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Located in the historic region of the Rhône-Alpes region, the city of Lyon is the perfect place to enjoy summer holidays. The city has more than 2000 years of history and includes many secrets that you will have to discover once there. Follow our little guide to Lyon and find the ideal place to settle down for a few days. Summer is not only synonymous with the beach, it is also about discovering an amazing French heritage. Don't forget to share your discoveries and send a postcard from Lyon to all your loved ones!

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The essentials of Lyon

fourviere district lyon


The district of Fourvière, located at the top of a hill, is accessible by funicular from Vieux-Lyon. This superb district surrounds the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and offers many period treasures. Come and see a concert in the Gallo-Roman theater and admire the view from the top of this district. It is certain, you will have the eyes in heart! 

old lyon district

Old Lyon

Just at the foot of Fourvière is Vieux-Lyon. This medieval district will transport you back in time with its Renaissance houses and its atmosphere of yesteryear. The perfect place to take original photos of you and your family! Then add them to your Lyon postcard. Your loved ones will love it!

Traboules Lyon Todd Dominey

The Traboules of Lyon

The Traboules are “secret” passages connecting two streets through a building courtyard. Mysterious and magical at the same time, these passages are part of the symbolism of Lyon. Visit in particular the Traboule in the Saint-Jean district. You will not find more original for your postcard.

Photo © Todd Dominey

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What to do in Lyon? 3 activity ideas

Lunch in a Lyonnais Bouchon

But what is a cork? A Bouchon is a small local restaurant, usually furnished with small wooden tables, covered with red checkered tablecloths and serving local and traditional dishes. An unusual and gourmet activity that we recommend to you at 100%! 

Take a funicular ride

This ski lift with cabins mounted on rails allows you to reach the Fourvière district at the top of the hill. There are only two lines of funiculars left in Lyon, so take advantage of them! A few selfies from the top of the hill aboard the funicular and you will have all the necessary elements for a successful postcard of Lyon.

Stroll in the Croix-Rousse

A desire to taste the flavors of Lyon? The market in the Croix-Rousse district is held every day and offers a selection of regional products. Also visit the streets of this typical district of Lyon and admire the old weavers' workshops. Like Fourvière, the Croix-Rousse is located at the top of a hill and offers you a breathtaking view of Lyon! 

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