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Carte d'anniversaire de mariage

Envoyez de la joie aux amoureux pour leur anniversaire de mariage avec une jolie carte :

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En manque d'inspiration pour rédiger votre texte d'anniversaire de mariage ?

Cette journée est spéciale. Elle inaugure les 1 an, 10 ans ou 50 ans d'un couple marié. Que vous soyez l'un des époux or one proche des mariés, vous cherchez des idées pour souhaiter cet anniversaire de mariage. Vous avez envie d'une carte qui fasse rire, ou au contraire, qui soit émouvante. Parce que faire plaisir aux autres est précieux, nous avons rédigé 10 textes d'anniversaire de mariage sensationnels ! Le cœur des amoureux va frémir de joie, prêt(e) ?

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10 idées de textes pour célébrer ces belles années

Whether you said yes last year or 60 years ago, your union deserves to be celebrated again ! After all, why should a wedding be celebrated only once in a lifetime? Cotton weddings , pewter weddings , golden weddings or diamond weddings all deserve their party favors, glasses of champagne and moving attentions .

Your wedding anniversary is approaching? Surprise your husband or wife with a personalized wedding anniversary card and it couldn't be more romantic. Are your parents, grandparents or best friends getting ready to celebrate another year as married? Wish them with a Wedding Anniversary Text accompanied by their most beautiful images.


Textes d'anniversaire de mariage pour les Ă©poux

"Happy Cotton Wedding"

My love, it's already been a year since we said yes! What happiness to wake up by your side every day and what pride to be Mrs. Lecourt. Happy cotton wedding to us, I can't wait for all the others! 

“I send you my smiles”

I send you my pictures

I send you my decor

I send you my smiles for days

where I feel stronger

I send you my travels

my airport days

I send you my best victories...

Who better than Michel Berger, our favorite singer, to wish you a wonderful wedding anniversary? I love you my dear ! 

"30 years already that we have linked our destinies"

Happy pearl wedding sweetheart! 30 years already that we have linked our destinies forever. For this very special birthday, here is a pearl necklace as you have always dreamed of. I can't wait to see you with. your husband who loves you 

“Find solutions together”

“To marry is to find together solutions to problems that we would never have had alone. Like choosing a movie on Netflix or our next vacation destination! But there's no one other than you that I'd want to have these problems with. Happy 5 years of marriage my angel! 

“I wish to renew my vows”

My love, for our 10 years together I wish to renew my vows pronounced on our wedding day. Do everything to make you happy, be there for you at all times and always keep smiling. Happy Tin Wedding, I love you. 

Je célèbre ces belles années d'amour

Messages d'anniversaire de la part des proches

“Congratulations to my dear parents”

40 years of marriage, wow! Congratulations to my darling parents on your emerald wedding anniversary. Thank you for your joie de vivre and the model of a couple so united that you have given me. I like you a lot !

"A marriage is like an accident..."

“A marriage is like an accident: you need witnesses! said Sacha Guitry. I am happy to have been your witness 15 years ago and to be able to continue to testify to your unwavering love today. Happy crystal wedding my friends. 

"When you were telling me about Prince Charming"

My dear sister, I wish you a wonderful wedding anniversary! I remember when you were little and you told me about Prince Charming. Well look, you found even better today! Long life to you. 

“A couple as solid as yours”

Dear grandparents, here all your grandchildren gathered to wish you a wonderful diamond wedding anniversary. What pride to know a couple as solid as yours, united for 60 years. We wish you many more years like this! 

“A wonderful new honeymoon”

Happy eighth wedding anniversary to our favorite neighbors! We wish you a great new honeymoon in Fiji. To stick to the theme of your wedding, here is a bouquet of poppies picked by us. See you soon, the Renauds. 

texte anniversaire de mariage

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Je crée ma carte d'anniversaire de mariage


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Qu'offrir pour un anniversaire de mariage ? 

A wedding anniversary, whether yours or that of your loved ones, is an ideal occasion to offer a nice touch. Traditionally, each anniversary corresponds to a material such as cotton for 1 years, leather for 2 years, pewter for 10 years, crystal for 15 years, pearl for 30 years and so on. It is therefore customary to offer a gift that recalls these materials. Of course, it's not always easy, if we think of weddings of lead or even mercury... The Chicago Public Library has drawn up a list of "modern" gifts to offer on each birthday, such as a clock for the 1 years, porcelain for 2 year olds or even silverware for 5 year olds. But do not forget to rely above all on your knowledge of the person and on what will please them! 

How to celebrate a wedding anniversary? 

There is no official way to celebrate a wedding anniversary! The important thing is to do according to the tastes of your husband or wife, or the couple for whom you are organizing a celebration. So you can have a big family celebration, a romantic dinner, a new honeymoon or nothing special. What matters is that you have fun and that you are proud of your years spent together!

How to wish a happy wedding anniversary to your spouse?

If this is your couple, wedding anniversaries are important to many people. It means in the eyes of the other that he matters to you and that you are good at his side. A little attention is certainly nice, but giving a wedding anniversary card is also a nice way to say how much you love her.

How to wish a happy wedding anniversary to a couple?

In the event that you would like to wish the wedding anniversary to a couple you know, it is always pleasant for the bride and groom to receive news from their loved ones. A birthday greeting card can be a great option! Especially if you import photos of their wedding that you had not yet revealed to them...

What message to write for a wedding anniversary?

You are spoiled for choice. From classic text to riddles or humorous texts... adjust according to the personality of the couple to whom you wish a happy wedding anniversary. You can be inspired by the texts that we offer you! And above all… find beautiful photos taken on the sly or still unknown to the couple. Associate it with the message you have chosen and you're done! Your wedding couple will receive a beautiful card entitled “Happy Wedding Anniversary” in their mailbox and will be delighted to see that you have thought of them.


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