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10 ideas for "Merry Christmas" texts

Some wait for this day throughout the year… Christmas, its illuminated streets, its spicy smells and above all, this warm atmosphere that warms the hearts of the whole family. We wait patiently for our gifts under the tree, hoping to have been spoiled by Santa Claus! What better way to mark New Year's Eve than a a Christmas card written with a nice text ? But now, sometimes it's hard to find a message which suits us. Hard to find the words, to turn notos sentences or simply to find the time. It is therefore not always easy to write a card to wish Merry Christmas. Here are some for you merry christmas text ideas, and this is our gift to you! 🙂

A magical Merry Christmas 

Christmas, a warm moment

"Ah Christmas, the shared moments around the Christmas tree, in the kitchen or the family walks in the street and its Christmas lights... a great moment for all of us. Nothing matters more than to share some time with family to enjoy every moment. Hope you will have a great Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas! xx"

I hope Santa will make you happy!

"Merry Christmas to the whole family! So happy to smell all these Christmas cookies and gingerbread odours in the house... yummy! Hope Father Christmas will bring you a lot of gifts. Xxx"

The Christmas spirit

"The Christmas spirit, my favourite time of the year! Merry Christmas to you. It's time to get creative in the kitchen and realise your best Christmas recipes. I can't wait to eat it all with you. Lots of love xx"

Last box of the Advent calendar

"We're getting close to the 25th of December... Christmas Eve and also the last case of your Advent calendar! I know how much you love the Christmas atmosphere, so I hope you will have a wonderful time around the Christmas tree. I'm sure Father Christmas will bring you a lot of gifts. Merry Christmas!

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A funny Merry Christmas text 

Have you been good?

"Hey you, I'm wondering if you were really a good person this year... I don't know if Father Christmas is going to come bring you gifts... :/ I can't keep doing this joke, I'm kidding, of course! I'm sure you will be spoiled. Happy Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas to you! Xxx"

Santa is off this year!

"Did you hear about the Christmas eve scandal? Father Christmas is off this year! I'm still going to hang my socks on the chimney and put the Christmas tree out there. Fingers crossed! PS: It's a joke of course! I hope you will spend a great Christmas Eve in a good mood and joy. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Kisses xxx"

A Christmas reindeer at home

"I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas and I hope you will be able to see Father Christmas' reindeers during Christmas night! Don't open your presents before the time, even if I know how impatient you can be. Too bad we can't keep one of the reindeer at home, they are so cute! Take care of yourself. Xxx"

Moving Christmas text

One more Christmas by your side

“Dear [name], we've known each other for x years. For all these years, we have always spent Christmas together. Each of them is a memorable moment. The magic of this beautiful celebration has always allowed us to spend magical moments full of love. Each passing year strengthens my love for you. I hope that this little card and your gift will make you happy. I like you."

A slightly different Christmas text

“Dear [name], it has now been x months since [name] passed away. Today is our first Christmas without him.her. I know how lonely you must feel since he/she left. Know that I also think a lot of him. Her and all the magnificent Christmas celebrations we spent together. Each of them by his side was great and now we have to think hard about him.her. Yours and with all my thoughts.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year text 

End the year the right way

"Ah, the end of the year and its holidays! Sweet Christmas Eve spent with the family, and the New Year's Eve with your friends, the perfect balance to finish a year the right way. Hope you will have a great end of the year and that Father Christmas will bring you a lot of presents. Big hugs and kisses to the whole family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. <3"

A kiss under a holly branch

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my favourite couple! Don't forget to celebrate this new year with a kiss under the holly branch, its good luck! Lot of kisses and joy for this coming year. I'm thinking about you a lot! Take care you beauties. :) xx"

Warmth to our hearts

"The Christmas Lights light up the streets and the fire chimney brings warmth to our hearts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This time of the year is made to be shared with loved ones. We wish we could drink together to this new year and to more joy. Instead of being here, we made sure Father Christmas would spoil you and bring you a lot of presents under the Christmas tree. Take care. Xx"

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Why and how to create a card with my Merry Christmas text?

During Christmas Eve, offer more than gifts to your loved ones and send a Christmas card. A little thoughtful gesture that will make the whole family happy during the gifts opening moment around the Christmas Tree. To create a Christmas Card, it's very simple! Go on the Fizzer app, choose a card design you like from more than 2000 designs, all created by our two illustrators. Add then your most beautiful photos and an original Merry Christmas text. Once you've written the text, you can change its font and colour, as well as you can add stickers and emojis. That's it! Send your Christmas card to your loved ones and make them happy during these cosy moments.

Why is Fizzer the best online service to send a Christmas card? 

To be sure not to miss Christmas Eve and Day, you can program the shipment of your Christmas card on our Fizzer app. You can also send your card anywhere in the world, at the same price. If you are in France, program your card to be shipped on the 19th of December. For the rest of the world, we recommend you to be a little in advance and to program your card's shipment beginning of December. 

3 tips for a great Merry Christmas text 

  • Talk about how magical is Christmas and how much you love its atmosphere
  • Make a joke or add so humour. Nothing better than a smile! 
  • Tell your friends and family you love them and show them how much you care about them
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