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Do you want to make a good impression on your loved ones and send something more original than a simple postcard? With Fizzer, you can send your messages in a more original way: magnetic cards, postcards, birthday cards... It has never been so easy to please your loved ones! Are you ready to make the most original and artistic creation? Follow the guide to discover the Fizzer Originality with a capital O! 

A nice postcard, and original please 🎈

original postcard

When you are far from your loved ones, you want to please them with a thoughtful gesture. We try to find original ways to communicate, to show that we care about them, that we are thinking of them
 but it is sometimes difficult to find the inspiration to create something original. We want to surprise our family and friends with a card that they can keep as a wonderful souvenir. 

Thanks to Fizzer, it's very easy to put a smile on the face of your loved ones. With just a few clicks and minutes, you can create a true masterpiece that will brighten their day. A keepsake printed on paper is an original keepsake. So don't wait any longer and let your creativity express itself freely through an original postcard. 

The future of the postcard lies in creativity and originality. Create a postcard online is the best way to express the originality of his personality through a super neat realization.

Our masterpieces

You can vary the pleasures and send much more than just a card to your loved ones. With Fizzer, you can create: 


  • A multi-photo card : this is a postcard on which you can add up to six photos. This leaves you with the opportunity to share many more memories with your loved ones. Do not hesitate to make your postcard original: funny photos, photos with your friends, photos of your activities on site... 


  • A birthday card : every occasion deserves an original card, but even more so birthdays! You can celebrate this special day through a birthday card with a fun and creative design. There are card templates for everyone! Children, adults, grandparents... You can also choose a special ten card model: 20 years old, 30 years old, 70 years old... 


  • A thank you card : if you too want to please someone who sent you a nice touch, the best way is to send a thank you card. Whether it's for a wedding, a birthday party... A thank you card is always fun and even more so if you make this card a real piece of art. 


  • A postcard : The famous personalized postcard! Essential Fizzer, the postcard never goes out of style and remains a fantastic way to communicate with loved ones via mail. There are so many postcard models on our application that you will find a card that will please your loved ones in all originality. 


  • A magnetic card : do you want to “level up” and make your postcard even more original? The magnetic card is your best ally! Keep all your memories within sight on your fridge, and dive back into your most beautiful memories every day. Your loved ones will appreciate receiving a magnetic card in their mailbox and will be delighted that you took the time to write a few words showing your love for them. The system is simple: create a postcard to personalize from Fizzer, and choose the “magnetic” option at the last step. It's that simple ! 

Surprise your loved ones by sending your first card

How to send an original postcard with Fizzer?

personalized postcard event card photo album Fizzer

Select an original model

Nothing better for an original postcard than a card with drawings and sketches made by hand by our two Fizzer illustrators. Choose the card template you like and go to the next step. 

adding photos to a postcard or photo album

Choose the photos to display on the front

Rather a single photo or several? With Fizzer you can add up to six photos to your postcard. Choose them according to their originality! 

personalized text with stickers

Write a message on the back

After writing your message, you can customize the text: font, colors... and you can also add stickers to your card. 🙂

send fizzer postcard with envelope

You send your creation, we take care of the printing

Add your addresses, and it's sent! We take care of the printing, putting your creation in an envelope and sending it to your loved ones. They will be more than happy to read you!

Want to send an original postcard?


Need help? Questions? The Fizzer team will respond within 24h even on Sundays!

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How to write an original postcard?

We all know the classic handwritten postcard, but only here, after a few years, we get a little tired of it! The advantage with Fizzer is that your creativity is challenged! You can create a card that looks like you, or that looks like your loved ones. Write a message and add your own photos to this masterpiece. The best way to make a postcard original is to create it with Fizzer! And believe us, your loved ones will thank the postman when they discover your creation in their mailbox.

What to choose between original or basic postcard?

It's totally up to you! These two means of correspondence are very popular and loved by all. Small advantage for the original card because it always gives a little more pleasure than a basic card. Because yes, you took the time to create a personalized card with your souvenir photos and your most beautiful landscapes! And that is a successful postcard. 

Why choose to send an original postcard?

Nowadays, letters sent by post are less used as a means of communication between friends or family members. Sending an original postcard with Fizzer makes you rediscover the pleasure of sending mail to your loved ones and allows you to make your loved ones happy from a distance. Plus, you can make your designs in no time from your phone or computer. So, what are you waiting for to write a few words accompanied by a photo or two?

3 tips for an original postcard

  • Choose photos of landscapes unknown to the public 
  • Write a poem, this universal message! 
  • Hush, don't tell them anything and make it a surprise! 

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