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The south of France is the ideal region to spend your summer holidays. We can only advise you to go to Marseille. Endowed with sublime creeks, a pronounced ocean culture and inhabitants with their hands on their hearts, this city will make you fall under its spell. The recipe for a successful summer is simple: go to the location and send a postcard from Marseille to your loved ones.

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Postcard of Porquerolles near Marseille

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The essentials of Marseille

old port marseille

The old Port

This marina represents the heart of Marseille. Known for its many restaurants serving fish caught the same day and sold at the fish market, the Old Port is a recommended stopover during your summer holidays. Capture local life with a few photos and share them on your Marseille postcard. 

creeks marseille


Are you looking for a heavenly place for this summer? The Calanques offer you turquoise and transparent waters. Composed of several coves and coves, these beaches are perfect for resting and enjoying a sunset at the end of the day. Prepare a picnic and take some souvenir selfies to enhance this wonderful place. 

corniche kennedy marseille

Kennedy Corniche

Named after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, this seaside boulevard offers magnificent views of the coast and the Mediterranean Sea. 3.7 km long, you will certainly find the ideal place to take beautiful photos of the sea to add to your postcard of Marseille.

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What to do in Marseilles? 3 activity ideas

Visit the MuCEM 

Inaugurated in 2013 when Marseille was defined as European Capital of Culture, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations welcomes more than one million visitors a year. It lights up with a thousand lights at night to amaze you and offer you an amazing spectacle. Located next to Fort Saint-Jean, this museum is a must-do family activity.

Stroll to the Basket 

Take the time to spend in the Panier district located north of the Old Port. This district is the oldest part of the city and gives you an atmosphere of yesteryear that you will love. Stroll through these colorful and flowery streets and take some photos that you can proudly add to your postcard this summer. 

Discover the fish market 

A real place of life, the fish market attracts more and more tourists every year. Located on the quays of the Fraternity, you will be able to see all kinds of fish because, in fact, more than 70 species are visible at the Fish Market. Explore the culture of the sea and fishing with your family in the heart of Marseille. 

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