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Who has never dreamed of traveling the red dirt roads of Australia? The famous “land down under” is a huge playground! From Sydney to Perth via Brisbane, Australia will amaze you. Dry desert or rather tropical beach? Rather kangaroo or koala? Your holidays in the southern lands will be unforgettable! Don't forget to keep memories of your stay for your Post card from Australia: a little selfie with a koala, a photo of the Uluru desert at sunset or even the white sand beaches at Bondi beach. Your loved ones will be so happy to receive your little creation! 

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Which part of Australia are you going to?

You can create a postcard of Australia for each region, with among others: Queensland, Tasmania, the Northern Territory or Western Australia. Each place has its specialty and the landscapes you will discover there will adorn your postcards and make them sublime. Click on the region of your choice to discover the collection. 🖼

3 tips for a successful Australia postcard

💌 Ask your loved ones for news at the same time 

🏊🏻‍♀️ Insert photos of local animal life: koalas, kangaroos, cockatoos, dolphins... 

😊 Add famous Australian expressions such as “Gday”, “Mate” or “She'll be alright”

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Select from over 2000 card templates the one that will catch your eye and make your postcard from Australia truly unique. 

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Then insert your most beautiful photos of your trip to Australia. Landscapes, festivals, selfies or even your 4x4 camping adventures.

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Tell your most unforgettable moments through an original text. Then personalize it by changing its font, color and adding stickers and emojis. 

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Enter the address of your recipients and send your card! We take care of putting your creation in an envelope so that it arrives in perfect condition in the mailbox of your loved ones. 

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Postcard Australia: the essentials of a successful card 

To make a successful postcard from Australia, it is important to convey the atmosphere and the atmosphere that this country exudes. Experience Australia to the fullest and take a surfing lesson, for example, and immortalize it with a photo. You can then add this souvenir photo to the card and share the world of surfing in Australia. Go into the outback and discover the Aboriginal people and their culture. A successful card is a card that honors the people and culture of a country! 

Why send a postcard from Australia? 

Australia is a unique experience that few people have the chance to experience. So to make your loved ones enjoy it as much as possible, it's important to send a postcard that will show them the most beautiful places in Australia. You can choose to make your postcard magnetized, so your friends and family can display it on their fridge. And luckily for them, the Aussie accent won't show on your design! Because you know how difficult it is to decode this charming accent during your first days in “Straya mate”. 


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