About us

Fizzer is a French application that allows you to personalise your postcards, invitations, photobooks or revues with your own photos!

You can choose from our 2000+ designs created by our two illustrators, add the photos of your choice, personalise the front with stickers, add your message on the back and even personalise your stamp on our postcards. Our goal since our creation in 2014: to allow you to share your best memories with those you love.

Fizzer is also a company that operates 100% remotelyi.e. all employees (except those in charge of printing) work remotely from the four corners of the world.

Produits Fizzer à plat sur une table, de bonnes idées de cadeaux photos pour les grands-parents

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Qualite haut de gamme

High quality

Fast shipping

Fast shipping


100% personalised

Made in France

Made in France


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