Baby diary

Welcome little angel!

You’ve been waiting for him or for her for 9 months now (more or less). Now, your little angel is ready to discover the world. This birth has to be celebrated! In order to do so, we advise you to create a beautiful baby diary. Tell the story of your baby, from the last months of your pregnancy to the first days of your little baby. Capture all the important steps of your child, such as his or her encounter with daddy and mommy, or the arrival back home. Your little treasure is about to experience all of his or her “first times”. Make sure to capture them and share all these beautiful memories to your friends and family, in a personalised baby diary. 

Create a baby diary for:

grossesse souvenir

Your pregnancy

premiers jours bébé

The first days of your baby

retour à la maison bébé

His/her discovery of your home

premières rencontres bébé

The first encounters

Ready to create a beautiful baby diary?

A baby diary in a nutshell:

La gazette Fizzer

20x20 cm 📐

Hard or soft cover 💌

From 24 to 78 pages to customize ✏️

Contains all the most beautiful pictures of your baby ✨

Shipping costs included worldwide 📬 ❤️

album original personnalisé
journal photo naissance
récit aventures avec Fizzer

Bring to light the cutest pictures of your baby

The birth of a baby always leaves a mark on you. For all the young mothers and fathers, it’s a big step that changes the everyday life. Celebrate this very special day by capturing it, with beautiful pictures. It may concern the birth of your child, his or her encounter with the family and close circle. Of course, the most important moments will stay forever in your heart. However, feel free to immortalize them in a beautiful photo book. 

Tell the story of your baby

Share his or her marvellous story to all your friends and family, with a personalised baby diary. A photo book is a great way to share these beautiful moments with your family, whether they’re close to you or far away. It’s also an original gift idea that you’ll keep forever. Out of sight, but never out of mind, with Fizzer. 

Ready to create an authentic baby diary?

How to create a beautiful baby diary with Fizzer?

Pick a template for your Fizzer card

Create a truly unique baby diary

Are you willing to create the cutest baby diary ever? Browse through our collection and pick the category “photo book”. Then, you’ll be able to create the baby diary that will truly look like you. Choose between a hard or soft cover, and a glossy or matte paper. It’s really up to you! 

Embellish your card with a picture

Add the sweetest pictures of your little angel

Then, let’s celebrate your tiny tot ! Add the cutest pictures of your baby, and don’t forget to highlight all the precious moments that you shared together.   

Write a meaninigful card

Customize the design

You can arrange the pictures however you want! In order to do so, all you have to do is drag and drop them in the desired area. Each page of your photo album can contain up to 8 pictures! 

Let's send it !

The surprise is on its way!

Once your album is finally ready, don’t forget to add the postal addresses of the recipients. You can send the album to your closest ones, or choose to keep it to yourself, in order to live or relive the birth of your child. 

3 tips to create a timeless baby diary

  1. Create unforgettable memories by capturing all the key moments of your little angel. You’ll love to discover them again and again.
  2. Add some captions under the pictures, so that you can really tell the story of your little baby. 
  3. Make this diary your very own, thanks to the several options offered by Fizzer. 

Surprise your loved ones with a cute baby diary


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Do you want to share an original and authentic gift to your loved ones, or capture the earliest moments of your sweet baby? Create in a few clicks a baby diary, in order to keep a timeless souvenir of these precious moments. 

Why should I create a baby diary?

A baby diary is a wonderful gift, that can be kept forever. It’s also a great way to capture all the first times of your child: your first encounter, his or her first feeding bottle, his first smile… These memories are very valuable, and deserve to be immortalised. 

Who can receive a baby diary?

You can share your baby diary to your closest ones! It can also be a gift that you’ll offer to your child, in order to remind him or her what a cute baby he or she used to be. Your friends and family would also be happy to share with you all these memories.

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