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If the year is just ending or just beginning, it's time to send your 2021 greeting card. Yes, it's good to start the year by wishing your loved ones all the best. Good health, happiness, success... may all these wishes come true. But to do so, you still have to send them... and write them down! Which text to write on your greeting card? How to do it in an original way or, on the contrary, how to remain professional but friendly for your company's greetings? Fizzer has thought of everything. Here are a few ideas of nice messages to slip into your end-of-year greetings.

Funny text

carte de bonne annee avec enveloppe Fizzer devant sapin de Noel

We all have someone close to us who'll say, "See you next year!" If this joke makes you smile despite its redundancy, then a Happy New Year text full of humor is made for you! Between a toss of cotillions and a glass of champagne, write a message full of humour.

"Preheat your home to 70 degrees Fahrenheit."

"For a successful year 2021, preheat your home to 19°. Gain kilos of love and add a good laugh. Mix it all together. Add a touch of mischief. Put it in and take it out when it's ready. Sprinkle over the spontaneity and it's ready! Happy New Year!!! [signature] "

"Happy New Yeah! Uh, I mean, Happy New Year! »

"Happy New Yeah! Uh, I mean, Happy New Year! This time, spare yourself the big resolutions. Everyone knows that no one keeps them! Do as I do and focus on the essentials: getting over your New Year's hangover. We'll talk about the rest later. Until I see you again, I'm going to give you a big kiss and go back to taking it easy. [signature] "

"Life is like an onion."

"Dear [first name], Happy New Year, 2021. Life is like an onion, there are many layers and you have to remove many layers to find what you like. Sometimes it makes you cry, but it's worth it, because the result is often delicious! I wish you to find the recipe for happiness and tell you soon. [signature] "

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Original text

cartes trois photos fin dannee 2020

With all these end-of-year cards sent out every year, it's hard to stand out. We all wish the same thing to everyone, we send our best wishes at the same time. So how do you write a creative Happy New Year text ? Here are some text templates to brighten up your creation:

"2021, a great year".

"Happy New Year! 2021, what a beautiful even number! I wish you all the best for the next 365 days. But I'm also sure that 2 and 2 make 1! I hope that the sum of all your good times in 2019 will be multiplied tenfold this year. 1,000 kisses, [signature] "

"2021 is not the year of grief."

"2021 is not the year of grief and trouble but the year of gain! Because succeeding in all your projects is your destiny. Happiness is certain, you will not have only one. Finally, as Voltaire would say, 'let's cultivate our garden'. And before we meet again, take good care of you. [signature]"

"Bonne année as would say French people!"

"Bonne année as would say French people!!! For this year 2021, I wish you all the most amazing things. Enjoy all that life has in store for you. A bientôt and in the meantime, take care! , [signature] "

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Emotional Text

Carte de voeux 2020 Fizzer avec texte bonne année

Wishing the New Year with words from the heart is perhaps the most important thing. So, whether it's for your family or friends, let your feelings speak for themselves: joy and excitement at the thought of starting a new year, nostalgia for the sweet memories spent together or simply love to start the calendar in style. Find here a Happy New Year text full of emotional words.

"Live, love, laugh, and above all: enjoy! »

- Enjoyed: " 10...9...8...8...7...6...6...5...4...3...2...1...GOOD YEAR ! I wish you a bright 2021, full of confetti and glitter! Live, love, laugh, and above all: enjoy! See you soon to start the year together. Big kisses, xxx"

"Happy New Year, baby! »

"Happy New Year, baby! For 2021, I wish you all the best and I wish us another year of great friendship. You deserve the best because you are an extraordinary person. Big big kiss, [signature] "

"From the bottom of my heart, I send you my tenderest thoughts. »

"Dear [first name], I wish you an incredible year 2020! From the bottom of my heart, I send you my tenderest thoughts. If 2020 was not all rosy, I am convinced that 2021 will be the year of happiness for all of us. Take care of yourself. Affectionately, [signature] "

Do you wish them the best for this year?

Text for Business greetings

jolie carte de vœux 2020 doree quatre photos

Whether you are a company director, marketing employee, freelancer or freelance, surprise your customers and employees with a nice "Happy New Year" delivered straight to their mailbox. Wish them all the best with a card for your voeux professionnels.

"We wish you success and prosperity"

For this year 2021, we wish you success and prosperity! Continue to realize beautiful projects and to blossom through work. This is the key to success. And above all, never stop thinking bigger and aiming higher. A wonderful year from our entire team.

"May 2021 bring us ever more successful joint projects."

We are pleased to count you among our collaborators for so many years. May 2021 bring us ever more successful joint projects. A professional friendship of such long standing is something to celebrate. So, together, let's raise our glasses to a prosperous new year!

"I want to thank you for the trust you place in me on a daily basis." 

Happy New Year 2021! I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me for the past xxx years. It is thanks to customers like you that a small business can grow so quickly and well. I look forward to seeing our future joint projects come to fruition and in the meantime I wish you all the best for the new year.

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Did you know that it was possible to send your postcards and announcements without having to travel? Did you know that? You're just in time! Fizzer, a web and mobile application, allows you to transform your own photos into personalised cards for your holidays and events. You create your card, the team takes care of printing, inserting, franking and sending. 

What themes are available on the application?

Fizzer has illustrated many themes for you: summer and winter holidays, European and non-European countries, wedding, birth and christening announcements, as well as wedding greetings, congratulations, and a whole host of cards for special events such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and New Year's greetings: New Year's greeting cards for private individuals and professional greeting cards.

How to create personalised 2021 greeting card?

Follow the guide! Log in to your Fizzer account via the Android or iOS application, or on the web. Get credits, choose your favorite card size and then choose an illustration you like. Add your photos, write a birthday card text, personalize your stamp and sign with your fingertip. Select one or more recipients, validate your card and you're done. It's shipped within 24 working hours worldwide at no extra charge.

How to write a creative Happy New Year text?

Every year, it's the same story, we copy and paste the same message to send it to our entire contact list. Even if no one realizes it, why not be original this year? Opt for a personalised word with a touch of humour or nostalgia. Once you've written your greeting card text, personalise it with the font and colour of your choice, add emojis and sign with your fingertips for an even more personal touch!

Quand envoyer vos textes de meilleurs voeux ?

Feel free to send your 2021 Christmas and New Year's greetings card to wish you a happy holiday season or send your best wishes from 1 January 2021. You can send your Happy New Year card until the end of January to your family, friends and even colleagues.

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