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liberty birth announcement

Some moments are so special that they mark our life forever. It can be love at first sight, the discovery of a vocation, or the came into the world of a sumptuous little being. After nine months of waiting, have you just given life to a little angel? Congratulations ! All you have to do is announce the good news to your loved ones, with a pretty liberty birth announcement. 

Both soft and colourful, chic but classic, the liberty motif appeals to many parents today. Appearing in London at the end of the 19th century, this floral English motif is simply timeless, and readily lends itself to announcements! that you wish celebrate the birth a beautiful little boy or a wonderful little girl, our different models of liberty birth announcements will please you. Browse through our collection: nearly twenty different compositions with liberty motifs will be available to you. Immerse yourself in a flowery and elegant world to bring softness and freshness to your birth announcement.

In just a few clicks, you can create an original birth announcement with Fizzer. By following a few simple steps, you can surprise your loved ones with a pretty creation that looks like you. Our teams will then take care of printing, putting in an envelope, franking and shipping your pretty surprises within 24 working hours.

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Our Liberty Birth Announcements

With our collection of liberty birth announcements, we wanted to bring a little color and flowers to the sometimes classic world of announcements. Designed to celebrate the arrival of both little boys and granddaughters, our invitations are suitable for all little ones. 👶 Click on the photo of your choice to discover the collection! 

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How to create a liberty birth announcement with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

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Our liberty birth announcement models celebrate all the little angels, girls and boys alike! It seems that pink, yellow or blue goes particularly well with the complexion of your little treasure? Do not hesitate to choose the color that will best highlight him/her. 

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Your little treasure is only a few weeks old, and he's already as photogenic as a movie star? Never mind: it's time to bring it to light! Take advantage of the announcement to share some photos of your little wonder. Pouty pout, little yawn, or burst of laughter: your baby is irresistible in all his photos... The hardest part will be choosing your favorite photo! 

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It's time to introduce your little baby. His name may be Theo, or Sophie if it's a little girl. It is customary to specify some basic information when giving birth announcements: date and time of birth, sex of the baby, weight, height in centimetres... Above all, listen to your heart: if you want to write on the emotion that invades you or the love that overwhelms you when you meet his little laughing eyes, it's possible too. 

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Your beautiful personalized announcement is ready? Perfect ! All you have to do is specify the postal addresses of your recipients, and you're done! Once your order has been validated, our teams take over on the logistics side. Your pretty floral creations will be entrusted to La Poste within 24 working hours. 

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If announcements are a great way to announce the birth of a baby to loved ones, it is also a good opportunity to immortalize a precious moment. In a few clicks, create a unique liberty birth announcement and announce this happy event, with Fizzer. Add your prettiest baby photos to an announcement with floral scents and spring motifs.

When should you send your birth announcement?

There is no clear-cut answer to this question. If the birth cards are sent on average in the six months following the baby's birth, you are completely free to send your little surprise when you feel like it. Don't forget that you are a mom or a dad in a hurry: your priority remains your baby and his well-being, period. So no pressure! 

What is the Liberty style?

We owe the creation of the Liberty pattern today to Arthur Lasenby Liberty, a British draper who imagined, in 1884, this floral and springtime pattern mixing 12 to 18 colors. Printed on a light fabric, the Liberty motif has the particularity of being visible both on the front and on the back. It rhymes with spring freshness, chic and bohemian. Why use it on a birth announcement? It makes it possible to announce the birth of a little boy, a little girl or twins, harmonizes with all the colors and above all, perfectly transcribes the universe of the birth: lightness of spring and arrival of a new -born, sweetness...

How to create an original birth announcement with Fizzer?

In short, nothing very complicated! To create original invitations, you will need a mobile phone (or a tablet), an internet connection, and that's it! Then download our free app - you can also use your computer, our app is also available as a web version. Create your Fizzer account in seconds, and choose the credit pack that best suits you. There you go: you can then let yourself be carried away by inspiration, browsing through our collection of original and personalized cards. 


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