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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” once said the iconic Jimi Hendrix. And love, that is something that we all need these days! Do you want to share some love notes to your lover, send affection to your relatives or say “I miss you girl” to your bestie? With Fizzer, you can surprise the people you love in a few clicks, with a pretty and personalised love card. 

Après tout, pourquoi attendre la Valentine's day After all, why should you wait Valentine’s Day to express your feelings to your loved ones? In 2020, romance is trending! During this particular time, show some gentleness and inspiring poems to the ones you love. Let’s send love words to your dear grandma, your lone brother or the love of your life. Let’s call it “Love Therapy”. déclarer sa flamme aux gens qu’on aime ? En 2020, le romantisme est plus que jamais d’actualité. Contre la crise et les pandémies, usez de billets doux, de délicatesse, de poèmes enflammés. Face à l’adversité, serrons-nous les coudes ! Envoyons des mots d’amour à notre mamie chérie, à notre frère solitaire, ou à l’élu de notre cœur. Une sorte de Love Therapy, ça vous dit ?

Thanks to Fizzer, you can send a love card which is completely customisable.Create in a few minutes your virtual card. Our team will then take care of the printing and sending of your lovely creation, in a 24 working hours delay. Simple and clear, just like the love of a mother. carte romantique, en 24 heures ouvrées. Simple et évident, comme l’amour d’une maman.

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There is a card for every love. Whether they are passionate, sappy, Platonic or familial, every love story deserves its own declaration or poem. Do you want to surprise your lover, your friends or your relatives? Browse through our collection of cards and find the one that is right for you!

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Browse through our collection of cards and head to the “Love” category. You will find several designs, suited to celebrate any type of love. Romantic idyll, love story of a lifetime or filial love… Our illustrators thought about everything! 

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Once you have chosen your template, it’s time to personalise it! You can add to your pretty love card from 1 to 6 pictures. This way, you will celebrate a unique love with an original card. 

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Let your heart speak out! If you’re not very comfortable with your feelings, do not hesitate to add a poem or love quotes.

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Sign your lovely card, and add a personalised stamp on it. Confirm your order and you’re done! Once you’ve added the postal addresses of the recipients, our team takes it from there. Your creations will be printed, stamped, and send in a 24 working hours delay. 

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Sending a love card is just like adding a rainbow in the greyness. Share some to your friends and family in a creative way, with Fizzer.

Why should you create a love card? 

Any opportunity is good enough to share some tenderness to your folks! Spoiler alert: love cards aren’t just for lovers! You can send your sweet thoughts to your friends, a family member, your classmate… 

Creating a love card for her

The 14th of February is coming… Are you willing to celebrate your relationship in an original way? Surprise your sweetheart with an authentic gesture of love. With a sweet love card, you can express your feelings easily, especially if you’re shy.

Sharing a love card to a man

Express a kind attention to your loved one with an original gift! Let’s face it: it’s always a pleasure to write about love - and especially your love. Create a love card and explain how your world is beautiful now that your sunshine is around. Some things in life may seem little but yet, some romances do deserve serenades. la vie en rose tous les jours de l’année. On ne prend pas toujours le temps de célébrer les petits riens de la vie, et pourtant. Certaines romances méritent bien des sérénades.  Avec une carte spécialement conçue pour lui, vous toucherez votre chéri en plein cœur ! 

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