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Ardèche truly is a gem of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpesregion. This department concentrates everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. With your family, friends, partner or by yourself: you won’t be short of activity ideas. Water sports, underground visits, authentic villages or perhaps cycle touring: here’s a glimpse of what your holidays will look like. You’ll be so inspired that your future postcard from Ardèche will practically write itself! 

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Our postcards from Ardèche and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Small villages off the beaten track, wooded gorges, untouched mountains and mysterious caves… You’ll find everything in Ardèche. Click on the card of your choice to discover our collection! 👀 👀

The must-see places in Ardèche

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The Pont d’Arc

Where the gorges de l’Ardèche start lies a particularly rare treasure called the Pont d’Arc. The river Ardèche, winding its way through the gorges, broke through and gave birth to a 177-foot-high natural arch. This majestic limestone doorway can be swum, rowed, canoed or walked to.

sunny aubenas city and bridge


Aubenas is one of the most populated cities in Ardèche. But the main reason to stop there is rather its charm and authenticity. The medieval origins of the city are still very present today, as can be seen at the Aubenas castle or the gargoyle house. Make sure to also stop by its beautiful religious buildings, such as the Dôme Saint-Benoît.

view of balazuc in the greenery


Welcome to Balazuc, one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages. Sitting on top of a cliff, overlooking the river Ardèche, the first impression of the village is its highly picturesque character. This jewel from the Middle Ages, former stronghold of the seigneurs de Balazuc, is still superbly preserved nowadays. Castle, Romanesque church, city wall door: it’s all there. 

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What to do in Ardèche? 3 activity ideas

Canoe down the gorges

The gorges de l’Ardèche are an 18-mile-long canyon formed by the river of the same name. Its untouched landscapes and tranquillity make it a perfect spot for sports and leisure. The must-do activity: canoe down the gorges to fully embrace their beauty.

The Chauvet Cave 

The marvels of Ardèche are also located… underground! The Chauvet Cave, rupestrian wonder discovered in 1994 and World Heritage Site, is none other than the oldest decorated cave in the world! Although the original site is only open to researchers, its replica, the Chauvet Cave 2, is no less fascinating.

The Mont Gerbier de Jonc

The department of Ardèche is also a fantastic place for hikers. The Mont Gerbier de Jonc is one of the highest mountains of Ardèche but it’s not the reason why it’s famous. So what’s special about it? Well it’s where the source of the Loire, France’s longest river, is located. A bucolic and athletic walk, perfect to recharge your batteries.

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