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10 humorous Happy New Year text ideas

As a new year approaches, it's important to start this new chapter on the right foot! A positive attitude, a list of things to accomplish over the coming year… To mark the occasion, nothing beats a wish card humorous! Bursts of laughter, your good humor shared with your loved ones and an original Happy New Year message, the perfect trio! However, it is difficult to find daily inspiration to write your card. Discover our 10 humorous Happy New Year text ideas for a most hilarious 2024 greeting card.


I hope your humor will work out

Hello little rascal! I wish you a wonderful year and achieve your craziest projects. I also hope that your humor will work out... Just kidding, Happy New Year Dédé!

Happy New Year Doctor!

You who are a fan of time travel, I wanted to send you a funny greeting card for this passage in a new temporal dimension: the new year. We finish this one and we start again. Happy New Year Doc, I send you kisses.

9 a.m. in bed!

Phew, we are finally coming to the end of this year. Can't wait to get back on a good footing, aren't we? You and I promised to create a healthy routine to get in shape. No more late nights: now it will be at 9 a.m. in bed! We'll see if we stick to it... 😂 Happy New Year to you !

Take it easy with red wine

I know that you are as happy as me that this year is ending, I wish you to make the most of this new year to come. However, gently with red wine! 😂 My best wishes for the new year. Kisses.

Fulfill your wildest plans

New Year's is always exciting! Just like our dates at the restaurant. Happy New Year to you my big child, I wish you to realize your wildest plans! Big Kisses and have a good New Year's Eve.

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If you could...

If you could reincarnate into an animal for this new year, what would it be? Personally, I would choose the leopard. You want to know why ? Because no need to go shopping, I would wear the most glamorous outfit every day! Hope you have a great New Year. Good year !

Champagne, chocolates...

Champagne, chocolates, foie gras… yum yum! Isn't it the best part of the year just because you can eat as much as you want? 😉 Foodie as you are, I know you'll agree with me. Happy New Year my cat and fill your belly well!

May the year bring you better jokes!

3, 2, 1… bon anniversaire ! Euh zut, bonne année ! Et bonne santé bien-sûr. Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette année 2025. Que cette nouvelle année t’apporte de meilleures blagues et de meilleurs goûts musicaux. Oh, ça va, je rigole… 🙂 Il faut bien que je te taquine un peu. Bisous et une très belle année.

Christmas movies, real life

I miss you too much ! Happy New Year my little rock Ferrero, I wish I could taste (or gobble) a ton of chocolates while watching Christmas movies with you. This is real life! Big kisses, see you soon I hope.

Let's celebrate the new year twice!

Hello you ! How about celebrating the New Year twice? Let's take a flight to Sydney and flee to Los Angeles afterwards. It would be a magical memory and so amazing. If it's not this year, it will be the next. happy new year <3 

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How to create a greeting card with a humorous Happy New Year text?

Go to the Fizzer application, and select a greeting card template that matches your humorous theme. Then add your own photos (let go of the a little embarrassing or funny photos of your loved ones or yourself) and write your humorous Happy New Year text. If you lack inspiration, simply copy/paste one of the texts above into your card. Then change the color and font of the text to suit your humor. You have finished ! Add one or more addresses and start the new year in style by pleasing your loved ones with an original and humorous greeting card.

Why send a card with a humorous Happy New Year text?

Because nothing beats the laughter of a loved one, just create a greeting card with funny text. Both original and traditional, a greeting card is a good way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them. It also gives you the opportunity to share good vibes around you and start the new year in an environment full of love and positivity. 

Who to send a humorous text to?

Feel free! If you feel that the current is going well with your loved ones, your colleagues or your acquaintances, get started. Don't go overboard though and weigh your jokes. But in 99% cases, a greeting card with humorous text will be greeted with a big smile.


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