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Birthday card for a woman

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Need inspiration to write a beautiful birthday text?

The big day is coming for your mother, sister, aunt, friend or colleague : it's about to be her birthday ! You're not feelinginspired, you need to find the right words. And this, while adapting your message to the this woman's personality, who is dear to you. But how to write a beautiful birthday text for a woman ? How to turn your sentences ? Do you need templates to guide your writing?. This year, for sure, your wish “Happy Birthday” will make her eyes shine with joy ! Ready ?

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10 texts full of love for a woman’s birthday

Goal: love energy 100% recharged.

Tool : a birthday card full of love!

We all have women who matter in our lives: our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, our aunts, our best friends, the list is long. If we have a common wish? Of course, and that is to make them happy. It involves a lot of little daily attentions. And of course, cards of all kinds are part of it. Indeed, there is nothing like tender words received in his mailbox to feel cherished, especially on your birthday. So to your feathers (and your cameras!) to make the most beautiful birthday card. As a bonus, Fizzer unveils 10 birthday texts for women. It takes some to make your hearts quiver!

Oops, you tend to forget things, like birthdays?
Don't panic ! We got you

👉🏼 The birthday reminder allows you to add the birthday of your contacts in your Fizzer address book. Once the date has been entered, you will receive a reminder by email 7 days before the big day, so that you can send your birthday card on time.

No more excuses to miss this date!

1. Funny birthday text for a friend

Sometimes you call her old, sometimes my friend. In short, you are friends. Send her a text that will make her laugh.

“Hello, old branch! Happy birthday! I want to congratulate you for not having aged in your old age. It is true that to think that you are x years old reminds me that we have been friends for x years. It does not make us any younger! But in our head we’re still crazy and crazy and that’s what counts. Don’t change anything!”

Right on the mark? That’s for sure. All you have to do is drop your card in its (letter) box.

2. Send your love to your mummy

She’s the number one woman in your life. How can you forget her? It’s impossible, of course. So tell your mother that she is exceptional (even if we know that no mother is perfect, we accept all their flaws because we love them).

“Mummy, where do you start? Happy birthday !!! Then thank you for being the great mom you are, without whom I would be nothing. Thank you for your support of every moment, your outspoken (and your wise advice on my evening outfits!), your kindness and so many other qualities you have. You are the best!"

Did you like this example ? Much the better, you found a suitable match

3. Wish a happy birthday to your girlfriend

The woman of your life blows out her candles? To the rescue! Here is the best example of text you can offer her.

"Happy birthday, my love. On this beautiful day when you are celebrating your 10th birthday, I would like to remind you how proud I am of you. You have accomplished things since we met (e)s. I wish you continued success and look forward to continuing to be with you as you move forward in life. I love you.”

So, ready to send some love to the love of your life?

4. A sweet message for the most beautiful

What a beauty, this girl ! Normal, it’s yours. tell her once again for her birthday. Effect self-confidence 100% guaranteed.

“Wonderful birthday, beautiful ! What pride for a dad/mom to have a daughter as amazing as you. You are a real ray of sunshine that illuminates all around her. Even though sometimes I feel like you’re still my little baby, I realize how much you’ve grown and become an accomplished person. Big kisses, honey."

Rush to prove her right: his birthday is the happiest day of your life.

5. Wish your sister a happy birthday

A lot of bickering took place between you but today, you are ready to give up. Open your heart to your sister for her birthday.

“Happy birthday to the best of sisters! Thank you for all these moments of complicity, these laughter, these well-kept secrets, these unforgettable adventures, these exchanges of clothes… Okay, sometimes without your knowledge, oops! In short, what would I do without you? Continue to be this sister, and this person, awesome as you are.”

She’ll thank you for sure.

Want to create your first personalized birthday card?

6. Text for best friend

A birthday message is key to maintaining your friendships. Tell her what you have on your heart, thanks to this example.

“Happy birthday to the best of best friends ! For x years we have shared an extraordinary friendship; may it last a lifetime ! I will be there, always for you, wherever you want… Well, okay, these last words are not from me but the intention remains the same: you can always count on me. Have a wonderful day.”

She’ll thank you, for sure.

7. Message for co-worker and co-worker

Is she by your side every day? Is her birthday date proudly displayed in the break room? You no longer have an excuse, so use this sample text for your colleague.

“A very happy birthday to you, my favorite colleague and work buddy. It’s a real pleasure, I say, an honor, to share my office with you. Thank you for your joy of living every moment (even on Mondays), every time you corrected my spelling mistakes, all these meals together at the cafe', I go and the best! You are on top.”

On your birthday card, send her photos of your coffee breaks!

8. A note for the one who didn’t want it

She didn’t want to be wished her birthday, but you love her so much! This model is perfect in this kind of circumstance.

“Yes, I know, this year you said “no celebrations”. But since you know me well, I never follow the rules. You didn’t think I was going to leave you in peace for your birthday? I had to wish you a wonderful birthday! As a gift: cult photos of you on this postcard, enjoy!"

So finally, this attention pleased her ?

9. Happy Birthday to your Mom

Once is not customary. Twice. Here is another text for the birthday of the woman who gave birth to you.

“Happy birthday super mom! Every day I am impressed by your ability to handle everything like a real wonder woman. Because what you accomplish on a daily basis for yourself and for others is that the real super powers. Thank you for everything, does not change anything. I love you, mom.”

This moment of her life is precious, every year is a year where you can enjoy her. Share your best moments with her!

10. Birthday text for the woman we love

Send a birthday card to the woman you love. Here’s one last idea for another year in her life.

“Happy birthday to my half, my favorite person in the world. Not a minute spent with you goes by without me realizing how lucky I am to have you. Only with you do I share so much and look forward to the rest of my life. I love you.”

Once your woman birthday texts are composed, it's time to choose the photos that will adorn your birthday card for this woman who means so much to you. After that, you just have to click on 'send' and wait to see the happiness that you will spread around you! It is magic ☺

So, which birthday texts are you going to choose for the woman in your life?

Texte anniversaire douze ans

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How to send a beautiful birthday text for women?

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Why wish a happy birthday with a special text?

Because with a birthday card, you are sure to please and surprise the women in your life. Mother, wife, sister, best friend, colleague, aunt... find the woman birthday text that suits your card and wait for the surprise! All you have to do is blow out the candles at his side.

How to send a successful happy birthday woman?

To satisfy the woman in your life, whether it's your wife, your mom or your best friend, be authentic! Fizzer cards allow you to wish a happy birthday with sweetness. We have many different designs and for sure you will find one that will suit the woman celebrating her new candles perfectly.

Birthday for a woman: which Fizzer card to choose?

The Fizzer application is full of a thousand and one treasures. For a woman's birthday, opt for a card personalized to your taste and especially to hers! If your mom, wife or friend is a funny person, choose a humorous card. If she likes to reminisce about all the past memories with you, a photo postcard embellished with your little personal touch will undoubtedly please her. In short, adapt to her personality and the woman in your life will be fulfilled.

How do I send a birthday card to this woman?

Select a card you like, import your photos and write a nice text. Once your choices are made, you just have to click on “Send” and you're off! The woman's birthday card leaves in a few days and will be received in time to be near the cake and its candles.


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