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New: The Family Gazette

Offer the most beautiful gift to your grandparents

A gazette created as a family in the Fizzer application and delivered to their mailbox every month!


Your concentrate of good news 🌈

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Today, you are the one!

Imagine a newspaper filled with only good news. In this magazine, there are no alarmist headlines or boring articles, only sunshine and good vibes. Better yet: here, you are the editor-in-chief of this ultra-vitamin content. Its goal ? Give your news to your loved ones via an original, warm and unique medium. From today, surprise those around you with the Revue Fizzer. A personalized newspaper that they won't find in any newsstand in France! 

A review for your:

birth diary one year old baby

Births đŸ‘¶đŸ»

daily family moments in the countryside

Daily đŸŒ»

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Birthdays 🎂

holiday moments road trip in brittany

Vacation đŸ›«

Create my magazine to personalize

The Fizzer Review


A4 size (21x29.7) 📐
16 pages of pure happiness 📰
150g paper 📃
Sent in an envelope 💌
Delivered worldwide 📬

hands holding diary with family photos
photo journal brittany wins you over

Want to tell your best moments?

How to create a Revue with Fizzer?

How to customize Gazette Fizzer

Go to Fizzer

Select the “Review” product and start your beautiful creation. You have 16 pages, including a front and a back cover, to express your creativity. Your journal is printed on both sides, on quality 150 g paper. 

Adding photos to Gazette Fizzer

Add your best photos

It's time to play the reporters! Add up to 6 photos per page and arrange them according to one of the 24 proposed layouts. Decide which of your events will make the headlines, create sections and inserts.

Write text on Gazette Fizzer

Take your journalist's pen

Now put words to your pictures. Add captions to your photos, anecdotes and other small texts to make your Review a real pleasure to leaf through. Provide background information about the photos, such as location or date. 

Sending your Gazette Fizzer

Send your creation

Your creation is ready? Validate and send your first number to those around you. To your parents, your grandparents, your friends or yourself
 Many contacts to add? Opt for thecontact import ! 


So, shall we start?


Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

Since 2014

2 millions
Fizzer Fanatics

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3 million

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produits fizzer personnalisés

Do you have beautiful photos that you would like to share with your loved ones other than by email? The magazine is for you. Discover the pleasure of a magazine to fully customize yourself.

How do I add photos to my review?

Creating your personalized journal is very simple! Go to the Fizzer site, from your computer. Select the product “The review”. Import all the photos you want to include from your computer or from Google Drive. Add up to 6 photos per page and arrange them according to one of the 24 proposed layouts. Complete your story with captions and small texts.

Why create a personalized magazine?

To give your news to your loved ones differently. Offer them a concentrate of good news on 16 pages with your own photos. Tell them in pictures your everyday moments, holidays, birthdays, births, weddings or baptisms, on a unique medium. Publish a single issue or opt for a periodic review: weekly or monthly. Do you want to be original? Create a personalized thematic journal: literary journal, sorcerer's journal, etc.

Are my photos protected when I send them ?

When you validate your creation, it is printed on A4 sheets, stamped and sent in an envelope. Thus, your words and photos are protected from view and bad weather during their journey.


Made in France


Imprim'vert certified paper


Customizable at will


Quick delivery