Best friend's birthday texts

10 texts to surprise your friend

10 birthday texts for your best friend

Your best friend's birthday is coming up? You've thought of everything: the gift, the cake, the surprise party... but you're still missing the card! Luckily, you are on the Fizzer website, the perfect place to make a personalised card Select a design you like and add the most beautiful photos of you and your best friend, for a card full of emotion. Of course, the card will only be bigger if it is accompanied by a lovingly designed text! Fizzer has ten birthday texts for best friends to choose from, providing inspiration and good ideas for your great card.

You're the best friend anyone could ever have in the world...

Happy birthday, my xxx! On this beautiful day when you were born, I want to tell you that you're the best friend anyone could ever have in the world... I am so lucky to have met you and I hope our friendship will last forever. Don't change anything, you're perfect!

Happy birthday to my love BFF.

Happy birthday to my love BFF! Okay, that was kind of our middle school nickname, but I think it suits us. You've been my Best Friend Forever since then and you always will be to me. I want you to know that you can always count on me, your BFF, always.

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how proud I am of you...

A wonderful birthday to my xxx! Today is your day, so I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you how proud I am of you and the person you've become. You have given yourself the means to accomplish what you wanted and now you are reaping the benefits. Keep up the good work, you're the best.

Anyway... my best friend

Happy birthday to my evening sidekick, my nap champion, my sister at heart, my Netflix companion, my chef, my follower on all the networks, my soul mate, my confidant, in short... my best friend!

All these memories we shared unite us for life.

Happy birthday, my xxx! When I think that 25 years ago we were running in diapers in your granny's garden and that today we are still best friends, I think the world is well done. All these memories we shared unite us for life and make me smile every day when I think back. Thanks you.

So, are you ready to wish a Happy Birthday?

Happy Birthday to my sister forever

Happy birthday to my sister! And yes, even if only a few short months separate our birth dates, you will always remain my beloved little baby, and above all, my best friend. I'll always be there for you, no matter what. Your xxx.

I've put up with you for 20 years.

Happy Birthday, punk! When I think I've put up with you for 20 years, I think I'm the one to say "congratulations" to. Hey hey, I'm kidding, of course. You know I love you and without you I'd be nothing. Don't ever change!

Happy birthday to the cutest birthday girl

Happy birthday to the cutest, kindest, most facetious, funny, cold, greedy, smart, courageous, honest, adventurous, wacky, cultured, crazy, awesome person I know; that is you, my best friend.

You make everything so much happier

Happy birthday to the queen of the day, hip hip hip, hooray! I'm sending you a shower of confetti and glitter, baby. You are my ray of sunshine; keep shining like this, you make everything so much happier. It's not for nothing that you're my best friend!

Can't wait for our next reunion

Happy birthday, my xxx! Despite the distance between us, I'm so happy--we're able to keep our friendship going. Because even halfway around the world, you're still my best friend at all times. I look forward to our next reunion!

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And you, what is your style of writing for your best friend's birthday? Rather humorous, nostalgic, sentimental? Mostly personal. So gather your most beautiful memories and your most beautiful words to write THE card. that will make your best friend happy! So, what birthday texts would you have chosen for your best friend?

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