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Sometimes a little attention can have a big impact! Pleasing your other half is always a good idea. And what better than to create a online photo album bringing together your most beautiful couple photos. Ah, love
 Nothing could be more inspiring to release your artist's soul and create a unique photo album in the image of your lover. Create a photo album retracing your most beautiful memories, your funniest memories, the most adventurous or your wedding day! Let your heart speak and express your emotions and feelings through your couple photo album. Ready to have butterflies in your stomach? 

Ready to send your best memories to your significant other?

A personalized album is:

personalized couple photo album

A 20 x 20 cm format 📐

A hard or soft cover 💌

26 to 54 pages to personalize ✏

A customizable book to wish ✹

Printed in France with love ❀

couples photo album
couple photo album
couples photo album

Your most beautiful photos together 

If there's one thing we love to do when we're in a relationship, married or even engaged, it's looking at souvenir photos! That's why it's important to take lots of photos together when you travel, when you go out with friends or even at your wedding. “Ordinary” life is also worth picturing! Remember to take pictures of your cozy little nest, your sleepovers or even your most hilarious cooking sessions! You won't regret having these photos in your files. Your spouse will be so happy to discover your creation.

To rediscover together

Because when you look at your couple photo album together, you will realize how much this person means to you. You are going to feel so grateful to have shared so many beautiful moments with your significant other. Moving moment guaranteed! Prepare the tissues because you will realize that you are an inseparable couple. At Fizzer, we love love! So show your loved ones that you love them with all your heart with a creation that reflects your feelings.

Ready to post your couple photo album?

How to create a couple photo album with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Choose your album

Select a matte or varnished paper, a soft or hard cover
 choose your photo book according to your preferences!

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add your best photos

Love, it shows in the pictures! So insert your most beautiful photos of lovers into your album to please your other half.

personalized text with stickers

Organize your pages

You can add up to 8 photos per page, and organize them as you wish! Add captions and short paragraphs to accompany your photos.

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Your creation is ready!

Add the address of your dear and tender and send your album. You can send yourself a copy to keep as a souvenir!

Our tips for making a nice couple photo album

  1. Add the most moving photos. Choose the moments that marked your romantic relationship as a priority. 
  2. Add a touch of humor! It's always nice to see funny photos or crazy moments. 
  3. Let your heart speak and put your emotions on paper. Nothing more touching than a declaration of love! 

Ready to make your lover happy?


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Why send a couple photo album to your husband/wife?

Because you don't need a special occasion to please your husband/wife! This person shares your daily life and makes your life a sweeter moment. Share more positivity and love in your life, by creating this small personalized photo album. 

Can I keep a copy of my couple photo album?

Of course ! Simply add your own address in addition to your lover's address. Or if you live together, just enter the number 2 when you're done creating. Ready to send a great couple photo album? Your other half will be more than delighted! We are excited for you. 🙂 

For what occasions can I create a couple photo album? 

Wedding, wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day... or just to please! Every day spent with your other half is a good reason to please him. Make it a surprise and say nothing! Wait to see your darling's reaction when he/she discovers your surprise in the mailbox. Finally, if you are in cohabitation of course! 


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