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One of your loved one is about to celebrate his or her birthday? Whether it is your best friend, your lover, or even your niece, wish her a happy birthday in an original way! With Fizzer, you can create a flowery birthday card in just a few clicks. Are you craving for spring designs and coloured themes? With Fizzer, you can share a card according to your personality and taste. In order to do so, browse among our collection of festive cards. After all, celebrating a birthday is the perfect occasion to send flowers to the people we love. 

Create a flowery card to impress everyone

1 photo birthday card with flowers and envelope

Every birthday deserves to be celebrated fittingly! ✨ One of your friend or relative is about to celebrate his or her birthday? For this occasion, surprise your loved one with a coloured and flowery creation. 🌹 

If you’re the one celebrating his/her birthday soon, you can also invite your friends and relatives with lovely birthday invitations. Discover our templates of pastoral cards,reminding the spring and its sweet blooming 🌸.

Do you prefer flowers of the field or exotic flowers? In any case, our virtual cards are made to fit every taste. Whether you’re celebrating the birthday of a child, a grown-up or even your birthday, celebrate this day brightly.

Send an original birthday card with Fizzer in just a few clicks! nice creation to your family and to your friends. Once your work of art is ready, our teams will take care of printing it, franking it, and sending it to your loved ones. 💐

6 flowery themes for each situation

Flowery themes are not only for children. Thanks to our very comprehensive collection of cards, you will be able to celebrate:


  • The birthday of a little girl : with a pretty birthday card of her favourite colour, you will make the little princess smile. 
  • The birthday of a close friend by bringing to light your best memories together
  • The birthday of your lover: the one person that gives you joy. Nothing is too much for the people you love! Do not hesitate to send him/her a beautiful printed birthday card.
  • The birthday of a school friend: now is the moment to thank him or her and wish him/her all the best. 
  • The birthday of your parents: surprise them with a lovely virtual flowery card. Our team will print your beautiful surprise. Your parents will be delighted to see that you had a tender thought for them.
  • The birthday of your sister: she is your sunshine, your mentor. Show her some love with a flowery birthday card!

Send flowery thoughts

How to create a personalised birthday card with Fizzer?

Pick a template for your Fizzer card

Select your flowery birthday card

Browse through our collection of cards and select the category “Liberty”. You will find fresh and colourful templates. Lilacs, violets, poppies, tulips… The hardest part will be to choose! 

Embellish your card with a picture

Add your pictures

What about taking advantage of this birthday to bring to light your best memories with your loved one? Our creations are 100% customisable: feel free to add your favourite pictures to enhance your card. 

Write a meaninigful card

Write sweet birthday wishes

Sending a personalised birthday card is a great opportunity to write meaningful birthday wishes to your loved ones. Do not hesitate to thank them for the good moments you spent together. Don’t forget to sign your birthday message and add your personalised stamp.

Let's send it !

Let the magic of Fizzer work

Once the postal address of the lucky recipient has been added, confirm your order! Once it’s done, our team will take care of the printing, stamping and sending of your beautiful flowery surprise. 

Do you want to send a flowery birthday card?

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Celebrate properly the birthday of a loved one, with a kind attention! 

How to create a flowery birthday card?

With Fizzer, it’s very simple! In order to create a beautiful flowery birthday card, you will need an internet connection and the device of your choice. It may be your computer, a digital tablet, or even your mobile phone (Android or iOS)… You can launch our app from anywhere. Once it’s done, create your Fizzer account in just a few clicks, choose the pack of credits that suits you, and that’s it! 

You’ll then be able to start your beautiful flowery creations. Browse through our collection of 2000 designs and choose your favourite one!

To whom should I sent my flowery birthday card?

To the ones you love! Birthdays are a great opportunity to send some love and tender thoughts. However, they’re not the only events that you can celebrate with Fizzer! Birth announcements, sweet getaways, weddings and religious feasts… There are plenty of reasons to send a kind attention to your loved ones! 

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