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Your granddaughter's birthday is a unique time! You want to see her happy and fulfilled. And to do so, it's the small details that matter on her birthday: a birthday party, a good home made chocolate birthday cake, cute candles and a bit of money to make her happy. And because every birthday needs its birthday cardit's you, her grandparents, that have to find the right words! It's a sure thing, it's not always easy to know what to write on your card. Year after year, it's hard to find inspiration! That's totally normal, children grow up so fast. Here are 10 original text ideas for your granddaughter's birthday card. 


Granddaughter's birthday text

From the text full of love and memories...

My dear, today is a very special day! You're growing up so fast and every year you make us more and more happy and proud. I hope you will celebrate the right way this new year amongst us. We send you a lot of kisses and love. Happy birthday from grandma and grandpa. 

My love, you are now so big! I still remember when you were born, you were so cute. Grandma and I are so happy to have you in our lives. We wish you a very happy birthday. Big kisses. <3 

I'm wishing you a great birthday! You accomplished so much during the past few years, we are proud of everything you have done. You are someone incredible and you have a heart of gold, we love you so much. Lots of love xxx the humorous text

Today is your day! Grandpa and I think you're starting to look a lot like me... Lucky you! I hope you didn't get grandpa's humour at least. Have a wonderful day, we wish we were here to celebrate with you. We can't wait to come annoy you really soon. Happy birthday. <3 

Thankfully Grandma is here, I totally forgot your birthday! You know how it is when you're getting old... I'm kidding. You know I love to joke around! How to forget such a special day. The day you showed your little nose was a miracle. We love you very much. Happy Birthday (name)! <3

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From the text talking about the future...

Happy birthday big girl! You're growing so fast, can't believe you're already (age)! Grandma and I are so excited to follow you in your projects, and we will be here to support you in every decision you make in your life. I hope you will celebrate your birthday the best way possible: surrounded by the ones you love. Big kisses from us xxx 

My dear granddaughter, you make us so happy everyday! Needless to say we are the happiest grandparents thanks to you. You are an incredible girl and your future is so bright! Happy Birthday. I hope you will like this pretty card. Lots of love xxx the classic granddaughter's birthday text

We wish you a happy birthday filled with joy and love. We are so happy to be your grandparents. You are the best granddaughter. Celebrate this day like it should! Big kisses from Grandpa and Grandma. <3 

A very good birthday to you my darling! We hope you're going to have an amazing birthday and that you will have a lot of fun with your friends during your party. We are thinking about you! Xxx from Grandma and Grandpa. 

You're growing so fast! Grandma and me wish you a very happy birthday from afar. We wish we were there to see you blow your candles for your birthday. It'll be for next year! We sent your some money, spend it wisely. Big kisses. I love you so much. <3 

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What to write on a granddaughter's birthday card? 

Birthdays are so special! One more year, one more lap around the sun! This is why it's important to celebrate. And to wish a happy birthday, nothing is better than a fantastic message on a personalised birthday card. But every year it gets harder to find inspiration to write a birthday text. To make your granddaughter happy, write an original text that will make her smile when she reads it. You can choose to write a humorous text, a classical text or a text that really shows you love her. Choosing the right word can seem like a detail, but it's really important to share good vibes but also to vehicule great values to a young girl. Be creative on your birthday card and express your emotions. A successful granddaughter's birthday text is a text coming from your heart that will make her joyful. 

Why take the time to write an awesome text on your granddaughter's birthday card?

It's always a pleasure to see your granddaughter's face all happy when she opens her birthday card. That's why taking the time to write an original text will make a difference. Because it will no longer be a simple birthday card, it's now a real memory she will preciously keep. As the years go by, you will have more and more memories to share with her. And what's better to celebrate her birthday than to share memories shared with her grandparents? And because nobody remembers their birth day, we recommend you add a few fun facts and funny photos to your card. It's the most beautiful way to wish her a happy birthday.

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