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Our Story

Starting at the bottom of the slopes to end at the top...

The story of Fizzer begins in 2014, at the bottom of the slopes of a well-known ski resort for winter sports enthusiasts. After a wild day slaloming between the bumps on the slopes, Baptiste and Vincent only dream of one thing, sharing their exploits with their loved ones!

Ignoring the freezing cold and the ice, they bravely set out in search of postcards and stamps. Then, the two friends sit down around a good mulled wine and strive to faithfully capture their emotions. But, when it comes time to post their adventures, the blizzard that has since risen discourages them from searching for a mailbox... "It would be really great to be able to send cards directly from your phone, without leaving your couch!" think the two buddies. The seed is planted...

The little app that is rising

From that moment, it's a snowball effect. Baptiste and Vincent become partners and launch Fizzer. Each year, the number of cards sent is multiplied by 8 and, following an appearance on theFrench TV show Capital in 2017, Fizzer even ranks 5th in app downloads in France for 48 hours, ahead of Snapchat & Instagram!

The family keeps growing

Since then, personalized postcards have welcomed other products and the Fizzer catalog has expanded like never before (greeting cards, photo albums, family gazette, etc.).faire-part, album photo, revue et gazette familiale…).

Greeting card


Photo album

Family Gazette

A team of MVPs

Acquired by Clairefontaine in 2022, the company is now part of the Digital Photo Group alongside Lalalab, Photoweb, and Joomeo.

Ich bin ein Berl…Fizzer

Since July 2023, Fizzer has launched on the German market where the website and app are now available.

New look for a new life

But that's not all, after a complete makeover (visual and editorial), Fizzer continues to move swiftly forward and intends to become THE European leader for sending news in paper format. What’s the goal for this dream team, you might ask? To (nicely) dethrone WhatsApp from its position as the favorite app to share life’s best moments.

Our Philosophy

Real life!

In the era of social media, filters, digital alterations, and other virtual staging, we often wonder where spontaneity has gone.

At Fizzer, we are convinced that the most unforgettable moments are also the most unexpected, that the biggest laughs are also the most uncontrollable, and that the best memories are not made up, they are lived.

So together, let's take advantage of modern communication means to reconnect with the preciousness of paper format and forget about the obsession with appearances to just be 100% ourselves, 100% us, 100% real!

Our Commitments

Promise, cross our hearts!

personalized text with stickers

Green and against all odds

All Fizzer products are made, printed, and sent from France. Labeled Imprim’vert, they adhere to a charter that promotes the implementation of systems to reduce the environmental impacts related to printing activities. The products are also FSC certified (except for the magnetic card).

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

The right moment to create social bonds

From postcards to family magazines to video cards, Fizzer clearly displays its ambition to recreate social bonds. To go even further, we decided to support retirement home associations such as the "Réseau Argo" or to actively participate in the Postcard Festival. Our small contribution to a better world...

send fizzer postcard with envelope

A healthy collaboration, in a healthy team

If our collaborators get up each day with a smile, it's because we do everything to ensure their well-being. Kindness and communication are our key words in terms of collaboration, a credo that bears fruit, since in 2023, Fizzer won 3rd place in its category in the HappyIndex®AtWork ranking!

Our Team

FIZZER - @pelut.charlene-170

Friends from now on

Behind Fizzer is a team of 17 happy-go-lucky individuals dedicated to running the app and sending your best moments. They work from wherever they want since with us, everyone has been 100% remote for 10 years. Trust reigns, for real.

At the head of this fun team, there is Antoine.

The magnificent designs that frame your masterpieces are imagined by the brilliant Shirley and Églantine.

The marketing & communication department is kindly overseen by Claire and offers you cooler content every day, thanks to Claire, Manon, Hélène, Lauryn, and Clara.

They only pose when forced to, the 3 Musketeers of customer service, Manolis, Marion, and Zakia.

On the developer side, we find Julien and his team of friendly "geeks": Cécile, Cyril, Hugo, Julien, Maximilien, and Raphaël.

Finally, there is Manon, who leads this great team with joy and good humor:

Let's get started?


Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

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produits fizzer personnalisés

Want to spoil yourself? Fizzer is the perfect way to create a Premium Card with your own photos in just a few minutes. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer. In addition, you'll need an reflex or digital camera, or perhaps your smartphone's camera.


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