am finally arrived”

¡ Hola [name]! ¿Que tal? After an endless epic, I finally arrived in Cuzco! Peru is truly sublime. You would love the atmosphere and especially the cute llamas on every street corner. Tomorrow, I start the road to go to Machu Picchu; a dream come true. I send you big kisses and will write to you again as soon as possible.

"We swam with turtles in the Gili Islands"

Hello friends! We hope everything is going well for you. On our side, we arrived in Bali. It is a real paradise on earth. We visited the Monkey Forest in Ubud, it was great. [first name] even had his cap stolen by a macaque! We also swam with turtles in the Gili Islands, an unforgettable experience that we highly recommend. Even if we're having a blast here, we can't wait to see you again in Paris! Big hugs from us.

“We managed to see all the Big Five, imagine the happiness of the children!"

Hello from South Africa! How are you mom? We are really happy with our trip. The country is superb! At this time of year, the jacaranda trees of Pretoria are covered in purple flowers. The game drive was amazing, we managed to see all the Big Five; imagine the happiness of the children! Tonight we leave for Cape Town. Can't wait to show you all the photos when you get back. Big kisses from the whole family who thinks of you. 


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