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Located in the historical area of the Rhone Alps region, Lyon is the perfect place to enjoy your summer holidays. The city has more than 2000 years of History and hides so many secrets, you will need to know them all! Follow our Lyon guide and find the perfect place to settle for a few days. Summer is not only made for the beach, it is also made to discover the incredible french heritage. Don't forget to share your discoveries with your loved ones and send them a Lyon postcard!

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Must-see in Lyon

fourviere district lyon


The Fourviere neighbourhood, located on top of a hill, is accessible via a funicular that you catch in the Vieux Lyon. This amazing neighbourhood is wrapped around the Notre Dame de Fourviere Basilic and has a lot of historical treasures. Come and see a concert in the gallo-roman theater and admire the view from the top of Lyon. It's a sure thing, you will love it! 

old lyon district

The Vieux-Lyon (old town)

At the bottom of Fourviere is the Old town of Lyon, also called Vieux Lyon. This medieval neighbourhood will make you travel in time with its Renaissance houses and its old school atmosphere. The perfect place to create incredible photos of you and your family! Next, add them to your Lyon postcard. Your loved ones will love it!

Traboules Lyon Todd Dominey

The famous Lyon Traboules

The Traboules are some "secret" paths linking two streets through a building court. Mysterious and magical at the same time, these pathways are a Lyon symbol. Take a look at the Traboule in the Saint-Jean neighbourhood. You won't find anything more "Lyon" than this for your poscard.

Photo © Todd Dominey

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What to do in Lyon? 3 activity ideas

Have lunch in a Lyon "bouchon"

What's a "bouchon"? A bouchon is a small local restaurant. It usually has small wood tables with a red pattern on it and they serve local and traditional meals. Its something different you can do that we 100% recommend! 

Hop on the funicular

This mechanical lift has little cabins on rails and allow you to go from the Vieux Lyon to the Fourviere neighbourhood on top of the hill. A few selfies on top of that hill in the funicular cabin will give you all the elements to create an amazing postcard from Lyon.

Wander in Croix Rousse

Do you want to have a little taste of Lyon? The Croix Rouge market is happening everyday and offers you a wide selection of local products. Take the time to also visit the streets of that area as it hides the old weavers' workshops. Just like Fourviere, Croix Rouge is located on top of a hill and offers an incredible view on Lyon. 

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