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3 tips for writing your Bar Mitzvah invitation well

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How to create a Bar Mitzvah announcement with Fizzer?

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Bar Mitzvah announcement

Being a Bar Mitzvah is an important step in your child's religious journey. Celebrate this important day with the people you love!

Ready to celebrate this sacred day? 🕊

In honor of his religious majority

Your boy celebrated his 13th birthday, your daughter her 12th birthday? They have reached their religious majority! You can now organize a nice ceremony because your children have become Bar and Bat Mitzvah or “son of son of the Mistva” and “daughter of the mitzvot”, the commandments that God addresses to the Jewish people. Organizing a party is not mandatory, but, if you wish, surround yourself with your family and friends! Fizzer explains how to invite them with a personalized invitation.

3 tips for writing your invitation well

📍 Mention important information: place, date and time of the event

💌 Personalize your card with a photo of your child

🗓 Ask for a response before a deadline

What happens at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

The religious ceremony is prepared well in advance since it requires religious knowledge. The child will have to know biblical history, the values and principles of Judaism, speak Hebrew, learn the liturgy. During the service on Monday or Thursday morning, the child will wear tefillin for the first time. On Friday evening, the child or his mother will light the Sabbath candles. He will accompany the rabbi and bless the wine and the bread. (kiddush and motsi). On the day of the Bar Mitzvah, the child will partly or alone lead the prayers alongside the rabbi, read the Torah, and close the ceremony with a commentary on the parashah of the week. 

Then, it's up to you to organize the party how you want! However, small or large committee, you will need to find a place, at home or in an exceptional place. You can also call on a kosher caterer, prepare a good playlist and above all: your child's speech! Help him write a message that will touch your guests and above all, remember to quote an extract from the Torah.

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personalized announcement for his Bar Mitzvah

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  • Premium card format (15x10 cm - vertical) or greeting card (14x14 cm);
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3 text ideas for your Bar Mitzvah card

Religious ceremony

Mr. and Mrs. [Name] are pleased to inform you of the Bar Mitzvah of their son [First Name]. We invite you to the religious ceremony on Wednesday March 8, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. at the Synagogue de Nantes, 5 Impasse Copernic.

Tephilins for the 1st time

We are very happy to invite you to the Bar Mitzvah of our son David who will be wearing tephilins for the first time. We invite you to meet on Friday June 3, 2020, at 8:30 a.m. at the Chasseloup-Laubat synagogue, 14 Rue Chasseloup Laubat 75015 Paris.

With the love of his parents

With all the love of his parents Alice and Robin, with the tenderness of his sisters Laura and Manël, Abel will be happy that you will attend the putting on of tephilins on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah on Sunday June 20, 2020. The ceremony will be followed by brunch.



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On Fizzer, you will find a whole collection dedicated to religious events such as Bar Mitzvahs, Baptisms, Communions and civil and religious weddings. You will also find pretty cards for births, invitations, birthday and holiday cards. 

How to create a personalized bar mitzvah announcement?

Follow the leader ! The date of the 12th or 13th birthday, you already know it! So when your preparations are complete, send out a Bar or Bat Mitzvah announcement to your guests. Indicate the date, time and location of the event. This will also be an opportunity to request a definitive response to the invitation. To do this, go to the application, select your favorite design and personalize your card, add text and you're done. Your recipients receive your invitation in a few days in an envelope.


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