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Ho-ho-ho 🎅 Christmas is already almost here! Everywhere around you you can feel its magic. Houses and shops are adorned with their most beautiful Christmas decorations. Word "gift” is on everyone’s lips (and shop windows). garlands and beautiful trees illuminate the city. The smell of gingerbread and cinnamon cookies invades shopping malls. In summary: the magic of Christmas has finally arrived!

And if you take advantage of this enchanted parenthesis to make a nice surprise to your loved ones ? Send your best wishes in an original way, with a personalized Christmas card! ✨ If this approach may seem, over time, repetitive or outdated, it is up to you to give it back its nobility. With Fizzer, you can share your wishes uniquely and 100% customized

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On special occasions, nice attentions 💫

What if, this Christmas, you go back to simple things, and take the time to to please with nice words ? Christmas is, above all, synonymous with solidarity and pleased to offer, friendliness and family happiness. It's a great opportunity to share your love, and to show appreciation. Let's not forget that we are lucky to be able, every year, to find the people we love around a good meal! 💖 To show all your gratitude and tenderness to the people you love, what better thana nice inspired attention ? With Fizzer, you can think outside the box by creating a personalized Christmas card. In a few clicks, you can highlight your best moments spent with your loved ones. With a card that you take the time to shape, you show special attention to a truly unique person. 💌

Ready to surprise your loved ones with an original card?

Our personalized Christmas cards

Whether your loved ones are near or far from your eyes, they stay close to your heart with Fizzer. Show them all your love with a pretty personalized Christmas card! You can slip in the most beautiful photos of your children, your family memories, your evenings with friends... Click on the card of your choice to discover the collection! Sleigh, Santa Claus, Christmas decoration or tree and gifts, there is something for everyone.

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How to create a card that looks like you with Fizzer?

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Choose an inspired model

Creativity is not the prerogative of artists and other designers! With Fizzer, you can create an original personalized map without being a content expert. Browse through our collection, lovingly created by our illustrators. The hardest part will be for you to choose: our collection has more than 2000 models! 

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Add your favorite photos

It is at this precise moment that you will be able to shape a Christmas card in your image. Slip your most beautiful photos onto your card template: during the year, you must have experienced intense moments with your family and friends. Do not hesitate to highlight them on your personalized Christmas card. 

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Share your tender thoughts

Here, you pay homage to your loved ones. This is the time to thank them for their unfailing support and love, for their presence, or joie de vivre. Praise what you appreciate most about them, or what you are most grateful for. Finally, don't forget to wish them the best for the coming year! For maximum personalization, consider trying several colors or fonts, and select the ones you like best. 

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Indicate the recipients

Once your card is ready, all you have to do is fill in the postal addresses of your recipients. To save time, you can save them in your Fizzer address book before you send them. As soon as your order has been validated, our teams take care of printing, putting in an envelope, franking and shipping your pretty creations. 


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We don't tell you anything: the enchanted period of Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to please the people you love. Far from the frenzy of the shopping malls, take the time to communicate your tenderest thoughts and your sweetest feelings, with a beautiful personalized Christmas card. 

How to create a personalized Christmas card?

With Fizzer, sending a customizable and original Christmas card only takes a moment! All you have to do is download our application, available on mobile (iOS and Android), computer and tablet. Then create your Fizzer account in a few clicks, and choose the credit pack that suits you best: you can opt for a single credit, as well as for a pack of 20, 40 or even 150 credits! Then choose the Christmas card you like: holly, snowy landscapes, Christmas tree, gifts, nativity scene, reindeer or Santa Claus, there is something for everyone.

Why create a personalized Christmas card?

We're not going to lie to each other: our consumerist society tends to distance us from the spirit of Christmas, which rhymes with simple pleasures, family spirit and authenticity. With personalized greeting cards filled with tenderness, you show a simple but touching attention to your loved ones! 

How much does a Christmas card with Fizzer cost?

The same price as a classic card, for a much more personalized experience! To make a single recipient smile with a pretty Christmas card, you will need between 1 and 2 Fizzer credits, depending on the format chosen. Note that all of our product prices include printing, enveloping, postage and shipping of your lovely creations!


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