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In memory of this sacred day 🙏🏻

Here is your cherub in communion! He officially received the Eucharist for the first time. It was a moving moment for you and your loved ones, gathered to celebrate this sacred day. At the church and then at the reception, they moved you with their support, their involvement, their smiles and their gifts. In return, you want to have a little attention to thank them. For that, nothing like a nice personalized card with photos of the event and communion thanks. 

3 tips for writing your thank you notes

👼🏻 Create different cards according to the people: godfather, godmother, grandparents...

📷 Send your communion thanks after receiving the photos

🎁 Thank your loved ones for their presence, smiles but also for their gifts 

Our thank you cards

Communion thank you card with dove

Prior to the event, you may have sent a communion announcement ? Now, why not send your thanks? Find our models illustrated with doves, churches, flowers, religious symbols, minimalist patterns etc. to accompany your best photos and your prettiest words. 

Thanks to Fizzer

map religious symbols mom daughter

I select a communion card in accordance with my announcement 

religious announcement with boy photo and text

I add the best photos of my child's communion with my loved ones

thank you card with stars and envelope

I send my communion thanks to my loved ones in a few clicks

Some message ideas

Tell your guests what moved you, come back to the highlights of the communion, thank them for their gifts. To help you get started, here are some ideas 💡📝

“Your warm presence”

Dear family, many thanks for your warm presence during Élise's communion. She was very moved to have you all and to receive the Eucharist in front of you. Another big thank you to all, the Raimbault family 

“Antoine is really well surrounded”

Dear godfather and godmother, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help during Antoine's communion. In addition, your gifts have touched us a lot. He is really well surrounded with you as godfather and godmother. See you soon, the Evrards 

“I was waiting for this moment with impatience”

Thank you all for coming to my communion. After several years of catechism, I looked forward to this moment. Your presence made it wonderful. I send you big hugs, Marie (and her parents)

Ready to create your personalized thank you?

How to send your communion thanks?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Choose a card that suits you

Choose a communion thank you card from many models designed by our illustrators. Doves, flowers, religious symbols, minimalist patterns etc. for sure, you will find what you like! 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your best photos

Select the most beautiful photos of the event: at the church, at the reception, your child at the dawn of communion, surrounded by his godfather and his godmother.  

personalized text with stickers

Write your personalized message

Write the same message for everyone or customize it for groups. A message for the godfather, the godmother, your restricted family, your friends etc. Customize the font and your stamp.

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Send them to your guests

Are your communion thanks ready? Select your list of recipients, validate and you're done. Got a lot of people to add? Choose to import contacts. 

Carto and Greeta support

Need help ? A question ? The Fizzer team responds to you within 24 hours, even on Sundays!


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Fizzer products

Want to thank your loved ones after your child's communion? Fizzer allows you to create a communion thank you card with your own photos in minutes. To do this, all you need is a phone, tablet or computer. Incidentally, you will need to bring a reflex or digital camera or simply the camera of your smartphone.

How do I add my photos to the thank you card?

Creating a thank you card is very simple! Go to the Fizzer application, choose the card of your choice from more than 2000 models designed by our illustrators and click on the inserts dedicated to your photos. Your computer or phone gallery will then open and this is where you choose the photos you want to appear on your card. Your front can be adorned with one to six photos, enough to delight your loved ones. When your images are added, click on validate to go to the stage of writing your text. Here again, customize your stamp with the photo of your choice. When your card is complete, choose your recipient(s) and you're done.

Why create a communion thank you card?

No more unoriginal thanks! Fizzer allows you to personalize your card with your own photos. By selecting, for example, the best moments of communion, you offer your loved ones a paper souvenir of this unique day. Thus, you thank them and give them a gift in turn! 

Are my photos protected when sending?

When you validate your creation, it is printed, stamped and sent in an envelope. Thus, your words and photos are protected from view during their journey.



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