Birthday wishes for teenagers

Here's to the youth!

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It may be your child, your brother or your best friend: soon, a teenager from your social circle will celebrate his or her birthday! It’s a wonderful opportunity to share your love with a personalised birthday card. Think outside the box and get to the teen a timeless gift with Fizzer, in just a few clicks. If you’re lacking inspiration, we’re also here for you: you will find below our suggestions of lovely birthday wishes for teenagers, suitable for any situation. 

Birthday wishes for your child

"Time goes by so fast"

Our dear Alice, Today is already your 13th birthday! Time goes by so fast…We're very proud of the young woman you are becoming, and couldn’t be happier to celebrate this birthday with you. Mom and Dad who love you very much!

“You’ll be a Man, my son”

My dear James, I can’t believe my little boy is growing up so fast. Today, you’re turning 16, and you’re just about to enter high school. I’m very proud of you, when I think about all the things that you have already achieved, that led to the young man that you are today. As the famous poem says, “You will be a Man, my son”. I can’t wait to celebrate it with you when I come back from my business trip. Daddy

“You are already like a grown-up”

My sweet Chloe, You’re probably asking yourself “Why in the world would mum send me a birthday card when we’re already living together ?!” . I just needed to capture the moment, that’s all! You only get fifteen once. Not a single day goes by without you impressing me with your maturity, your big heart, and your cleverness. I’m so proud of you. Mommy 

Birthday wishes for your grandson or granddaughter

"Grandpa wishes you a happy birthday”

My little Mia, I know you’re a millennial addicted to new technologies, so, for your birthday, I’m sending this lovely and printed birthday card! Grandpa wishes you a happy birthday sweetheart, you’re a wonderful little girl and I hope you’re having a blast today. I hope to see you soon, Love. 

"My little sunshine”

Hi Marcus, my dear grandson. Today you’re already celebrating your 12th birthday! For this occasion, I’m sending you all my love and my sweetest thoughts in a birthday card. You amaze me every time you pay me a visit, with your intelligence, your sense of humour and your kindness. You’re a little sunshine to everyone around you, and I hope this new year will be as bright as you. Love 

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Birthday wishes for a teen friend

“Without you, I would be lost”

Hi my Julia, Today is your birthday, so for this event, I’m sending you this card showing your best pictures! You’re soooo important to me: my best friend, my confidant, my coach… Honestly, without you, I would be lost! So, thank you for standing with me. I wish you a wonderful birthday and am eager to celebrate this week-end. Kisses

"You're the real homie”

Happy birthday my man Yanis! All the best for you this year: Happiness, success at school and with the girls who knows! You’re really a cool buddy, I know that no matter what, I can always count on you. I hope you’re having the nicest day and that you’re enjoying your holidays. See you soon buddy!


Birthday wishes for a family member

"You are growing so fast”

Dear Mary, I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday, surrounded by the people you love. Can’t believe you’re turning 14, you’re growing so fast! You remind me of your mother at the same age: elegant, confident and dynamic. We’re very proud of you. Auntie Elizabeth

"You’ll always be my little brother”

Hi buzz!
Someone is celebrating his 15th birthday? Let me stop you right now: you will always be my LITTLE brother, even when you’ll turn 50! So, don’t enjoy it too much. I still hope you’ll have a lovely birthday, with your friends, and mom and dad LOL! I hope you don’t miss me too much. Your sister who loves you and loves teasing you even more.

"Today is a great day”

Hello sweetheart, this is your beloved godmother. Today is a great day: you’re entering the early teenager phase! I hope you’re having a wonderful day with your friends and family. Big kisses sweetie, we’ll catch up very soon!

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