Message for a 30th birthday

3, 2, 1... happy birthday!

10 message ideas to celebrate a 30th birthday

Do you need some inspiration to write a great message for your friend's 30th birthday? We are here to guide you and give you some original ideas to make this day even more special than it is. If you are looking for funny, classic or a little offbeat humour, you are in the right place! Here are our best birthday messages for a brand new 30 year old friend.

A friendly birthday message 

"30 years old, new chapter..." 

My dear friend, in this very special day, you are entering a new chapter : the 30th chapter. I wish you a very happy birthday and I hope that you will have an amazing day. Xx

"An inspiring quote for your birthday"

"The trick is to grow up without getting old. F.L. Wright".
This quote is sooo you! Happy Birthday my Lucy,
You deserve all the happiness in the world. Xx

"May joy and happiness be with you!" 

A special thought for you today... Happy Birthday! May joy and happiness be with you all along this year. You deserve it! Hugs and kisses, take care.

A classical birthday message

"We're not 30 years old everyday!"

Happy Birthday! Treat yourself on this special day,
because we're not 30 years old everyday! See you soon Matthew. 

"Welcome to your fourth decade!"

Happy Birthday Victor! Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.
30 years old is 3 decades and a lot of amazing memories.
To more! See you very soon. xxx

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 An offbeat humour birthday message

"A little guess for your birthday"

I have a little enigma for you today!
Warm your brain up, you'll need it: 4 + 36 - 10 = how much?
Here's a little hint: Its the number of years you spent on Earth and managed to not get kidnapped by aliens. Well done! Happy Birthday Thomas. :) 

"A bad joke for your 30th birthday" 

Happy Birthday Sabrina! Today you are 30 years old, it's incredible! I thought you were 40... I'm joking, of course! Keep your smile and your bubbly personality. You are a true sunshine! Xxx 

A funny birthday message 

"30 years old and not a wrinkle!"

Someone's telling me that today is your birthday! How is this possible? You're not even getting wrinkles! Happy birthday to you. Stay as you are and please leave some youth for the rest of us. Xxx

"30 years and still fit as a fiddle"

Apparently today you're turning 30, but you are still fit as a fiddle! I hope you'll celebrate it properly, but be careful, you don't recover as well from parties now. Happy Birthday. 

"End of your youth days, start of responsabilities!"

30 years old today, bye bye youth! Get ready for some responsabilities and the adult life. Don't take it too seriously of course ;) Happy 30th birthday, have a lovely day. Xxx 


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Few tips to write an original 30th birthday card's message

  • Say what you think and feel: nothing feels better than to read a thoughtful birthday card that shows how much our loved ones care about us. Feel free to show how much you care about that person! Be ready to get a little emotional. 
  • Add a funny touch: laughter is the best gift! Add a few jokes on your birthday card and give your loved ones a great time just by reading your card. 
  • Add photos and memories: they will absolutely love it! Who doesn't love to look back on some old photos that will remind you of the good old days? Create a personalised birthday card and add your best photos gathering you and your birthday boy/girl.  

Why send a 30th birthday postcard to your loved ones?

30 years old is a pretty important age. It is a very unique time in one's life and it needs to be remembered. Small gestures count and that's why a personalised birthday card is a great idea. Plus, it's so easy to create one with our Fizzer App. Within a few minutes, you will have the perfect attention to match your birthday gift. They will adore their 30th birthday card!

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