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A breath of modernity to celebrate the new year

3, 2, 1... Happy New Year! A page turns, a year ends and wonderful memories have been captured. And... why not share them with your loved ones to wish them a happy new year? In 2020, make your first good resolution by sending your traditional wish card illustrated with your most beautiful photos! New Year's photos, holiday memories... add your favorite photos to your Happy New Year card to wish your loved ones happiness, health and success. A little attention that will, for sure, please those around you. 

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I select my New Year's card and add 1 to 6 photos

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I personalize my message with the font and color of my choice

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My loved ones discover with surprise a pretty card sent in an envelope

Want to create your first personalized New Year's card?

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How to send a personalized card for the New Year?

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Select the card of your choice

Ready to create your first map? Choose the format you like and your favorite design from over 1000 illustrations! Champagne, fireworks, snowy landscapes, there is something for everyone.

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Choose your best photos

Now it's time to add your touch to this pretty greeting card by adding 1 to 6 photos. Choose the ones that are most important to you, add them to the desired locations and personalize your front with texts and stickers.

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Write and personalize your messages

Let the writer in you speak and write your wishes for the new year: health, success, happiness, wish your loved ones the best! Select the font and color of your choice, personalize your stamp and sign with your fingertip.

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Surprise your loved ones when the mailbox is opened!

Now that your card is ready to go, select one or more recipients, a shipping date and the day is set! Your card is sent in an envelope within 24 working hours, anywhere in the world.



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The new year is settling in slowly and comes with it good resolutions: take care of yourself, see your loved ones more often. What if you started this month of January with a card that will please those you love?

For the new year, send personalized wishes!

Fizzer transforms your most beautiful photos into personalized cards: postcards or announcements. To create your first card, all you need is an internet connection! Take a computer or a smartphone, go to the application and start personalizing your card. More than 1000 designs await you on the application for your wishes, holidays, invitations, thanks, birthdays, births, weddings... All the occasions are good to give your news to your loved ones and that, without having to move. Fizzer takes care of printing your card within 24 working hours, franks it, puts it in an envelope and ships it worldwide.

Wishes, holidays, invitations, thanks, birthdays, births, weddings… all occasions are good to give your news to your loved ones and that, without having to travel. Fizzer takes care of printing your card, franking it, putting it in an envelope and shipping it worldwide.


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