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How to send your photos by card with Fizzer?

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Immortalize nice moments, choose a template and personalise your postcard with your own photos. You can do it for many occasions: travels, birthdays, weddings etc.


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A lovely day in sight 🎂

Your grandmother, father, aunt or your husband, for instance, is about to celebrate their 80th birthday? Good for them! With age, your sense of childlike wonder seems far away and you start caring less about your own birthday. Still, that’s not a reason not to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you, especially on the day they were born. 80 is a beautiful round age which deserves as much enthusiasm as 10. So make your loved ones happy with an 80th birthday text. A lovely day in sight!

Funny text

faire-part anniversaire chapeaux et enveloppe Fizzer

Even if you do get wiser with age, you also often get funnier too. Age doesn’t have to be synonymous with (too much) seriousness, quite the opposite. So don’t hesitate to make your loved ones laugh with a funny text! 🙈

« Happy birthday old sport! »

Happy birthday old sport! You know I take the liberty of making this joke because you’re only a few months older than me. Congratulations for this beautiful age. Let’s meet up soon to celebrate. Lots of love, Joan

« You didn’t actually think you were going to get away with it? »

Happy birthday Jonty! Yes we know you said “no birthday this year” but you didn’t actually think you were going to get away with it this easy, did you? We’re counting on you to celebrate it with style. Love, the Mitchell family

« 80 years old and still fit as a fiddle »

80 years old and still fit as a fiddle! You truly are the prettiest 80-something I know. Have a wonderful day and see you very soon at the family reunion. Lots of love, your dear daughter

Moving text

texte anniversaire 60 ans

Because there is no age to spoil your close ones and send them lovely messages! Don’t hesitate to remind them all the nice things you have to say about them and, particularly, on their 80th birthday ! 💖

« We came all this way together »

My dear Kathy, I wish you a splendid birthday. You have been my best friend since we were 15 years old. How crazy to think that we came all this way together. I’m proud of you and of us. All my love, Madeleine

« Something I never said before »

Happy birthday Auntie! On your 80th birthday, I wanted to tell you something I never said before. You are like a mother to me and I will never thank you enough for all your love and support. Fondly, Luke  

« A wonderful husband for 60 years »

Happy 80th my darling! And at the same time, happy diamond wedding anniversary to us both. You have been a wonderful husband for 60 years. And I, am the luckiest woman in the world to have you! I love you, Rosie


Create an 80th birthday text

Simple text

carte avec texte anniversaire pour petite fille

If you’re sending a card to someone you’re not particularly close with or, simply, if you wish to keep it light, a simple text will also do very well for a birthday card. 📝

« A beautiful day for your 80 summers »

A very happy birthday to you Mrs Wincott! We hope you’ll have a beautiful day for your 80 summers, which go superbly with the current season. Warmest regards, the Roth family 

« You’ll always be my little brother »

Happy birthday darling brother! Even though you’re 80 today, you’ll always be my little brother. Welcome to the 80-something club, you’ll see it’s quite swell. Lots of love, Diane

« You spread cheer all around you »

Dear mum, today is your day! So happy birthday to the best mother in the world. Keep on being so radiant and sprightly, you spread cheer all around you. Lots of love, Mike

From the grandkids

carte anniversaire avec fils sur epaules papa

Grandparents dote on their grandkids, everyone knows that! They’re always keen to watch over them, take them on a trip or cook delicious meals for them. On their birthday, a card from their grandkids will fill them with joy! 👩‍👧‍👦

« I love you more than sweets »

Hi Nana, happy birthday! I wanted to tell you that I love you more than sweets, my cuddly toys and the slide. I hope we come to see you soon. Lots and lots of love, Tim

« The day the best grandad ever was born »

Dear grandad, today is a special day. It’s the day the best grandad ever was born. So happy birthday gramps! Thanks for being so cool. Lots of love, Libby

« Can’t wait for the next holiday at yours »

Hi granny, we’re writing from the garden where the sun is shining to wish you a wonderful birthday. We can’t wait to come spend the next holiday at yours and gramps’. Love you, Penny and Ted 

Carte joyeux anniversaire pour petit frere

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Product information

  • Postcard size: 10×15 cm & Event card: 14x14 cm
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The Fizzer app, created in 2014, helps you create personalised cards such as announcements or birthday cards. No more need to go to the post office, we print your card, put it in an envelope and frank it, so you don’t have to! 

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Why send a card with an 80th birthday text?

Because contrary to received wisdom, symbolic gestures still matter when you’re 80. Your loved ones will be delighted to see that you’ve taken the trouble to write them a lovely card for their birthday. A lot of warmth and sunshine straight in their letterbox to start the day on a high note! 


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