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Spend a great eve by sending a Christmas greeting card ✨ ✨

Ahh, Christmas! Sharing a lot of happy moments with your family. Decorating the Christmas tree with the lights and the colourful decorations, spending Christmas Eve laughing, eating the turkey and the cake... So many details that make Christmas a very special moment. Why not add one more detail to this magical routine? On top of all the presents, add a smile on your loved one's faces by writing a Christmas greeting card. Tell your friends and family your love them and bring light and love into their hearts during this Christmas season.

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christmas greeting card

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Make people happy with a pretty Christmas greeting card

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3 text ideas for your Christmas greeting card

Classic Christmas greeting card

I wish you a great Christmas, filled with love and joy. Forests are snowy, sun is shining and the Father Christmas and its reindeers are on the way to bring your presents! Xxx

Original Christmas greeting card 

I hope that Father Christmas will bring you a lot of presents you wrote on your list! The Christmas Eve is a unique moment to share with your family. You are so special to me! You deserve the world. Xx 

Family Christmas greeting card 

I hope that the whole family will be spoiled! Father Christmas is coming from the North Pole just to make the kids happy! Such happiness to share Christmas with your family. Lots of love xx

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How to create a personalised Christmas greeting card?

Pick a template for your Fizzer card

Select a Christmas greeting card's design

Choose a card design to personalise. Our card designs selection allows you to find the perfect card to make your loved ones happy. 

Embellish your card with a picture

Add your best photo memories

First step for your personalisation: insert your own photos! Choose your most beautiful Christmas images, landscapes covered in snow, streets with beautiful Christmas lights...

Write a meaninigful card

Write down your most genuine wishes

Second step: write a text for your Christmas greeting card! Tell them how much you love them and share the Christmas Eve magic. 

Let's send it !

We're calling Father Christmas to make sure he delivers your Christmas greeting card

Once you're done, you can enter your recipient's address and our Fizzer team will transfer it to Father Christmas so that he puts it under the Christmas tree on time.

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When to send your Christmas greeting card?

You can schedule your card's shipment on our Fizzer app. Simply prepare and personalise your card, and add the recipient's address. To make sure your greeting card arrives on time, send it before the 19th of December. Your loved ones will love your personalised Christmas greeting card!

Who to send your Christmas greeting card to? 

Put a smile on your friends and family's faces is essential during the end of the year festivities. You can send a Christmas greeting card to your family, your friends but also to your work colleagues. Spreading love and joy is part of the Christmas magic.

Why send a Christmas greeting card? 

Make people happy is the first reason! Plus, how touching is it to see that someone took the time to create a personalised Christmas greeting card with their own photos? After all, Christmas eve is made to share moments together, even if we're apart. A Christmas greeting card allows you to stay close to your loved ones even when you're far from each other. 

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