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Vacation postcard

Say "hi" to your loved ones from the destination of your dreams! Share the moment on a rectangle full of memories.

  • Dimensions : 10x15 cm ; 📐
  • Customizable to suit your preferences ;✏️
  • Envelope included 💌
  • Printed in France. 🇬🇧

From 1,80 €.

When you're on vacation, you have a fabulous time. Beach, sun, mountains, camping, travel or nature: when you take your annual leave, you're in for a real treat. Whether you're on your own, with family or friends, you'll appreciate this well-deserved break. And of course, during your stay, you'll want to share these good times with your loved ones. In fact, they're waiting to hear from you! Share your craziest itineraries, your most beautiful photos, your funniest family snapshots, your most unlikely discoveries, on a pretty vacation postcard. It'll arrive sweetly in the mailboxes of your loved ones, bringing its share of good news (and good cheer!). It'll give you a chance to stand out from the crowd with a creation that reflects your image. Ready to share your fondest vacation memories on this little rectangle of paper?

Thanks to Fizzer

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Create a card wherever you are

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Add your best vacation memories

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Make your loved ones smile!

Send your Fizzer card in 4 steps

Choose a model that suits you

Choose your holiday postcard from all the models designed by our illustrators. Sea, mountain, city, countryside... there is something for everyone!

Personalize your postcard

Make your personalized card unique by adding your best vacation photos. Personalize it with texts and stickers. 

Write and customize your messages

Write your message then choose your font and writing color. Add emojis, if you feel like it, and sign with your fingertip! 

Validate your card and surprise your loved ones

Your holiday postcard is shipped in an envelope anywhere in the world. The price remains the same regardless of the destination. For sure, you will make people happy!

Ready to send your first postcard?

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Delivery information

When you create a postcard, your order is processed within 24 business hours. Then, the Post Office takes over for delivery:

  • France and Europe: 2 to 6 working days
  • USA, Canada and Australia: 4 to 12 working days
  • Other destinations: 1 to 3 weeks

Product Information

  • Size: 10×15cm
  • Format: postcard, front/back
  • 330g paper
  • Envelope: included
  • Shipping costs : included worldwide
  • All products made in France 🇬🇧

Create a card that reflects your image with 3 tips

You're on vacation in a less touristy place where there are no postcards. Or maybe you're tired of sending the same view every year. What you want is a card that's both personal and tasteful. The best would be a card that you can personalize, on which you can put your own stamp. Good news: no, you're not asking for the moon.🌒 With Fizzer, you can give the traditional postcard a modern twist. Here's how to create a card that reflects your personality.

1. Choose your best vacation photo

🏖️ Your vacation this year is all about lounging by the sea or ocean. You're on the beach sunbathing, with a good book, the sound of the waves and the cry of the seagulls in the background. All it takes is one click, and this beautiful scenery arrives in the mailbox of your loved ones. Your zen moment is shared instantly. 📸

⛷️ Perhaps you're out on the slopes, red-nosed, caped to the neck, in a deeply glamorous ski outfit. Immortalize this mythical moment of you on the slopes. Your friends and family will love receiving a card that stands out from the crowd.

The solution, in fact, is to send them your moments as they are. And that means sending a postcard with your face on vacation, rather than a generic postcard from a souvenir store. It's okay, they know Mont Blanc. 🗻 (Of course it's incredible, but so are you.)

2. Create and personalize your card

Once you've put your pretty face on your rectangle of memories, add your own personal touch. Choose a slogan like "Vacation is life!" or find cute stickers in their little floaties or sunglasses. Add it all to your creation, and make happy recipients, delighted to receive such a beautiful vacation postcard.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Is there such a thing as a quiet vacation? If the previous pictures don't reflect yours, maybe this one will. You're at the campsite all day, alternating between changing the diaper of the youngest child who's crying and chasing the oldest who won't put on sun cream. And, between two intense episodes, you experience a moment of pure happiness: your children are suddenly well-behaved and having fun together. The stars align and the vacations finally seem to be relaxing! All it takes is one click, and you'll have an unforgettable memory. A wonderful family photo at the campsite, by the sea or in the mountains can be immortalized, and sent as a postcard. 💌

3. Share your moments with an authentic text

Send your card whether you are at the water's edge, at the top of the slopes, on the other side of the world or in France. All you need is an internet connection! Say goodbye to the race to find stamps, cards posted from the airport… enter the new era of the holiday postcard! 

And to complete your card, keep it authentic: tell us about your vacation. Your text can start with the iconic "Dear Grandpa, how are you? I'm fine" and end with a classic, warm "big kiss". The key is to share your current mood with the recipients. Goodbye classic cards, hello crazy, personalized and authentic cards! If you're looking for ideas for postcard texts, take a look at our original inspirations.

Write a text on the back of your card

Even if the postcard is informal, there are still some simple rules to respect for it to have the desired effect!

💌 💌 Write the recipient's address as precisely as possible

🏊🏻‍♀️ Describe what you do and feel free to give your opinion

😊 😊 Don't forget to ask about your recipient

Discover our collection of vacation postcards


Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

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Add photos of your vacations to your creation

Creating a holiday postcard is very simple! Go to the Fizzer application, choose the design of your choice from more than 1000 models drawn by our illustrators and click on the inserts dedicated to your photos. Your computer or phone gallery will then open and this is where you choose the photos you want to appear on your card. Your front can be adorned with one to six photos, enough to delight your loved ones. When your images are added, click on validate to go to the stage of writing your text. Again, customize your stamp with one of your photos. When your card is complete, choose your recipient and voila.

Create a vacation postcard to share the moment

Finished the pre-made postcards and common to all! Fizzer allows you to create personalized memories with your own photos. The postcard that sometimes ended up at the bottom of the drawer can adorn the walls of your loved ones. You can also send your own travel or family photos to make beautiful memories. In short, you will have understood it, the holiday postcard can be used for you or for your loved ones and adapts to all destinations: feet in the water, at the edge of a glacier, in the depths of the jungle or at your grandma's!

Are my photos protected when I send them ?

When you validate your postcard, it is printed, stamped and sent in an envelope. Thus, your words and photos are protected from view and bad weather during their journey.


Made in France


Imprim'vert certified paper


Customizable at will


Quick delivery