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That's probably what your loved ones will tell you when they will receive your personalised postcard from Bordeaux. Because yes, Bordeaux is the perfect place to spend your summer holidays with your family. A lot of amazing places to visit and a fabulous atmosphere. Discover this beautiful South-West city. 

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Must-see in Bordeaux

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Pey-Berland Tower 

Carrying the name of the archbishop Pey Berland, this tower is the separated bell tower of Saint-André's Cathedral. Registered at the UNESCO's World Heritage, this Bordeaux symbol is a must-see. High from its 66m, it observes the life happening in the city. 

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Water mirror 

Established as the biggest water mirror in the world, this place is the perfect spot to get creative and take some astonishing photos. More than 3450 meters square to play with, this place will make adults and children happy, especially during those hot summer days. Don't forget to share the beauty of this unique Bordeaux square and create a wonderful postcard with your most beautiful pictures.

grand theatre opera bordeaux

The Grand Theater

With its impressive columns, the Grand Theater is hard to miss. This Opera is the perfect representation of an italien theater. Built by the architect named Victor Louis and ordered by the Richelieu Marshall, this historical building is something you absolutely need to visit during your holidays in Bordeaux. 

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What to do in Bordeaux? 3 activity ideas

Explore the Wine Routes

Bordeaux has 6 different wine routes. Discover the magical vineyards through hiking trails, bike paths or even visible from the road so you can enjoy it still with a car. A fun activity to organise with your whole family that will for sure provide you an unforgettable summer!

Visit Bordeaux by bicycle

What's better than exploring a new place by bicycle? Enjoy the quays and bike paths to explore places you wouldn't be able to see by car. Bonus point, you can easily stop to admire the view and take a few photos for your next postcard! 

Wander in the Saint-Pierre neighbourhood

Historical center of Bordeaux, the Saint-Pierre neighbourhood hides a few gems. Including: the Cailhau door, the Parliament square or the Bourse square. You will love exploring this mind-blowing heritage. Walk around in these uniques places to immerge yourself fully in the Bordeaux culture. 

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