Grandparents Day

Because they’re just the best

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Your grandparents are basically superheroes! They can do pretty much anything: play the piano, cook delicious recipes, give the best advice, hike for hours, knit better than anyone or comment on soap operas tirelessly. Basically, they’re amazing. So don’t miss this occasion to remind them how much they matter to you. On Grandparents Day, send them a personalised card. They will love it! 👵🏻👴🏻

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Dear grandparents, even though we seldom see each other because we live far away, I think about you all the time. You’re the best grandpa and grandma one could ever have and I will never say it enough. I love you both!

My lovely nan and gramp, today is your day! For the occasion, I wanted to remind you how amazing you two are. Thank you for your generosity, your affection and your precious advice. They mean the world to me!

Dearest grandparents, in order to thank you for everything you did for me, I got you a little something. Small clue: they’re matching and they will keep you warm. I hope you’ll like them. Until our next gathering, I send you lots of love. Happy grandparents day!

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3 tips to make them happy on their day

📞 Call them to give news

💛 Tell him you love him

🏡 Go see them soon


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Fizzer is not just for Grandparents Day greeting cards. Fizzer is also for postcards, birthday cards, invitations for adults and children, christening, communion and wedding announcements, congratulations cards and much more!

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Nothing could be simpler! We guide you in a few steps and a few clicks. First, log in to the Fizzer application in your browser on on your mobile, add credits and start creating your card. Select the design you like the most, add picture of you and/or your grandparents, write a personal text, sign with your fingertip and that’s it. All you need to do now is select your recipients. We take care of the rest! 


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