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10 humorous New Year text ideas

With the New Year coming, it's important to start this new chapter the right way. A positive attitude, a goal list for the new year... To mark this time, nothing is better than a wish card humorous! Bursts of laughter, your good humor shared with your loved ones and an original Happy New Year message, the perfect trio! However, it is difficult to find daily inspiration to write your card. Discover our 10 humorous Happy New Year text ideas for a most hilarious 2024 greeting card.


Hope you will be funnier

Hey little monkey! I hope you will have a wonderful year and that your dreams will come true. I also hope you will be funnier... I'm kidding! Happy New Year dude!

Happy New Year Doc

You are such a travel in time lover, I thought you'd like a fun little greeting card for this jump into a new temporal dimension: the new year. Let's finish this one and start over. Happy New Year Doc, big kisses.

Bed at 9pm

Phew, finally this year is coming to an end. Can't wait to start fresh! You and I promised each other we would get on a healthy routine to feel good. No more late nights: from now on we're going to bed at 9pm! We will see if we can hold onto that... 😂 Happy New Year to you!

Calm down on the red wine!

I know that you are as happy as me to see this year finish. I hope you'll enjoy this new year. Although, calm down on the red wine! 😂 Best wishes for this New Year. Xxx

Make your dreams come true

A New Year is always exciting! Just as much as our restaurant meetups. Happy New Year you big child, I hope you'll make your dreams come true this year. Xxx have a great New Year's Eve.

Ready to make your friends and family laugh?

If you could reincarnate yourself in an animal

If you could reincarnate yourself in an animal next year, what would it be? I think I'd choose a leopard. You want to know why? Because no need to go shopping, I would be wearing the most glamorous outfit ever, everyday! I hope you will have a great eve. Happy New Year!

Champaign, chocolate...

Champaign, chocolate, foie gras... yummy! Isn't the best time of the year because we can eat non stop? ;) Food lover that you are, I know you agree with me. Happy New Year and get wild on the food!

You can take a joke!

3, 2, 1… happy birthday! Oh damn, Happy New Year! And good health of course. All my best wishes for this year 2024. May this new year bring you better jokes and better musical tastes. Oh, that's ok, just kidding… 🙂 I have to tease you a bit. Kisses and a very good year.

Christmas movies... that's living!

I miss you so much! Happy New Year my little Ferrero Rocher, I wish I could eat tons of chocolate while watching Christmas movies with you. That's living! Kisses, see you soon I hope.

Celebrating New Years Eve twice

Hello you! Are you interested in celebrating New Years Eve twice? Let's fly to Sydney and escape to Los Angeles afterwards. It would be such an incredible memory and a magical moment. If not this year, then the next one. Happy New Year. <3 

Ready to say Happy New Year to your friends and family?

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How to create a a greeting card with a humorous Happy New Year text?

Open the Fizzer app, and choose a greeting card design that will suit your humorous theme. Add your own photos to the card (get wild and insert a few funny/awkward photos of your friends and family, or of yourself) and write down a humorous Happy New Year text. If you don't feel inspired, simply copy/paste one of these 10 text ideas. Change its colour and its font. You're all set! Add one or several recipients and start the year the best way possible by making your loved ones happy and laugh with an original humorous greeting card.

Why send a Happy New Year card with a humorous text?

Because nothing is worth more than a loved ones' laughter, simply create a greeting card with a funny text. At the same time original and traditional, a greeting card is a good way to show your loved ones that you are thinking about them. It also gives you the opportunity to share good vibes around you and to start the year surrounded by a lot of love and positivity. 

Who to send a humorous text to?

Trust your guts! If you feel like you are comfortable with your friends, your colleagues or the people you know, go for it! Don't cross lines with your jokes though. But 99% of the time, a humorous greeting card will be welcomed with a big smile.

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