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3, 2, 1... happy birthday!

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Making your child happy during his 12th birthday, is essential! A cute birthday card, a few original words and some pretty photos to make it an awesome creation. Nothing better to celebrate with your family this unique moment in your teenager's life. But sometimes, life is busy and we struggle to find inspiration or the right words to make our loved ones happy. Fizzer is here to help you with our 10 text ideas for a 12th birthday. Are you ready to offer the happiest of birthdays to your beloved child? 

12th birthday

Funny 12th birthday text

My little penguin, today you're becoming so big! 

Happy birthday (name)! My little penguin, today you're becoming so big. That means you become my big penguin! I hope this nickname is fine with you... Might have to find another one! I hope you will have a lovely day filled with everything you love. Big kisses xxx 

12 years old, 12 candles, 12 reasons to wash the dishes! 

Today is you birthday my dear! 12 years old, 12 candles, 12 reasons to wash the dishes! Your parents are going to be amazed. I'm joking of course, or maybe not! Either way, enjoy your day. Lots of love xx 

Happy birthday Jose! 

Happy birthday Jose, oops, that isn't your name, my mistake! I'm kidding, my dear. Of course I know your name. I'm wishing you a very happy birthday, you are such a great kid! Lots of kisses xx

Touching 12th birthday text 

So lucky to have you in my life

Happy Birthday to my one and only. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. You are an extraordinary kid and you're growing up so fast! I love you so much. 

You are the child every parent dreams of

Happy birthday little panda. You are the child every parent dreams of and I couldn't be prouder of you. I hope you will have an amazing day and that you will have lots of fun during your birthday party. Lots of kisses and love x

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Original 12th birthday text 

I could sing "happy birthday" 12 times but instead... 

I could sing "happy birthday" 12 times but instead, I've decided to create a birthday card gathering all of your best childhood memories. I hope that you remember them! These photos have so much value, just like you. Happy birthday my dear. 

Twelve, rhymes with chilling with elves! 

Twelve, rhymes with chilling with elves! So for your birthday, be happy, enjoy and spend the day having fun. No homeworks, no chores. Only fun things! Happy birthday for your 12th year in our lives. <3 

12th birthday text from grandpa and grandma

Your grandparents are sending you this pretty card for this special day

Happy birthday my heart! You're growing up so fast, it's incredible. Your parents are really lucky, you're a real angel. Big kisses from grandma and grandpa xx 

12 years old, and we are 82... 

You're doing the calculations! How many years are separating us? Grandpa absolutely wanted to write a little guess, so cheeky! We hope you will have a fabulous day and that you will have loads of fun. Big kisses and happy birthday!

Happy 12th birthday! 

Grandma and I are wishing you a happy birthday, from afar! We wish we were here with you to celebrate this special moment. We hope you will be a little spoiled with gifts and that you will enjoy our little birthday card. Its gathering all of your cutest photos! Big kisses, we love you. 

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How to make my 12th birthday text original? 

Think first of what would your child like (or the child you're sending a card to). Passions, hobbies or other interests... Take the information you have and use it to write a really original birthday text! You can create birthday cards really adapted to your child's taste. And if you can't find inspiration, you can of course use one of our texts and adapt it to your card, or simply copy/paste them onto your creation. Our texts are adapted to all! Have a look at our text ideas for a child's birthday.

How to create a card with a 12th birthday text with Fizzer? 

First, choose a card design that will suit your child. You can choose from more than 2000 designs, all created by our illustrators. Then, add your own photos! It can be your favourite family moments, holiday photos, funny photos... You're free to create an original mozaic with your photos. Once those two steps done, write down some text and enter your recipient's address. You're all set! Your creation is ready to be sent. 

12th birthday text: 3 tips for a successful birthday card 

  • Create a guessing game: fun and original at the same time!
  • Write a poem, simple and touching (or funny!) 
  • Add photos that he/she really likes from your most beautiful shared moments with them
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