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An announcement for two babies 👶🏻👶🏻

You thought you had a baby but, finally, you received a double dose of happiness, congratulations! You are now parents of twins: two little boys, two little girls or a little boy and a little girl. Very happy combinations that will bring you a whole series of wonderful adventures during your life. For starters, how about breaking the news in style? Thanks to Fizzer, send a unique birth announcement for your two beautiful babies. Your loved ones will be doubly satisfied! 💕

3 tips for making your announcements a success 🎨

📅 Send them in the first weeks after the babies are born

📏 Mention important information: first names, date and time of birth, height and weight

📷 Add the most beautiful pictures of your little angels

Our twin birth announcements

Our twin birth announcement category will soon be available on the app. In the meantime, opt for our girl, boy or mixed models. Animal motifs, planets, pastel colours, rainbows... it's up to you to choose the theme to present your twins to everyone!

Some message ideas

In addition to the essential information (first names, date and time of birth, height and weight) concerning your twins, you are free to write a personal text to express your happiness. Moving style, informative, humorous… again, the choice is yours! 

What's cuter than a baby? Two babies!

What's cuter than a baby? Two babies! We have the immense (double) joy of announcing the birth of Lou and Ange. A little princess and a little prince who are doing wonderfully. Come and visit them soon! 

We see life in pink… and twice!

Since April 20, we see life in pink... and double! Little Augustine and Zoé were born, in great shape, for our greatest happiness. Same weight, same size, same boils but two already very different characters. We can't wait to introduce them to you!

We look alike like two drops of water

Hello, we are Ismaël and Jules, newcomers to the Duhesme family. It seems that we look alike like two drops of water! Our parents are delighted and invite you to come and meet us. See you soon !  

Ready to create my twin birth announcement?

Thanks to Fizzer

stack of baby announcements with sprig of lavender

I choose an original announcement from a dozen models

open card with message and envelope

I personalize it with photos of the babies and my message

stack of baby cards with toys and blanket

I send my announcements in a few clicks to all my loved ones

How do I create my invitation with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Select a model you like

Choose a card from our girl, boy or mixed categories. Tender drawings, refined patterns, funny illustrations... There's plenty to announce the arrival of your twins! 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your photos of the babies

It's time to add photos of the babies and why not of you! Select up to 4 photos and personalize them with texts and stickers. A unique 100% creation! 

personalized text with stickers

Announce the birth with a personalized text

To accompany the photos of your little ones, nothing like a nice text written by yourself. Your message becomes even more unique with the color and font of your choice, and why not, some emojis!

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Select your recipients and voila

All you have to do is select your recipients and click to send your pretty invitations! Do you want to add a handwritten word before sending? Opt for the pack of cards and receive all your announcements directly at home.


Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

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Once your twin birth announcements have been created, all you have to do is click to send them to all your loved ones. Fizzer takes care of the rest within 24 working hours: putting in an envelope, postage and shipping. Get ready for a series of cheerful phone calls from loved ones and happy visits!

A folded or double-sided square announcement

Fizzer allows you to choose between two invitation formats. Choose a classic square announcement folded in the center or create a postcard-style twin birth announcement! A front with photos, a back with stamp, address and handwritten signature. 

An original announcement in your image

Creating a personalized announcement means being able to shape it as we see fit. You select your favorite illustration and compose with your own photos. Add photos of the babies and, why not, of the whole family. Then customize your text by choosing a font and color that reflects your theme. All our announcements are delivered directly to the recipient in an envelope.



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