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Firmen-Neujahrskarten 2025

The end of the year is approaching and you're looking for a unique way to wish your partners, clients, employees, and suppliers the best wishes?! Discover Fizzer's personalized corporate New Year greeting cards. Original and contemporary creations to maintain your business relationships with style. Whether you're an artisan, retailer, SME, or large enterprise, you'll definitely find THE model that will brighten up your December! Select a format and illustration, add your most successful (or not!) business photos, write a warm New Year message, and voilà, it's in your professional partners' mailboxes within 24 hours. Logo, typography, stickers... Customize your cards endlessly for total consistency with your brand image. Yes, you finally have the best way to create and send customized corporate New Year greeting cards to share your values, gratitude, and good vibes for the year ahead!

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Your company finally has its fully customizable New Year's card

You're just a few clicks away from sending out the coolest corporate New Year's card of the year. It's up to you to choose the perfect format from these four options.

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Premium card

double sided

Front / Back 15 x 10 cm -  vertical

Event card

4 flaps, 14 x 14 cm


Carte postale

double sided


Share lovely magnetic postcards


Magnetic card

double sided

Front / Back 10 x 15 cm or 14 x 14 cm

How do I create my professional New Year's greetings cards?

To create an impressive corporate New Year greeting card, it's as simple as can be! Choose the design, wish the best to your recipients with a few words of your own, and add emblematic photos from your company's year. Then, we take over: printing on paper, placing in envelopes, and sending to recipients - you have nothing else to do! PS: We also handle bulk orders!

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Choose the design that suits you from those designed by our illustrators

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Customize with your photos and texts

personalized text with stickers

Import your recipient list and confirm the sending

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Fizzer takes care of printing, postage and delivery to your recipients!

Would you like to send 500+ cards?

Our latest creations for businesses

Explore our original designs to wish a Happy New Year! Themed illustrations, trendy colors, and endless customization options - indulge in one of our many models!

These brands sent their greetings with Fizzer

Finding a year-end gift for your professional partners can be tough. Like these companies already won over by Fizzer, make a lasting impression on your employees, clients, suppliers, and prospects by wishing them a Happy New Year with a personalized greeting card that will be remembered for a long time!

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Bonus photo: A Fizzer elf busy crafting personalized New Year cards from our workshop in Saint-Égrève!

Photo Stephane Pillaud / Le Dauphine Libere / Photo pqr le 4 aout 2023 Saint Egreve ( Isere) Production dans l'usine de photoweb de Saint Egreve des cartes postales editees sur l'application Fizzer. Ramassage des enveloppes pour les mettres dans des bacs d'expedition vers la Poste.



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All you need to know about the corporate greetings card

You are a company, a merchant, a micro-entrepreneur, an SME, and you are interested in personalized cards from Fizzer. However, you still have questions: What are the features of the Fizzer card? How can you send a professional card that remains true to your brand image from our simple and user-friendly application? Is it possible to create batches of cards rather than sending them individually? For all professionals, it is possible to request a quote directly from our team. But in the meantime, here are some detailed explanations to answer all your questions about our business New Year's greeting cards.

How to create a professional greeting card?

A professional New Year's card is a relative concept. What does it mean to be professional? It all depends on the tone and image of your company. Most importantly, the cards you send should perfectly reflect your values, whatever they may be. Therefore, the colors, design, text, and photos should all align visually with your company's image and the activities it engages in. With Fizzer, you can create a corporate New Year's card that reflects your image or conveys the lightness of your end-of-year wishes. In a few steps, you can send your best wishes:

- Gather all the photos from the past year: team meetings, projects, press conferences, company events, team photos... Gather them and choose the one that represents the past year well.
- If you want to send your cards in small numbers, visit our web or mobile app. Choose your favorite New Year's card format. Browse through our category for end-of-year wishes and select your favorite card template. Add 1 to 6 photos, write your text for the professional New Year's card, and select your recipient list. Once your creation is approved, Fizzer will print the desired number of copies, frank each card, and send them worldwide in envelopes.
- If you want to send multiple cards in a bulk shipment (more than 500 cards), contact our team for a personalized quote.
- Write a message for your New Year's card. The simplest way is to write the same message and send it to everyone. This is quicker and requires less time. If you want to tailor your words to your recipients, you can, of course, imagine other messages that are targeted and differently phrased.

When to send your business wishes?

It all depends on what you want to wish and to whom. At the end of the year, there are typically two types of wishes:

- Happy holidays. This includes Christmas, so you should mention "best wishes for the end of the year" or "happy holidays". You can send these wishes before the end of December or even in early January.
- A happy new year. In this case, we exclude Christmas wishes and focus solely on the New Year. To wish for the new year, it's customary to send New Year's cards after the day itself (note that New Year's Day is a holiday, so the post won't deliver your cards on that day) or even until the end of January. Beyond January, it's a bit late to send business New Year's cards.

But the good news is, with Fizzer, you can start drafting your professional New Year's messages at any time, even now! You can create your cards in advance using our app and schedule your deliveries for a specific day.

Ideally, create your corporate New Year's card in advance. This ensures you won't be rushed by year-end tasks and deadlines. Choose a delivery date between late December and the second week of January. This way, your cards will be delivered on time to wish your clients and partners a happy year 2025.

To whom should a company send its end-of-year wishes?

This depends on your organization and profession, as well as the purpose behind sending corporate New Year's cards.

- If you're in sales, send your professional wishes to your clients and prospects. This can help you gain popularity and, importantly, acquire more customers.
- If you're in marketing or public relations, it's the time to show presence to journalists and influencers. Sending them New Year's wishes with a physical card can enhance your visibility and reputation. It's a great way to attract their attention and increase your popularity!
- If you're a company executive, express gratitude to your employees, suppliers, and partners for their productivity, loyalty, and successes. This strengthens bonds for the following year.
- If you're a retailer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, thank and foster loyalty among your top clientele with an offer tailored to your budget. In any case, a corporate New Year's card helps solidify your brand image.

Of course, this list isn't exhaustive, as there are numerous reasons to send wishes to those within your professional network. Such gestures are highly appreciated, especially when sent on paper, allowing you to stand out.

How to write a professional New Year's message?

On your New Year's card, you'd like to include a New Year's message or end-of-year wishes. But how do you ensure the text is both cheerful and upbeat yet remains professional? To help you, you can check out our ideas for texts for a professional New Year's card, and follow these tips:

- Maintain the tone that reflects your company: whether fresh, serious, solemn, friendly... It depends on what you have chosen to convey to your clients and partners.
- Decide whether to keep it brief or to detail projects that took place in the past year.
- Optionally, mention upcoming projects or goals for the next year.
- Wish your professional relationships a successful 2025. Send them your best wishes, thank them for their collaboration, trust, and team achievements.
- Stay true to your overall image! A professional New Year's card should convey on paper what you are as a company.

Looking for some ideas for your end-of-year wishes? Discover how to wish best wishes to everyone – this may help you find the right words for your partners and clients.


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