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Laughter really is the spice of life. In fact, they say that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away! And if there is one day that should be spent smiling, it’s one’s birthday indeed. Your loved ones are about to celebrate one more year? Send them a cheeky, witty and funny birthday text, the surest way to have a cracking day! 

A few lines replete with humour… 

« Still got all of them teeth »

30 years and still got all of them teeth! Well, except for the wisdom tooth… which does explain why you’re such a lovely nut! Thanks for being so fun and light-hearted. Happy birthday hun!

« A hell of a vintage »

60 - That’s a hell of a vintage! You’re basically like a good wine, the older the better. So happy birthday to my darling daddy, the best that ever was. My gift to you is a nice bottle to go with the metaphor!  

« What’s your little secret? »

Happy birthday to my lovely mum who looks so young she gets mistaken for my sister! What’s your little secret? I hope I look like you when I’m your age. Lots of love to my superstar mama.

« As wise as his beard is long »

Happy birthday to my beloved gramps, who’s as wise as his beard is long. You were great from day one but you’re even better with every year. Keep it up and don’t change a thing. Love you lots, your granddaughter

« A hell of a lot of shots »

Happy birthday mate! They say age is proportional to how much you have to drink and eat on your birthday. Honest! So don’t fail us tonight, you’ve got a hell of a lot of shots to drink and cake to eat. Good luck!

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« Without even putting on your glasses »

Happy birthday love! The fact that you can read this card without even putting on your glasses proves how young you are. Lucky you! Gotta go, I for one have an appointment at the ophthalmologist’s. Your loving sister 

« Spamming your letterbox »

It’s me, just like every year, spamming your letterbox with my birthday cards. My goal? To cover you with love! I hope it worked. Happy birthday to the best friend ever! 

« Happy birthday old sport »

Happy birthday old sport! Alright, I know you’re only six months older than me but you’ll always be my “grandpa”. Have a hell of a day and see you in September! 

« 20 years, wowser! »

Happy birthday to my dear daughter. 20 years, wowser! That’s a lot of nappies changed, baths given, meals cooked, homework proofread, advice given and clothes lent…! Kidding, these 20 years have been the best of my life. Love you honey!   

« The most rock’n’roll of dads »

Happy birthday to the most rock’n’roll of dads! Such a party animal that you’d almost make me feel bad about not going out enough. Haha, just kidding. I’m proud to have a dad as active as you are. Don’t change one bit!

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