30th birthday message

A year with projects aplenty

A most sunny decade 🌞

Your 30th is among life’s important milestones. When you’re 30, you’ve usually finished your studies and have joined the professional world for a while. Buying your own place, getting married or having a first child… Little by little, everyone settles down at their own pace and undertakes exciting projects. So celebrate your loved ones’ entering this most sunny decade with a personalised card and a 30th birthday text. A warm and luminous thought!

Funny text

birthday postcard with beers

Want to write a card that stands out? Use your sense of humour! Jokes, witty thoughts and funny memories will make your card a thoroughly unique and enjoyable read 🙈

« To grow up without getting old »

Frank Lloyd Wright said “The trick is to grow up without getting old”. And I reckon you’ve mastered this trick perfectly! So congrats and happy 30th my Benny. Liv 

« ‘Happy beersday’ as they say »

“Happy beersday” as they say! Cause yes, let’s be honest, we all know that all this is gonna end up with a big round of pints. Can’t wait to see you celebrate your 30th in style! Lots of love, Fliss 

« 5 years past your quarter of century »

Happy 30th Simon! You’re 5 years past your quarter of century already so I’m not sure what to say now hah. But you know you’re not old - all the good stuff has only just started. Enjoy! Love, your uncle.

Moving text

birthday card hanging with paperclips on a garland

Make the most of your loved ones’ 30th to remind them of all the great things they’ve accomplished recently. New place, new job, wedding or even first child. Basically, they’ve got reasons to be proud of being 30 💖

« You make me a very proud mum »

Happy birthday love. Congratulations on your promotion at work, you’ve deserved it big time. You make me a very proud mum and I can’t wait to see the rest of your accomplishments. Lots of love, Mummy

« You’ve done all those things »

Happy birthday Ethan! When we were younger, you used to say that by the time you’d be 30, you’d be married with one kid, a dog and a house by the beach. You’ve done all those things - well done. Keep it up! Alex 

« A most successful woman »

Happy birthday to our little baby who has become a most successful woman! New place, new job: so many lovely projects and achievements. Other than that, you know that you can count on us whatever happens. Mum and dad 

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Simple text

card with hat patterns and two women

Sometimes, less is more. So no need to rack your brains for an elaborate message that doesn’t feel like you. Feel free to write something simple on your loved ones’ 30th. 📝

« An important milestone »

Happy birthday to my dear nephew! 30 is an important milestone and so I wish you many beautiful things for the occasion. And for starters, a fabulous day full of joy and laughter. Lots of love, Auntie 

« Such amazing travels »

Dear Elliott, I wish you an excellent birthday on your 30th. Keep going on such amazing travels and making us dream with your pictures. Lots of love and see you very soon, Sandie 

« An unforgettable memory »

Happy bithday Lulu! I hope your 30th will provide with an unforgettable memory. Here’s a small gift to help in that respect. Have a wonderful day with your family and see you very soon. Fondly, your godfather 

Joint text

birthday card with four photos on confetti

When you’re 30, you’ve made your own nest and built different circles around you: friends, colleagues or hobby partners. The people we see on a regular basis contribute to making our life enjoyable and there is nothing nicer than getting a message from them on our birthday. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

« Our favourite Community Manager »

Happy birthday to our favourite Community Manager! Thanks for being so lively and making the office such a joyful place every day. We hope you’ll like the joint gift. Lots of love from your colleagues 

« The pottery team »

Dear Georgia, we all wish you an amazing birthday on your 30th. May this year be wonderful and filled with great events. Lots of love, the pottery team

« For Dave hip, hip, hooray »

For Dave hip, hip, hooray! Congrats on turning 30. We’re so thrilled that we can all be there tonight to celebrate with you. Here’s a gift from everybody to decorate your new place. Enjoy! The crew 

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Why send a card with a 30th birthday text?

Because 30 is an important and symbolic milestone in life. At that age, you’ve become independent but you also need your close ones more than ever. So don’t hesitate to wish happy birthday to those around you with a loving card. 


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