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Celebrate your child's religious awakening!

Your child has been baptized and has been following his catechism lessons diligently for several years now. Today, your little one is old enough to fully appreciate the challenges of Communion, and is ready to receive the Body of Christ for the first time. So it's time to party and celebration of his religious learning, on the occasion of his First Communion. Gather all your loved ones around this unique event, by creating a personalized communion invitation with Fizzer in just a few clicks! 

3 recommendations for writing a beautiful communion invitation

đź“Ť Indicate all the essential information: place, date and time of the communion

đź’Ś Add an original touch by slipping a beautiful photo of your child on your invitation card

🗓 Invite your guests to confirm their presence! 

communion invitation

First Communion is a highly symbolic event, embodying the religious awakening of young Christians at the end of their journey of faith. Whether you have a more conventional spirit, or, conversely, quite original, choose the communion invitation model that suits you. Keep in mind, however, that sobriety is often of use: prefer pastel colors (pink, mauve or parma for a little girl, almond green or royal blue for a little boy) to colors that are a little too garish. 

Ready to celebrate this unique day? đź•Š

First Communion: what are the stages of the ceremony?

Communion, or the Eucharist, is the sacrament that then authorizes Christians to take communion during mass. The First Communion also takes place like a mass, with a few differences.

You must come to church in advance with your child, to meet the priest and make your presence known to the catechist, a little before mass. He can be dressed in a white alb, a robe or a costume and will carry a cross or a candle of your choice. Your child then joins the group of children preparing to make their First Communion. Your guests then begin to arrive at the agreed time. As soon as your guests are seated in the pews of the church, the mass can begin.

The communion children then enter in procession and in music, and sit down in their turn. The priest can then begin his traditional readings and prayers. To close this special mass, the children receive the host, a small round loaf embodying the Body of Christ. Finally, the newly communicated children leave the church in procession. The festivities can then continue during a lunch bringing together your close circles.

Want to surprise your loved ones with beautiful invitations?

How to create a communion invitation with Fizzer?

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Choose the invitation template you like

Create an invitation as beautiful as the Communion that is preparing. To choose your model, browse through our collection of cards. Floral invitations, adorned with doves and even a host: you will be spoiled for choice! 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Add a beautiful portrait of your child

Don't hesitate to add a pretty photo of your little angel to the front of your card. After all, this day revolves around him: the invitation card should celebrate it too! 

personalized text with stickers

Write a nice text

Do you like the design of your invitation? All you have to do is write a little inspired message to invite all your friends and family circles. Do not forget to indicate all the information essential to their arrival: day, exact time, address, duration of the ceremony...

send fizzer postcard with envelope

Indicate the recipients

Finally, all you have to do is add the postal addresses of your recipients. Once your order has been validated, the Fizzer team takes over, and takes care of printing and mailing your order in an envelope within an average of 24 working hours.

3 text ideas for your communion invitation

"On this special day"

It is with great emotion that I invite you to the First Communion of our little Violette. After many diligent catechism lessons, our little darling is finally ready to celebrate her First Communion! We give you an appointment on Saturday April 24, 2021 at noon at the Saint Georges church in Lyon. After the ceremony, lunch will be provided in our favorite restaurant, located a few minutes from the church. We are counting on your presence!

"My First Communion soon!"

Dear beloved friends and relatives,

I am very proud and a little moved to invite you all to my First Communion! The ceremony will take place on June 1, 2021 at the Notre Dame de Liesse church in Annecy, at 2 p.m. Come with an empty stomach: we invite you all to the house to continue the festivities around a buffet! See you soon

"Two Communions for the price of one!"

Your favorite twins invite you both to their First Communion, which will take place on Saturday, June 21 at 11:00. Unsurprisingly, the ceremony will take place at the church in our neighborhood, the Church of the Holy Trinity, Paris 9ᵉ. Since the two of us bring together a lot of friends, remember to confirm your coming! 



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