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You’re planning to spend your next holiday in France? Don’t forget to visit the famous Dune of Pilat, an unmissable spot located in the department of Gironde. Situated at the entry of the Arcachon Bay, this classified site (since 1994) offers a wonderful overview of the Atlantic coast. Known as the highest dune in all Europe (rising up to 107 metres), the Dune of Pilat offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors, thanks to its marvellous natural resources. This summer, explore the beautiful region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and surprise your friends with a sweet postcard from Dune of Pilat! unforgettable holidays in New Aquitaine and surprise your loved ones with a Dune du Pilat postcard! 

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Our postcards from Dune of Pilat and the Arcachon Bay

Discover all the wonders of Dune of Pilat et the Arcachon Bay, and share your discoveries instantly with your friends and family! Click on the location of your choice to discover our collection. 🖼

The must-sees in the Dune of Pilat


The Dune of Pilat itself

Famous across the world for its astonishing dimensions, the Dune of Pilat managed to travel through centuries but has not lost its identity. Discover all the greatness of this mysterious dune and discover its little secrets through many activities (guides tours, workshops…) 


The Arcachon Bay

This unmissable spot of the French South West is a wonderful family destination. Among the must-sees of the Arcachon Bay, there’s the marine nature park of the Arcachon Bay, which offers an extremely well-preserved natural heritage. You can also benefit from beautiful boat trips, and admire the tremendous Cap Ferret.


The Bird Island

Discover this corner of paradise located in the middle of the Arcachon Bay! You will admire the famous “cabanes tchanquées” (meaning “built on stilts”). Also, 150 different species of birds can be observed on the island : what a lush paradise for the animal lovers! The Bird Island is really a must-see for its natural treasures and outstanding biodiversity. 

Ready to send your postcard from Dune of Pilat?

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What to do in Dune of Pilat? 3 activity ideas

Climb the Dune of Pilat

It’s the unmissable activity to do near the Dune of Pilat! In order to enjoy to the fullest the incredible view of the dune, feel free to climb up to the summit by taking the stairs. You can visit the Dune of Pilat for free (but you will have to pay for the parking if you’re coming with your car).

Fly over The dune of Pilat

Turn your stay in the Dune of Pilat into a wonderful adventure, and fly over the Arcachon Bay with a paraglider! In order to enjoy this extraordinary landscape, take off in a tandem flight above the Dune of Pilat. However, this experience is realised under favorable weather conditions.   

Discover the Bay with a kayak

If you’re passionate about the water sports, the Arcachon Bay will offer you everything you could ever want. Discover the bay through a new perspective, and experience a sea kayaking excursion. Sail among the famous cabins located near the Bird Islands, and admire the Dune of Pilat from the sea.

Send your postcard from Dune of Pilat!

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