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The acronym PACS is less dreamy than the word marriage, we grant you that. Yet the PACS, as its first two letters mean, is a pact. And who says pact says solid commitment between two people who love each other and want to unite. So here is a beautiful event that deserves to be celebrated just as much as a wedding! Some town halls even offer PACS ceremonies in the wedding hall. You can therefore unite in front of your loved ones and then invite them to a reception in a place of your choice. And to tell them this great news, there's nothing like a PACS announcement! 

3 tips for making your announcements a success 🎨

đź‘« Prepare and send them at least 3 months before the big day

đź“Ť Mention important information: meeting place, date, time

📆 Ask for a response before a deadline

Our PACS announcements

Our original models are hand-drawn by our own illustrators. You won't find them anywhere else! Our wedding announcement and wedding thank you categories are perfectly suited for the announcement of a PACS. Find the model that suits you from our selection: entwined hands, refined designs, floral patterns... you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Ideas for original messages

Take advantage of this original celebration to stand out with an announcement full of character. Humorous, riddle, literary style... let your creativity run wild and surprise your guests! 

Marriage, there is PACSa that counts!

Marriage, there is PACSa that counts! We have therefore decided to hold a big ceremony for our PACS to which you are warmly invited. On the program: tears, joy, laughter, kisses and food of course. Mael and Julie  

Formalize our love with a pact 

Our love has lasted for 10 years already but we decided to formalize it with a pact. You are therefore invited to the celebration of our Civil Solidarity Pact on June 21, 2020 at the town hall of the 10th arrondissement. We can not wait to see you ! Sasha and Tim 

Who is going to say yes to the town hall? 

Who is going to say yes to the town hall on a beautiful Saturday? It's us! Your presence on that day means a lot to us and we hope to see you again on July 25, 2020 to celebrate with us. Tenderly, Ludovic and Suzanne

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How do I create my invitation with Fizzer?

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Select a model you like

Choose a card for your PACS from our wedding invitation and wedding thank you categories . Glasses of champagne, feathers, flowers, hands, hearts or even minimalist motifs. There is something for everyone!

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Add the most beautiful photos of you two

It's time to add photos of your couple! Select up to 6 photos of your pretty faces and personalize them with texts and stickers. A unique 100% creation! 

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Announce your PACS with personalized text

To accompany the photos of your couple, nothing like an original text written by yourself. Your message becomes even more unique with the color and font of your choice and, why not, some emojis!

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All you have to do is select your recipients and click to send your announcements! Do you want to add a handwritten word before sending? Opt for the pack of cards and receive all your announcements directly at home.


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Once your PACS announcements have been created, all you have to do is click to send them to all your loved ones. Fizzer takes care of the rest within 24 working hours: putting in envelopes, postage and shipping. Get ready for a series of emotional phone calls and a round of congratulations!

A folded or double-sided square announcement

Fizzer allows you to choose between two invitation formats. Choose a classic square invitation folded in the center or create a postcard-sized PACS announcement. A front with photos and a back with stamp, address and handwritten signature. 

An original announcement in your image

Creating a personalized announcement means being able to shape it as we see fit. You select your favorite illustration and compose with your own photos. Add photos of your couple and, why not, your pet or your future home. Then customize your text by choosing a font and color that reflects your style. All our announcements are delivered directly to the recipient in an envelope.


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