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No, you're not dreaming, you're in Annecy! This town located in the Alps, between Geneva and the Mont Blanc, is full of amazing landscapes and cute paved streets. It's the perfect place to spend some holidays close to nature. Discover Annecy and get ready to get your mind blown! Here are our best recommendations to enjoy this unique location to the fullest. Share your favourite memories through a personalised postcard from Annecy.

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Must-see in Annecy

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The Annecy Lake

This lake is formed by the many mountain sources is known for the purity of its waters. As you can see, the lake has crystal clear waters, a little cold, for sure! Boat cruises, wakeboarding or water skiing, you have the possibility to fill your water sports craving on the lake. It's also the most incredible scenery around so make sure you include a photo of the lake on your Annecy postcard.

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The Palais de l'Isle 

This house from the XIIth century is located on a tiny island on the Thiou river. Medieval castle and prison, the Palais de l'Isle is now an exhibition place sharing the architecture and the heritage of Annecy. A small piece of History you need not to miss during your stay! 

love bridges annecy

The Old Town

Along the river is the Old Town, and you absolutely need to see it! Small restaurants, small town houses and paved streets overlooking the canals... The Annecy old town offers a great atmosphere. Also named "the Little Venice" because of its canals, this place is the perfect location to take some photos and add them to your Annecy postcard.

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What to do in Annecy? 3 activity ideas

Bike around the lake

If you're looking for an accessible activity for the whole family, we've got what you need! Bike around the lake and enjoy an incredible view on the mountains. What's more fun than a family ride to spend great times together during your holidays?  

Visit the Annecy castle 

The Annecy Castle, also called Castle-Museum of Annecy, is a historical place from the XIIth century. Renovated a couple of times, it is now a museum showing the region's History and its heritage. This Castle's visit will leave you speechless!

Walk on the Pont des Amours

Located on the side of the Annecy Lake and crossing the Thiou river, the Pont des Amours is an iconic place in Annecy. Its real name being the Passerelle du Jardin Public, locals always called in the Pont des Amours, meaning "The Love Bridge". Legend says that if a couple is kissing on the bridge, they would stay together forever.

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Annecy is such a beautiful place, it would be a shame not to share this with your family and your friends. It's perfect to share your favourite places, to talk about the people you meet, you fun adventures... Plus, a postcard is a great way to remind your loved ones that you are thinking about them and that you love them. Make it a surprise and wait for their reaction! We guarantee a smile with each delivery. After all, it's all that matters, right? :)

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