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After 9 months of waiting (or almost), your little prince(ess) is finally about to discover the world. Celebrate his birth as it should be, by creating a nice diary personalized birth. Page after page you can tell his story. From the last months of your pregnancy to the first days of baby, remember to immortalize everything with beautiful shots! Many highlights await you, such as your little angel's stay at the maternity ward, or his discovery of your home... Your baby is about to experience all of his "first times". You will live fabulous and so symbolic moments: capture their essence in beautiful photographs, which you can then immortalize in a beautiful photo album. 

A birth diary for:

pregnancy memory

Your pregnancy memories

first days baby

Baby's first days

homecoming baby

His return home

baby first encounters

His first encounters

Ready to create a beautiful birth diary?

A personalized birth diary is:

The Fizzer Gazette

A 20x20 cm format 📐

A hard or soft cover 💌

26 to 54 customizable pages ✏️

A journal centered around your little baby ✨

Printed in France with love ❤️

personalized original album
birth photo diary
adventure story with Fizzer

Highlight the most beautiful baby photos

The day your baby is born will mark a before and after in your life. For all young dads and young mothers, this is an event rich in emotions. Mark this wonderful day by taking care to immortalize it with beautiful photographs. It can be the birth of your little one and his meeting with his brothers and sisters, grandparents, and close entourage. Also think about all the first times that you will enjoy reliving over and over again, such as his first feeding or his first bottle, his first smile, his first walk in his romper, or his arrival in his cozy cocoon. If, of course, these precious moments will be engraved in your memory forever, it costs nothing to capture these scenes of life with a few stolen photos. 

Tell about his first days to all your loved ones

Think of your close relatives or faithful friends, who are far away but can't stop thinking about your little darling. By creating a personalized birth diary, you allow them to live this beautiful moment with you, despite the distance! It's an original gift idea, to keep for life! Out of sight, but close to the heart, with Fizzer. 

Ready to create an authentic birth diary?

How to create a beautiful birth diary with Fizzer?

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Create the birth album that suits you

Want to create the cutest birth album? Browse our collection and select the “photo album” category. You will then be able to design the birth diary that suits you: soft or hard cover, matte or varnished photo paper… It's up to you! 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add the most beautiful photos of your little angel

Then it's time to celebrate your little darling! Add baby's cutest photos: baby takes a bath, baby takes his bottle... Also remember to add the first strong moments experienced with him: his birth, meeting his godmother and/or his godfather...   

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Format your photo album

Arrange your photos as you wish! To do this, just choose your photos and drag them to the desired location. Each page of your birth diary can accommodate up to 8 photos! 

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Smile, it's posted!

Once your beautiful album is ready, all you have to do is enter the postal address of the recipients. It can be you or your loved ones, who will be delighted to experience or relive the birth of your child! 

Our advice for making a beautiful birth diary

  1. Take the time to take beautiful photographs. Capture the highlights of your baby, which you will love to relive over and over again!
  2. Add captions to your photos to provide some context. A birth diary is an opportunity for you to tell the story of your baby, from his birth to his discovery of others. 
  3. Personalize your photo album, thanks to the many options offered by Fizzer. This way, your album looks just like you. 

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Do you want to make an authentic gift to your loved ones or to immortalize your baby's first moments? Create a birth diary in a few clicks, to keep a unique memory of these wonderful moments. 

Why create a birth diary?

A birth album is a unique gift that can be kept for life. It's a birthday diary that immortalizes all your child's first times: first meeting with you, first bottle, first smile... Of inestimable value, these memories deserve to be celebrated! 

To whom should a birth diary be shared?

You can share this beautiful album with whoever you want! It can be a gift that you will give to your child, to highlight the day of his birth. This personalized gift idea is particularly symbolic and lends itself well to 18th birthdays, for example. You can also share it with your closest friends and relatives, such as choosing to keep a copy for yourself.


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