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Remembering their big day

Everyone’s life is punctuated by milestones, such as births, unions or personal achievements. For Christians, a christening belongs to those key moments that leave a mark on existence.

This first sacrament symbolizes the entrance and acceptance of your child into the Christian community.In order toto immortalize this happy day,how about collecting the most beautiful photos in a Baptism Magazine? your most beautiful pictures in Magazine Baptism Your loved ones will love receiving this divine news!

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The characteristics of the Magazine:


A4 format 📐

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Printed with love on 150 gsm paper ❤️

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The best photos of the christening

Whether your cherub is christened when they’re 1, 5 or 10 years old, you’re about to live a unique moment. So it’s entirely natural that you should want to keep a material trace of this sacred event. Sign of the cross, readings and prayers, anointment, baptism, christening gown, candle lighting: there are so many steps to immortalise with your camera. And that’s without mentioning the joyous reception with your loved ones after Church!

To share with the whole family

With Fizzer, gather the best moments of the ceremony in a unique format: the personalized Magazine. A beautiful 16-page object to go back over the highlights of the christening in detail, with the help of texts and photos. Thanks to it, you and your cherub will be able to relive this moving day at any time. Would you like to share a unique souvenir of the christening with your loved ones? Send your personalized diary to the whole family: they will love to relive this sacred day.


Ready to try?

How to create my Baptism Magazine?

How to customize Gazette Fizzer

Open Fizzer

Select the Magazine and begin creating your personalized journal. As the pages turn, tell the story of your child's first sacrament. We print your creation on both sides of the page on quality 150g paper.  

Adding photos to Gazette Fizzer

Illustrate this sacred day

It's time to retrace the steps of the christening in pictures. Add up to 6 pictures per page and arrange them in one of our 24 layouts. Choose your favorite photo to be the front page of the Magazine. For example, your child with his godfather and godmother. 

Write text on Gazette Fizzer

Recount the christening in detail

So that the memories of the christening remain intact, complete your photos with nice texts retracing the highlights of the event. Add captions to your pictures, explain the meaning of the religious rites and revisit the joyous anecdotes of that day 

Sending your Gazette Fizzer

Send your creation

Is your Magazine ready? Validate and send this unique journal to your home and/or to your loved ones. Godparents, grandparents or close friends will be delighted to receive this beautiful souvenir of such a symbolic day. 

Our tips to create your baptismal journal ⛪

  1. Choose quality pictures whenever possible. Opt for photos taken with digital cameras, such as DSLRs, or smartphones with good cameras. 
  2. Vary the layout to make your magazine even more enjoyable to read. As in a real newspaper, create inserts, headings and summaries to structure your content.
  3. Send it to all the guests who attended the ceremony but also to those who couldn’t make it. And why not add a “Thank you” section for the godparents and everyone who helped with the christening? 

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Are you looking forward to starting your Customizable Review but do you have a few questions? Find the answers below to start creating with ease!

Why create aMagazine Baptism?

Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of a Christian. It's a great day for your cherub who is about to join the Christian community but also to have a godfather and a godmother. The Review serves both to immortalize this unique day in a pretty personalized booklet, but also to share it with all your loved ones. 

What will my personalised newspaper look like? 

One thing is certain, no two Fizzer journals are identical since they are created by you from A to Z. But, to give you an idea, here is what your personalized Journal could look like. On the front cover, baby accompanied by his godfather and godmother with the headline “The baptism of [first name]” and a summary below. Then, a page dedicated to each step of the baptism and the reception after the church. Finally, a “Thanks” section to honor your guests. Not sure how to arrange your photos? Make your life easier by opting for automatic layout!

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